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George W. Bush Was Wrong About The Iraq War? ISIS Leader Used To Mock ‘Mission Accomplished’

George W. Bush

Was George W. Bush wrong about the Iraq War? Because of recent events, some in the media have taken pot shots at the former U.S. President by claiming the younger Bush, and not President Obama, is responsible for an unsuccessful “mission accomplished.”

In a related report by The Inquisitr, with the ISIS in Iraq having found Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons stockpiles, some people are saying that George W. Bush was right to have pushed for the Iraq War since the original stated goal was to prevent terrorist groups from getting their hands on any WMD materials. Of course, people say stuff like this with 20/20 hindsight, but even Donald Trump is blasting both George W. Bush and Barack Obama for failed leadership and he says the United States should put U.S. troops in Iraq to seize the oil production facilities.

Years ago, George W. Bush ran into political trouble when he gave a speech aboard an aircraft carrier where a banner read “mission accomplished” in the background. Of course, the Iraq occupation was far from over but the initial stages of the invasion had been a success. But now a German newspaper called Die Tageszeitung put a twist on this famous photo by digitally replacing Bush with the head of the ISIS, Shaker Wahib. They even ran this photo on the front page to make the message clear that they blame George W. Bush for the current fiasco:

George W. Bush Mission Accomplished Iraq Crisis ISIS

But perhaps it is President Barack Obama who has more to worry about than George W. Bush. The Obama approval rating average is less than that of the previous President in hist full eight years. Even when it comes to a more recent Gallup poll on living U.S. Presidents, Obama is lagging behind the entire crowd. Only 47 percent of Americans are favorable of Mr. Obama while the George W. Bush approval rating stands at 53 percent and even Jimmy Carter beats Obama with 52 percent.

Of course, nothing beats the elder George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, who are 63 percent and 64 percent, respectively. To give you an idea, even Chelsea Clinton is favorable of the elder Bush.

Do you blame George W. Bush or Barack Obama for the current Iraq crisis? What do you think should be done in order to stop the spread of ISIS?

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32 Responses to “George W. Bush Was Wrong About The Iraq War? ISIS Leader Used To Mock ‘Mission Accomplished’”

  1. Geneva White

    I ''DO NOT'' blame the honest PRES. George W. BUSH, for anything that's happened since this liar b.o., has been in our White House. Bill Clinton, was in office when the terrorist learned to fly a plane ,but didn't learn how to take off or land a plane. Something should have been done then…

  2. John C Berry Jr.

    shrub is the one who invaded iraq even though his puppet masters were pulling his strings but b hussein o is even worse, hussein is clueless.

  3. Bob Wilson

    I have a feeling you'd find fault in everything Obama does.

  4. Harry Hassoun

    Obama voted against -Bush Cheney for oil blunder of the highest order

  5. Anonymous

    Bob, I agree with you 100%. This sob had no right to be elected president. Even though Gore turned out to be a real ahole, I think things would be better as far as the economy, home prices, etc
    Bush is actually the black sheep of his family. The old man was pissed that he was running because he screwed it up for Jeb, whom I think is the more intellegent of the family..

  6. Lee Gary

    Bob Wilson …"LOL" @ you fool. Someone asserts their opinion and all you tards can do is call them names.

  7. John Burris

    I blame Obama for removing our troops. That decision falls solely on his legacy. We still have a force in Korea with little to gain and pennies vested. Citizens of the USA will pay in higher fuel costs until something is done to restabilize the region and maintain oil production.

  8. Anonymous

    Bush knew what he was talking about. Obama will never learn!

  9. David Freeland

    I certainly do blame W, his "6 gun" texas justice was a bit premature and ill-advised, fiasco that was left to Obama to fix, finish AND finance, working against other less than wise decisions W made as he was leaving office…700,000,000 for the wall street collapse, and TAX BREAKS for the richest Americans at the same time. Obama inherited a country that was tanking !!!

  10. Anonymous

    The agreement to withdraw from Iraq was signed in November 2008 during the Bush administration.

  11. Anonymous

    The same thing will happen in Afghanistan after we leave, it will all be back the same way it was before we started killing innocent American soldiers.

  12. Ancil Gathers Jr.

    All I have to say that everyone seem to forget how we got into this mess it was the big lies number one W-M-D number two mission accomplish .but it was not. it look all you people seem to want to forget those lies. I guess you can blame the president for the lies they told also. you seem to keeping looking for thing to blame him for why not cut the bull and go ahead and blame him for everything.. because he is dam if he do and dam if he don't. you will never give him a fair chance. why is all the hate name two thing right of the top of my he is a Democrats and any one with eye can see the other thank you unclebubba78

  13. Scott Allen

    We shouldn't have been there….we solve nothing by doing these things. We strengthen resolve against us.

  14. Scott Allen

    Clinton earnestly tried to take out the ringleaders. But then again he was a bit busy answering to two faced cheaters about the Lewinsky deal. That really got us somewhere as a country to waste such resources on what members of Congress were also doing.

  15. Anonymous

    drmx123 Obama has had 6 years to continue assessing the situation in Iraq and re-negotiate the agreement or come up with slightly different arrangements. Obama also chose to assist rebels in Syria who are dominated by Sunni fundamentalists.

  16. Rodney DiAngelo

    Bush might not have been very intelligent, … but at least he was a PRESIDENT.
    Not like this talk show appearing, wanna be celebrity that we have now ……

  17. Myrna Davis

    Bush done more things than involve himself with the war, the congress said no war and he went ahead and went over there head done it anyway/. Go down to south texas and see the fence he and cheney were going to build and all they done was store the product on there friends King ranch and we the citizens pay the storage fee every month . I will admit he is doing more now that he is out of office but it is all for the good of his great Repblican friend cheney and the Bush Family. Go and see his oil fields that he owns on his so called Ranch in Texas it makes you sick what that man has done to American and is still doing.

  18. Alvin Cottage

    You blame Obama if he stays in Iraq, you blame him if he goes…..You can't have it both ways…. Bush invaded Iraq and that was a big mistake

  19. Dave Theisen

    6,000 troops should have stayed. * Once we went in under "W" (a mistake, yes) we're in. The U.S. can't cut & run w a full Obama pullout or we end up were we are now. *Don't get uppity about lives lost for purpose when we have a 1,000/yr murdered in Detroit/Chicago for no honor

  20. John Burris

    Makes no difference if Busch signed ignorantly in 08. Obama should have better assessed the lack of stability in the region and listened to his top general(Patreous) and remains in Iraq. This was all figured to happen. Obama follishly counted on a society of weaklings and cowards. THIS US WHAT WE ENDED UP WITH AFTER TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Therefore I blame Obama, ultimately he made the FINAL decision to remove our forces from Iraq…

  21. Kylee Michelle Fraser Janes

    there was a REASON Bush sr. didn't overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein.

  22. Kylee Michelle Fraser Janes

    "I blame Obama for removing our troops. "

    you know, cause he would never of had to withdraw the troops (which as has been pointed out, was agreed to under bush with the Iraqi government) if we never invaded in the first place. there was a reason Bush Sr. didn't overthrow saddam.

  23. Alvin Cottage

    Kylee Michelle Fraser Janes BUSH SR wrote a letter telling of WHY an invasion and overthow of Hussein was NOT SMART

  24. Jose Kuervo

    When Hussein Obama hits a 28% low approval rating like Bush did and when he his 12% approval rating like our congress has then come talk to me about Obamas ratings. At least he didn't take 1,020 vacation days like Bush did. I don't think he has broken the 140 day mark yet

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