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John Cena Movies Slowing Down The Wrestling Career Of The WWE Superstar?

John Cena Movies Slowing Down The Wrestling Career Of The WWE Superstar

John Cena seems to be slowing down his WWE career for the movies he will be filming, but the question remains how long his WWE superstar status may last over the long term.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, with the WWE Network struggling during its launch year, it’s expected there will be even more WWE budget cuts coming down the pipeline and even WrestleMania stars pay may be effected by Vince McMahon’s decisions. Still, the good news is that WrestleMania 31 may feature Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight title match.

Some WWE fans may be disappointed that John Cena’s heel moment will unfortunately come first in the form of a movie:

“John Cena is set to become a bad guy once again…however it’s not in the way you might think. Sadly, it’s not for a Pro-Wrestling role, but for a movie called The Nest, which is a comedy that stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Jason Moore of Pitch Perfect fame is directing the film from a script by Paula Pell. The movie is about two estranged sisters who decide to throw a last party at their house which their parents are about to sell. Fey and Poehler have worked together before, in movies such as Baby Momma as well as their years together on Saturday Night Live. When it comes to John Cena, however, his role has not been fully released yet. However, Deadline reports that Cena will be one of, if not the main antagonist in the film. This would of course be the first time that Cena has played a bad guy character in around 12 years.”

But that’s only the first of two of John Cena’s movies of doom hitting the mat next year. Cena is currently filming a title called Trainwreck, which is expected to be released in June of 2015. The comedy will feature actors like Amy Schumer, Vanessa Bayer, Ezra Miller, Brie Larson, Bill Hader, and Colin Quinn. Although plot details have not been released or leaked, Cena is not expected to have a major role in the film although his presence in a mainstream movie will of course be used as a marketing platform for the WWE at large.

And that’s all part of the game plan. The WWE Network has been focusing on diversifying its fanbase and is trying to draw in as many more people as possible by connecting the WWE to other mainstream entertainment. But you have got to wonder how this could affect John Cena’s WWE career. After all, he’s often featured on Monday Night RAW and Smackdown, and he’s also busy running around with his girlfriend Nikki Bella in Total Divas in addition to charity efforts like the Make-A-Wish program. This guy is super busy, and while it’s not like he has not done movies before, it seems like filming two movies at the same time might just stretch him a little thin.

Due to John Cena’s movies filming schedule, this means some parts of the WWE schedule had to be axed. It’s said that Cena will be missing a lot of weekend house shows so he can make time for the film shoots. In addition, Cena will be missing the upcoming Australian tour which has the WWE crew traveling to Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth between August 7 and 9 before coming back for filming Raw on the 11th. Instead, Roman Reigns Vs Kane is taking Cena’s place for the visit to the land of Oz.

Now it’s speculated that something could happen at the WWE Battleground which might require Cena to recover from an “injury” in the four-way match with Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Kane before he has to take on Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2014. But it’s also possible that John Cena’s movies are taking precedence over Aussie WWE fans.

The good new is that John Cena’s WWE career comes first before a career as a full time movie actor. He’s long said he enjoys Hollywood, but it’s unlikely he’d pull a Dave Batista or a Dwayne Johnson and walk away to focus on movies. This might happen in five to 10 years or if his star begins to dim… after all, everyone is saying they are tired of seeing Cena win all the time (five moves of doom, anyone?), and it’s speculated that Roman Reigns could be set up to be the next babyface star.

But even if that happens, it seems unlikely to occur in 2014. Cena’s victory at Money in the Bank settled the issue of new faces becoming headliners, and even the WWE 2K15 video game has John on the cover, so it seems very likely that, in the short term, the WWE management is hesitant to make any big changes. But if any of the rumors about WrestleMania 31 are true, then 2015 may change things up…

Do you think John Cena’s WWE role should be changed? If so, how?

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8 Responses to “John Cena Movies Slowing Down The Wrestling Career Of The WWE Superstar?”

  1. George Eells

    John Cena is the face of the WWE!!! He will be the Star to beat the unrepresented record of The Nature boy Ric Flair!!1 16 time World Heavyweight Champion.McMahon is Making A lot of money from Cena movies, Wrestling and Merchandising. Also it is in make a wish something that McMahon gets a lot of notoriety for letting him do it. So anyway you look at it Cena will be around 5-10 years.Cena brings in 30 million a year in Merchandising.

  2. Harold Douse

    I think Crna got his break because the WWE wanted someone with that was more "real" working man type instead of characters like the Hulk and Undertaker. The plan worked but its getting old and the WWE is going back to the almost cartoonish characters which actually produce a better wrestling show. Cause none of it if real but its still fun to watch!

  3. Anonymous

    John Cena has come a way from his rapping days, hi marriage fell apart, lets hope he's no fool, will be wise enough to make the right moves when it comes to movies or wrestling…

  4. Richard Kinard

    I believe with Cena's personality and talent. If he would do a dark movie as the villain. He would not only widen his acting career but be more in demand by other production company's.. I believe he needs to do a role where he goes all for revenge… Much like the 70's movie. The EXTERMINATOR .. NOT TERMINATOR (look it up)… A movie such as this would sky rocket with Cena starring….

  5. Mike Duffy

    Cena like the Rock isn't getting younger. He should expand his talent into other media. It just makes sense.

  6. Jose Aguilar

    No body cares about john cena, and i bet my life on it that both of these movies are flops.

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