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George W. Bush Was Wrong About The Iraq War? ISIS Leader Used To Mock ‘Mission Accomplished’

Was George W. Bush wrong about the Iraq War? Because of recent events, some in the media have taken pot shots at the former U.S. President by claiming the younger Bush, and not President Obama, is responsible for an unsuccessful “mission accomplished.”

In a related report by The Inquisitr, with the ISIS in Iraq having found Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons stockpiles, some people are saying that George W. Bush was right to have pushed for the Iraq War since the original stated goal was to prevent terrorist groups from getting their hands on any WMD materials. Of course, people say stuff like this with 20/20 hindsight, but even Donald Trump is blasting both George W. Bush and Barack Obama for failed leadership and he says the United States should put U.S. troops in Iraq to seize the oil production facilities.

Years ago, George W. Bush ran into political trouble when he gave a speech aboard an aircraft carrier where a banner read “mission accomplished” in the background. Of course, the Iraq occupation was far from over but the initial stages of the invasion had been a success. But now a German newspaper called Die Tageszeitung put a twist on this famous photo by digitally replacing Bush with the head of the ISIS, Shaker Wahib. They even ran this photo on the front page to make the message clear that they blame George W. Bush for the current fiasco:

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