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Star Trek Phase 2 TV Series Kickstarter Blasts By 2014 Goal, Will Release New Episodes On The Web

Star Trek Phase 2 TV Series Kickstarter Blasts By 2014 Goal, Will Release New Episodes On The Web

The Star Trek Phase 2 TV series launched a Kickstarter earlier in 2014 and now that they have recently met their goal, they should be releasing new episodes on the web in the coming months.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Star Trek 3 release date for the movie was confirmed for 2016. Otherwise there has not been much news about the movie (we do not even know anything about the plot or who is being cast in the new movie) but there has been a lot of science related news. A Star Trek teleportation device may really be possible, and even Star Trek medical technology is being proven to be possible in practice and some hospitals are starting to implement the new technology. Those who hope to see an Enterprise floating in orbit above Earth some day had their hopes beamed up when it was shown that NASA is working on a Star Trek style warp speed capable spacecraft.

A recent rumor claimed that a new Star Trek TV series was in the works, according to Star Trek author Larry Nemecek:

“Nemecek revealed that Netflix has indeed approached CBS Broadcasting, Inc. on ‘hosting’ a Netflix exclusive new Star Trek -series. The streaming provider, we were told, followed-up with a formal proposal in which any new potential Trek series becoming a ‘Netflix Original’ with Netflix producing the series entirely.”

Unfortunately, Nemecek shot down the report by writing on his blog that it was completely baseless.

The good news is that Star Trek Phase 2 is jumping to warp speed soon based upon an infusion of cash. The web series was launched in 2003 after Paramount cancelled plans for a new TV series that would have focused on the continuing adventures of Captain Kirk. So far nine episodes have been released, and a tenth episode called “The Holiest Thing” will even have a new Captain Kirk as played by actor Brian Gross. To give you an idea, some reports are claiming that trekkies are saying Gross is a “better Captain Kirk than Captain Kirk.” Sounds like fighting words, eh William Shatner?

The creators behind Star Trek Phase 2 have been busy recreating the original set using the blueprints from 1966. Each episode costs about $15,000 to make, and as of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign is up to $64,917 — which means they beat their original goal of only $10,000 by a large amount. If their budget estimates are on mark, then it’s possible we’ll see at least four episodes in the short term.

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24 Responses to “Star Trek Phase 2 TV Series Kickstarter Blasts By 2014 Goal, Will Release New Episodes On The Web”

  1. Rick Price

    I'm glad to see it. But I'm not glad to see them copy the Titanic "complete" with the hole. Improving it to death (especially with regard to the overproduced and under composed later music & SPFX) was what marked the downfall of the motion pictures. The Cartoon influences have to make you smile a little…..but only a little.

  2. Penny Flake

    This is the wrong way to continue the "Star Trek" Legacy IMO. It's a mistake to go back to the roots. Give us a show set about 20 years or so after the time of Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant. Let us see what has happened to interplanetary politics since the destruction of the heart of the Romulan Empire. Give us new ideas, new gadgets, new technology. Does no one have the vision for this?

  3. John Allupinyogrill Harris

    why are these people trying to deconstruct the legend, the original model?
    I too am in want of more of the original series, but I have accepted that there are only 79 episodes, and I watch them every chance I get…………….
    I also accept that those episodes are canon, there can be no more original episodes, so it is way past time to move on………….so move the hell on……………

  4. Anonymous

    I hate to be too harsh because I do appreciate the effort but the acting is very rough, lower level community theater at best and there are some horrendous wigs which make it difficult for me to suspend my disbelief. Hope it can improve.

  5. Rick Price

    There's a lot to love there, I just sort of hate to see them rush to bridge the gap between the fictional fourth and five years of the show and jump head first into the "movie" era. JMHO….. Jeff Helgesen:

  6. Beth Stone

    And they didn't have horrendous wigs in the original series? Please! Majel Rodenberry had a beehive that made my mother's look like a small nest back in the day.

  7. Gary Raiders

    I felt the same way as you…until I watched it and "Star Trek Continues". Have you read any of the novels that continue the 5 year mission? The OS has been on going since it was cancelled in the 60's. Give them a try and I bet you'll be hooked.

  8. Gary Raiders

    That would be a job for Paramount/CBS. This is all fan/actor funded. But, why is it the wrong way? Why does everything have to be new? The OS was cancelled WAY before it's time as history has shown. There were many missions left to be seen and this way we can experience them. Some of these episodes were actual scripts that were to have been filmed with the original cast before they decided to do feature films. At least have the courtesy to watch one before you criticize it.

  9. Gary Raiders

    Rick Price : I haven't noticed them jump to the movie era. In fact, it's just the opposite. After the original 5 year mission they went on another 5 year mission before any of the movies would have taken place (in the fictional timeline that is). This is what they are doing.

  10. Gary Raiders

    Stephen: You must not have watched too much of this. This and "Star Trek Continues" (both on youtube) are more faithful to the OS than anything I have ever seen (including the movies).

  11. Gary Raiders

    They had Kickstarter campaigns as well that were funded. Both projects are alive and well!

  12. Anthony McMillan

    Have you heard about Star Trek "Renegades", that takes place after Voyager and has a few of their original members…They have a campaign on kickstarter as well.

  13. Gary Raiders

    Anthony McMillan : Yeah, however I wasn't big on Voyager. I hope it does well though. More Trek is a good thing. Especially when Paramount isn't involved..

  14. Janice Sonntag

    There is only one James T Kirk and that is William Shatner. He is and only is the captain of the Enterprise and if anyone else says differently they should have their head exam. This clip is not that bad but I like original series. They took it off to soon in my opinion, but that is my opinion.

  15. Joe S Hill

    I have been watching these episodes,but a particularly disturbing one,"Blood and Fire" pt1.,featured a
    disgusting Gay love scene,that did NOT belong in the material,along with an obnoxious response by
    the producer,Robert Mauro,who is typical of arrogant Gays,along with a few annoying Gay fans (you
    reading this Tanya Myoko) who attacked me,and other ST Fans,with the typical response of us,being
    bigoted homophobes,and not understanding Gene Roddenberry's dreams about universal equality,and
    really,,whatever Gays think about themselves,that's their business-but when their stuff,especially the
    graphic Gay love scene is used in any STAR TREK material,it will guarantee very swift and negetive
    feedback! otherwise,watching most of the "STAR TREK Phase II" shows on You Tube,,they all are made
    to look and feel like the original NBC shows,even going as far as to show the old 60s Peacock openings
    and intersitials,,but despite their best intentions,the unknown actors playing the Shatner,Nimoy and Kelly
    roles,are very BLAND,including James Crawley,who's supposed to be "Capt.Kirk",,NO WAY! i don't care
    how much that they try to make the original apearence look,but these things are NOT superior to the
    original TV series,despite the use of the original background music and sound effects,there is no way that
    these "Phase II" segments will EVER match the originals,,not a chance! the J.J. Abrams movies have also
    broken some vital timelines,especially with "STAR TREK,Into Darkness" last year,because one,Young Kirk
    and Young Spock,did not encounter "Khan" until the "Space Seed" episode-and this Brit,playing the role
    made famous by Ricardo Maltaban,,he came off,looking and sounding like some Vampire,nor did this version
    even come close to what Maltaban's "Khan" was about! and this bullshit about Young Spock talking to his
    future self,,what kind of shit,was that supposed to be,,really?? no disrespect to Leonard Nimoy,,but that made
    no sense,at all! its no secret,that Abrams is not a Trek Fan,but his versions,entertaining as they are,just do not make the slightest bit of sense! that's why all these current versions of "STAR TREK" will in no wise,be
    successors to the original franchise,,nor will trying to make updates,or revisions of the series do any good!
    the show has pretty much run its course-all the spin-offs had lengthy runs,and the movies had a great Box
    office impact,before the J.J. Abrams' versions came about,,and this "fantasy" with the "Phase II" stuff on You Tube,,interesting,but no sale! i'm surprised that CBS Paramount even allowed that,,but they're making money from it,or it wouldn't be getting done,much less seen! in any case,the "Phase II" concepts will NEVER
    be as good as the originals,no matter the intentions,or the creativity involved. good luck milking this cow!

  16. Joel Ran

    I have enjoyed the STAR TREK CONTINUES series. A new episode just hit YouTube. It was fun to see Michael Forest reprise his role as Apollo. Plus Scotty is played by James Doohan's son. So that series definitely has genuine cred. I'm not familiar with the "Phase Two" group but, with some casting changes (Spock and McCoy) the "Continues" folks have my support.

  17. Art Carney

    i have watched several of these remakes of star trek.. Most are very good.. I even seen one where they all were dykes. Another one there was a male homosexual plot..

  18. Rick Price

    Thanks for that explanation. It's not readily apparent to me. I did notice the "Cartoon" series Alien was borrowed. They're using the "Motionless Picture" era music (I like Jerry Goldsmith, but Sol Kaplan & Fred Steiner, et al. brought their A-Game to the TV series.) It's kind of a Prokofiev/Webern/Stravinsky/Ravel mash up that appealed to kids like me WELL before I ever picked up a trumpet or took lessons. It's not going very far out on a limb to infer that the West Coast trumpet player who drew the "eyebrows" (A Frank Zappa term for stylistic correctness) on that long, high Flutter Tongued dissonance in "The Doomsday Machine" was in my head from the first time I saw the rerun as a kid after school. The music generates goose bumps without the benefit of the video. The "conflict" cues in the movie scores are tame by comparison. (Even though I did notice that the muted to open chordal French Horn Glissandi were lifted right from the series in TWOK, when the little brain munching bug falls out of Chekov's ear…..well done!) Playing that music (along with a good chunk of the Maynard Ferguson Birdland Dreamband and Roulette libraries) remains unchecked on my bucket list. S'okay though. I got my licks in on a few of 'em…..

  19. David Knowles

    Anthony McMillan The problem with Renegades is that it has a terrible plot and to reliant on former caste members. An way to focus on building up to another war. An it trying to be way to much like firefly. Whole and the script is terrible.

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