Diane Stretton disappears

Diane Stretton: Fired Live-In Nanny Who Refused To Leave California Home Has Disappeared!

Remember Diane Stretton – the fired, live-in nanny who had refused to live a California home and threatened to sue the family who had employed her? Well that lady has all of a sudden disappeared from the home, reports USA Today. According to Marcella Bracamonte, the owner of the home, the 64-year-old Nanny was last seen at the San Bernardino County home on Thursday morning and has been untraceable ever since. Strangely enough, Stretton has left her belongings at the Bracamonte residence.

“I don’t know what happened,” Bracamonte told ABC News, talking about the nanny who made headlines earlier this week.

It is unclear where Stretton has moved to and whether she has plans to come back to the Bracamonte home and pursue the threatened lawsuit against her former employers.

It was earlier this March that Marcella Bracamonte and her husband Ralph hired the services of Diane Stretton. The couple wanted the nanny to help them with their kids aged one, four and eleven. In exchange, they offered her a free stay at their home along with food and boarding. While the initial weeks of her service were in the Bracamontes’ own words “awesome”, things started taking a turn for the worse when Diane stopped working after a few weeks. She refused to take care of the kids and came out of her allotted room only to have food.

Frustrated at having to put up with a nanny with no service, the Bracamontes put Diane Stretton on notice twice earlier this month before deciding to fire her. In a move to get her out of their home, they cut off her cable TV, Internet, and padlocked the refrigerator. Diane however refused to move. After the police were called, they refused to intervene because it was a “civil” matter. In the end, Stretton was served a three day notice in which she was asked to leave or face a legal eviction.

That was when Stretton in turn threatened to sue the Bracamontes back. She claimed she will sue them for breach of contract, wrongful termination, false imprisonment and elder abuse.

It was later revealed by CBS News that Diane Stretton has had a history of lawsuits and has been listed by courts across California as a “vexatious litigant”. There are over three dozen cases in which Diane Stretton is reportedly listed as a litigant.

[Image via CBS News]