WWE Commentary By Jim Ross Makes Everything Better… Including Video Games!

Over the past two decades, the only time commentary on video games would happen are during tournaments, preferably for fighting games. Though commentators do a decent job calling the action, it at times can be mundane or even boring. Most of them sound like automatons without a lick of true personal interaction as if they are proving the stereotype that nerds can’t talk to girls true. Well that is all about to change if they had WWE legend, Jim Ross, do the commentary… because it is amazing when he commentates video games.

The video was created and uploaded on the Youtube channel, The Blue Owl Plays. There, the channel’s owner, Luke, does co-op commentaries, skits, let’s play videos, and others all in association of video games. One of the most entertaining videos he did was dubbing the commentary of WWE legend, Jim Ross, to Dark Souls, Walking Dead, Team Fortress, Mirror’s Edge, Heavy Rain, Candy Crush, Mortal Kombat II, and the reveals for the Xbox One and Call of Duty games. I’ll simply say this: if more video games had Jim Ross’s commentary, they’d sell out. Because their video was so entertaining, I personally hoped The Blue Owl Plays would make another video. Thankfully, they did.