cruel Chen Guangbiao homeless stunt

Chinese Billionaire Chen Guangbiao Criticized For Homeless Publicity Stunt, False Promises

Yesterday, news that Chinese businessman Chen Guangbiao had planned to provide both cash and expensive meals to New York City’s homeless population circulated and proved a compelling curiosity — but now, critics say that the invitees were cruelly taunted by a sum of money to help that in the end never materialized.

Earlier, The Inquisitr reported that Chen Guangbiao, 46, took out expensive ads in New York City newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, promising that he would treat homeless residents of New York City to food and give them $300 for attending.

Guangbiao invited “poor and destitute Americans” to Central Park’s Boathouse to dine on sesame seed encrusted tuna, steak, and other delicacies — with the promise of $300 for each guest at the end of the luncheon.

It would seem a relatively straightforward plan, if one of dubious or difficult to discern merit. However, Guangbiao is now being criticized for what was not only a mostly empty gesture — but also one that was cruel given how it panned out.

China Daily details some of what went wrong during the bizarre “charity” event hosted by Guangbiao, explaining:

“The 1,000 invitees had to be reduced to 300 because the Boathouse couldn’t handle that many people, and as for the $300 in cash, instead of handing out the money — a total of $90,000 — Chen gave it to the New York City Rescue Mission. The shelter coordinated the event for him and chose many of the guests… Chen, a 45-year-old recycling entrepreneur whose wealth has been estimated at $400 million by Forbes Asia, said in the ad that his goal was to change Americans’ negative perception of members of China’s elite as ‘crazy’ and obsessed with material goods.”

It would appear that at least a third of those promised entry were inexplicably denied, with only 200 of the 300 attendees ultimately admitted. Business Insider quotes a man identified only as Duwell, who described the event as “the worst fraud [he] has ever seen perpetrated against the homeless community.”

The man added:

“I am handicapped, and I have been waiting here for 10 and a half hours… I have been chased by the police and treated with disrespect after we were promised a gourmet meal and $300. This is a publicity stunt.”

Another left outside waiting for hours, a woman named Tammy, felt the manner of inviting homeless people to the event was out of touch with the realities of homelessness. She said:

“Why would you send an invitation by email to homeless people? If I had a computer, I would have a home!”

Chen Guangbiao dismissed the criticism as from those “who might be jealous,” and opined that any frustration was “negative.”

[Image: Chen Guangbiao, Facebook]