These Mods Turn GTA V Into A First Person Action-Adventure Game And Many More

Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA V is expected to hit the shelves sometime during the third or fourth quarter of this year. Thought there’s still some time, talented developers have already engaged themselves in designing some awesome and some hilarious modifications or mods for the game that offer alternative game-play as well game-play in characters which were never intended by the GTA’s developers.

GTA V will be simultaneously made available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but players would surely grab the copy made for the PC, owing to the ability to add mods that fundamentally alter the game-play and allows players to extend playability of the game much beyond what was originally intended.

Mods are modified program code inserted (by some software trickery like ‘Trainers’) into a game to make it operate in a different way from its original version. Currently, players are creating mods of their own for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the action adventure title. However, the upcoming “GTA 5’s” PC version will make “modding” extremely easy, reported International Business Times.

One of the best GTA V mods that have players really excited is ‘change of perspective’ or ‘play as first person’. This mod allows the player to ‘see’ rather than maneuver the character in the game. This FPS script is the work of XBLToothPik and uses a ‘modded’ Xbox 360 to hack the game’s perspective, reported CVG. While most people won’t dare modify their Xbox, this GTA mod should be fairly simple for PC gamers.

Play as the Iron Man or even as Flappy Bird: Few of the functional as well as hilarious mods include playing the game as different characters. One of the GTA mods that is bound to be extremely popular enables the player to dress up the game characters in the Iron Man tactile defense suit, better known as MK. There are multiple variants of the Iron Man suite including MK XVII Heartbreaker, MK XXI Midas – High Altitude Suit, MK XXII Hot Rod – War Machine 2.0 Prototype and many others.

If donning the Iron Man suit doesn’t suit your fancy, another mod to the GTA V PC version will allow the player to become a Flappy Bird inspired character. But what truly enhances the gameplay is that the movement of the character imitates the real Flappy-Bird. Talk about playing two games at once!

The GTA series has been immensely popular and owing to the creative mods, players can easily re-play the game many times and not lose the appeal.

[Image Credit | IBTimes]