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Pagani Huayra $1 Million Supercar Banned In United States Over Safety Concerns

Pagani Huayra

The Pagani Huayra is a beautifully crafted $1 million supercar forged in the true traditions of Italian craftsmanship, unfortunately buyers in the U.S. will not be able to buy the $1 million vehicle and drive it on our streets because federal regulators say it doesn’t meet their stringent guidelines.

The advanced airbag feature requires that airbags adjust their force when children or small adults are sitting in the front seat of a vehicle, advanced airbags are effective in avoiding injury and even death in smaller passengers.

The company applied for a federal exemption after they learned that the car would require child-safe “advanced” airbags, which they say would cause them “substantial economic hardship” an exemption which was denied by the NHTSA because the company didn’t provide documentation which showed how installing the airbags would affect the cost of the 12-cylinder carbon-titanium vehicle.

The denial of sales is a serious setback for Pagani since they created the vehicle as a way to break into the U.S. Market, the company even engineered and crash tested the vehicle to meet U.S. and European standards.

Company spokeswoman Sanaz Bakhtiari says the company still plans to get the vehicle ready for a U.S. launch but that the vehicle won’t arrive until 2013 instead of 2012 as originally planned.

The 3,000 pound vehicle is the lightest in it’s class and features zero to 60mph speeds in 3.5 seconds.

Pagani and their 60 employees planned to sell five Huayra’s in the U.S. in 2012 with 10 vehicles being sold each year after they expanded their factory.

In case your curious the car is pronounced “why-rah” and here’s a video showing off it’s real world appeal:

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7 Responses to “Pagani Huayra $1 Million Supercar Banned In United States Over Safety Concerns”

  1. John Bustamante

    Supercar Banned In US: Supercar Maker says that Federal Regulations over passenger side adjustable airbags will cause “substantial economic hardship”… in a One Million Dollar car. Really? If you can't make a Million dollar car and include the same safety equipment supplied in a Hyundai, then tough shit if you get banned. It's a badd ass car, but really, come on!

  2. Amanda Jones

    Exactly, Brian! They should ask the buyer of the car how many years they've been driving, and if they have enough experience and they're not some stupid little twat who's buying it with daddy's money *cough* Snooki *cough* then they will be allowed to purchase it.

  3. Martin Park

    Yeah and then when a billionaire bribes the government, it works.

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