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Boba Fett Movie Casts Jango Actor Temuera Morrison In 2016 ‘Star Wars’ 7 Spinoff

Boba Fett Movie Casts Jango Actor Temuera Morrison In 2016 Star Wars 7 Spinoff

The Boba Fett movie may have cast Temuera Morrison as the fabled bounty hunter for the Star Wars spinoff.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one of the rumor out there is that the writer for the Walking Dead video game series will also being writing the Boba Fett movie script. We also know that the Star Wars spinoff will be filmed at London’s Pinewood Studios in 2015 and that Disney is having a hard time transforming the feared bounty hunter into a good guy.

The Boba Fett movie release date was accidentally confirmed for 2016 when toy manufacturer Hasbro leaked out a list of the entire Star Wars release years:

  • 2014: Rebels
  • 2015: Episode VII
  • 2016: Boba Fett
  • 2017: Episode VIII
  • 2018: Solo
  • 2019: Episode IX
  • 2020: Red Five

At this point all Disney is willing to confirm is that there will indeed be up to three Star Wars spinoff movies but no titles have been announced officially. That being the case, IMDB lists the 2016 spinoff as “Untitled Star Wars Project” and very little information is available at this point. For example, Gary Whitta is mentioned as screenplay writer as mentioned above (although some believe that Lawrence Kasdan will still be involved somehow) in addition to producer Kathleen Kennedy.

But really catches our attention is that Temuera Morrison is specifically listed as Boba Fett. Morrison portrayed Jango Fett and the clone troopers in Attack of the Clones. He also voiced Bobba Fett in the 2004 special edition of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The other two cast members listed are Mason Brett and Mike Kasem, son of recently deceased Casey Kasem. Maybe one of them could be a droid buddy?

If Morrison is indeed going to be Boba Fett then that likely means we’ll be treated to a story that follows an older bounty hunter who manages to survive the sarlacc pit similar to the Star Wars Expanded Universe story lines. But considering that Fett spends pretty much all his screen time wearing a helmet it’s possible that a younger Boba Fett could be done similar to how James Earl Jones voiced Darth Vader while another man provided the body. So even if IMDB is correct about Morrison being Fett we still cannot derive a possible plot timeline from that information.

Star Wars 7

We also may know that the director for the Boba Fett movie is the same guy who did Godzilla. In fact, Gareth Edwards recently spoke about being involved with the Stars Wars spinoff:

“I am very, very lucky, living in a dream job at the moment. I’m not allowed to talk about it, it’s all very secretive, but it’s a dream come true. Star Wars is the reason I got into filmmaking, so to be given this opportunity is like a dream. Now the pressure is on.”

That’s right, don’t mess with Boba. The good news is that Edwards knows the story needs to be the focus, not the graphics effects:

“People could be innovative with computer graphics in the early ’90s, but I think where we are right now is, we’ve reached that plateau where you can kind of do anything, and we have kind of done everything. So now, I hope, we are going to see people embracing strong stories, strong characters, as well as the spectacle. The honeymoon is over and it’s much more about storytelling, and I think we’ll create better films, hopefully.”

What do you think about the Boba Fett movie casting Temuera Morrison? Do you want to see a story about an older or younger bounty hunter?

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73 Responses to “Boba Fett Movie Casts Jango Actor Temuera Morrison In 2016 ‘Star Wars’ 7 Spinoff”

  1. Ben Palfi

    I think that Morrison could still pull off being a Fett without having someone younger wearing the suit… makeup can go along way

  2. Andrew Defty

    A Fett from the times after Jedi would be better as we all think he perished. We all have read and played games regarding the past exploits of Bobba and Jango. Let see where he goes from the Sarac pit! Starting with how h escaped the pit!

  3. Shaun O'Banion

    Fett is NOT a good guy and should not be portrayed as such. The stand-alone film should be THE TERMINATOR or THE FUGITIVE with Fett as the pursuer. A guy who Darth Vader has to tell "I want him alive. No more disintegrations," is not a hero. He's a villain. That's the movie.

  4. Warren B VonSchatz

    I have a horrible feeling that they are going to milk this franchise for all it is worth and leave it as a butchered mess.. but I hope not.

  5. Jared Shirk

    Does no one realize that boba is a clone of jango? Of course the same actor, in the same way as he's the same actor that voiced/played all the clone troopers.

  6. Joshua Maxwell

    Because they have in no way done that already?

  7. Eric Hines

    Cam Brady Six movies in thirty years isn't that bad …

  8. Brendan Martinez

    You're wrong, read the book series. Initially he is completely against the Jedi and in opposition to them. As time goes on he actually forgets his hatred towards them and even trains Han's daughter (who is a Jedi).

  9. Chris Do

    he isnt a villain per se. He is just a bounty hunter.

  10. Bob Thayer

    He voiced… who? "Bobba Fett" is what you have written there…

  11. Bob Thayer

    He voiced… who? "Bobba Fett" is what you have written there…

  12. Ferdinand Filli

    I was already butchered in the 1978 holiday special^^. also, don't forget the ewok spinoffs

  13. Daniel Niszcz

    Brendan Martinez Books don't matter. They're no longer canon according to the studio.

  14. Daniel Niszcz

    Brendan Martinez Books don't matter. They're no longer canon according to the studio.

  15. Daniel Niszcz

    Brendan Martinez Books don't matter. They're no longer canon according to the studio.

  16. Gene Calm

    I have bad news for you…but Star Wars has been milked for decades.

  17. Ricky Morrison

    Elijah Weeks We see him fall into the Sarlacc pit, but it's long been theorized that he may have actually escaped. He is the galaxy's best and most ruthless bounty hunter, after all.

  18. Grace Langlinais

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  19. Shawn Cowden

    Who cares what Disney decides to call canon? The EU is great and should be treated as canon for TRUE SW fans.

  20. Joshua Willis

    Shawn Cowden Disney owns the IP, thus they get to dictate what canon is. If you want to pretend EU and fanfic is canon that's your prerogative, but future content will not be created in that universe.

  21. Ethan Howard

    Ummm, no. This movie should align with the original unaltered trilogy where Boba wasn't voiced by this guy, and Boba was an awesome figure before the Jango clone crap in the PT.

  22. Josh Antillesw

    Joshua Willis The EU is canon no matter what Disney says. That's like someone buying LOTR and declaring it's no longer canon because they want to remake it.

  23. Shawn Cowden

    I am quite aware of that, and am obviously dismayed that no more content from that universe will be published. Please don't equate the EU to fanfic. The EU WAS canon, just on a lower priority level than the movies. Anyway, despite Fett's post-ROTJ history not being exactly the same as in the books, his persona should live on. He is not a villain- just a bounty hunter, with some soft spots for his family and Mandalorians now and then.

  24. Piper Rai

    The original, unaltered trilogy has virtually no Boba Fett in it at all. The EU did all of that, including laying all of the groundwork for Jango.

  25. Ethan Howard

    Piper Rai No, the reason Boba is so cool is because of small screen time in ESB, with his original voice recording which had a darker better acted delivery before Temuera Morrison was overdubbed in for the 2004 version, bringing in crappy acting. In terms of the EU, the movies aren't honoring EU already, and I agree with keeping all that material as non-canon. This movie should lay the groundwork for Boba Fett as an even more involved character.

  26. Michael Yurkovich

    Ethan Howard : Boba Fett doesn't do anything in the original unaltered trilogy except pose next to Vader a few times and eventually get kicked down a hole by a blind guy. Oh boy, they should totally bring back that edgy badass.

  27. Tyler Hovious

    Brendan Martinez But then George told you that everything you read in the books wasn't true. So anything can happen now.

  28. Donnelly Simms

    Brendan Martinez The EU has been thrown out for the most part. None of those Fett stories are cannon.Only the Darth Plagueis novel is cannon. This is why the Game Star Wars 1313 abouBoba ws canned.

  29. Zobi Zeeb

    you never heard the term, "anti-hero" obviously he's not a hero hes a fucking hitman, who cares

  30. Evan Fowler

    Ugh. Gareth Edwards? Why that guy? Monsters was a dull affair and his Godzilla movie was filled with boring, unmemorable characters. What on Earth makes anyone think that he'd be a good director for a Star Wars movie?

  31. Evan Fowler

    Ugh. Gareth Edwards? Why that guy? Monsters was a dull affair and his Godzilla movie was filled with boring, unmemorable characters. What on Earth makes anyone think that he'd be a good director for a Star Wars movie?

  32. Jake Hood

    Brendan Martinez you must be referring to the EU which the next generation films are going to render non-canon

  33. Joshua Rutkowski

    Just make him an anti-hero like they did with Jango in the Star Wars: Bounty Hunter videogame. He played a protagonist role with an antagonist personality. It worked out really well then, why not now?

  34. Chase Robertson

    Brendan Martinez Disney announced that all of the book lore; Thrawn, Jedi Search etc. will have nothing to do with their plans for Star Wars.

  35. Brandon Kesselly

    I'd prefer a morally grey character. Fett isn't a villain, but he isn't a hero either. He's an antagonist in the series because our protagonist was a Jedi, but his allegiance is entirely his own to decide.

  36. Harvey Dent

    ITS DISNEY. YES THAT WILL HAPPEN. The difference between lucas milking the franchise and disney is that lucas cared about the name. Disney simply cares about incorporating that stupid mouse some way or another into their profits.

  37. Ryan Clemens

    Some of us would actually prefer nothing from the prequels got anywhere near the sequels. I am one of those people.

  38. Jack Smith

    I still think Gary Whitta is the worst choice they have made for any of the new films (trilogy or spin-off). Awful person, and despite the Walking Dead video games… After Earth.. really?

  39. Michael Turner

    For the love of fuck, DON'T TURN BOBA FETT INTO A GOOD GUY!!! He's an a-moral bounty hunter who's out for his own profit. If you need him to be a "hero" in the movie, just have him either get hired to protect someone or get thrust into a situation like that in the Transporter series.

    For that matter, wouldn't Jason Statham make a perfect Boba Fett?

  40. Joshua Maxwell

    Harvey Dent No he didn't lol, the fact that he sold it to Disney in the first place proves that. No wonder you were dumb enough to get a half a face full of acid.

  41. Gannon Kendrick

    The way I see it, there are two canons. If Disney is actually successful with Star Wars, they will have their own canon. But George Lucas already declared what was and was not canon, and even if they are making their own Star Wars canon, Disney cannot overwrite it.
    We can have two canons, people.
    I'd say the fact that Boba Fett survives in *both* canons is bs in both though. They intended to kill Boba there, so having him survive in any facet is sort of a retcon.

  42. Shawn Cowden

    Gannon Kendrick What? You can't speak as to what they intended when he fell into Sarlacc. He's been in countless post-RotJ books and videogames, and will also survive in Disney's new canon. So yes, he survives in both canons.

  43. Eric Grayson

    But in the expanded hes not a clone. Hes actually another bounty hunter who kills Boba and takes his body armor. So who knows what they are up to.

  44. Robert Gilley

    Fett does a job, then gets paid. His character should be morally ambivalent at most times. His prey should be unquestionably scummy. A good story would be one where his quarry was not so blatantly evil, someone who would have redeeming qualities (slowly revealed over the course of the story) or with a questionable bounty on their head. However, given a choice it should be made to appear that he would choose to do good (if, ultimately, he benefits regardless of the decision.) I say they go with Eastwood's "Man with No Name" motif.

  45. Riley Anderson

    Two things: 1. Do NOT make Boba Fett out to be a good guy. He is neither good nor bad. He merely hired himself out to the highest bidder, though he DOES have his own code of honor. 2. Why not have two spinoff Fett movies and show him struggle to grow up after his Father dies (though that would make an Excellent tv show), and have a post-Sarlaac movie?

  46. Nick James Kaizer

    Ryan Clemens Well, many people (more than most people think) still like the prequels… And either way, they're officially canon… You can always simply not watch em, though, if you don't like em xD

  47. Eric Grayson

    Sorry meant the rumors about the new movie from the expanded universe are that Boba the clone is killed off and another bounty hunter assumes his identity for the solo film. But that's just a rumor.

  48. Ryan Clemens

    Nick James Kaizer I don't think more than most like them, they're generally reviled for having poor characters, poor story line and too much CGI. They are nothing alike in tone with the original three which are better by far. The only people that seem to like the prequels are kids mostly because they have no idea what makes a good movie. Also how the hell could anyone like what they did to Palpatine? The dude looks NOTHING like he did in Emppire/ROTS. The whole tone of the films were wrong.

    It was a excellent film franchise turned over to the childish side. I personally want to forget they even exist.. The only good things to come from it were Ewan McGregor as Obi-wan, Darth Maul and maybe Mace Windu along with as always the great soundtrack by John Williams which still wasn't as good as the originals.. EVERYTHING ELSE SUCKED BALLS. This is why you find things like this list of twelve things the new movies should avoid (Every one I agree with)

    You might want to watch the Red Letter Media Star Wars reviews.. They'll hopefully blow any semblance of a notion Yousa have of these movies even being even HALF decent. Canon or not I expect Disney will leave many things by the wayside.. and thankfully so, George screwed the pooch.

  49. Austin Bennett

    I hope to God that rumor isn't true. I freaking hate that idea, I grew up reading the young adult Boba Fett novels, and although it's not canon, I do have that special attachment to the REAL Boba Fett. Having someone kill him like that would be a travesty.

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