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Michael Douglas On Split With Catherine Zeta-Jones: Actor Confesses He Took Wife ‘For Granted’

Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas talked about the temporary split he had with wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, during a chat with UK’s The Sun On Sunday after honoring Jane Fonda at the 42nd AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony last week.

Douglas told the source:

“First you have to admit that you made a mistake, then dealing with it is easy.”

The Oscar-winning actor and actress took a break in their marriage in August 2013 after Douglas’ fight with throat cancer and Zeta-Jones’ treatment for a form of Bipolar disorder.

Douglas, 69, said it’s alright to make mistakes as long “as you learn from them.” Regarding his split with Catherine, the iconic actor said he learned his lesson.

Michael admitted that he fell victim to the common habit of taking those closest to him for granted:

“When you are younger you care what other people think. And you take the person closest to you for granted. You waste a lot of energy on strangers to make a good impression. When you’re older you focus that energy on the people closest to you, on your family. And you’re courteous.”

Nothing much on the Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones split was written about at the time. No one seemed to know the reason for their separation. Speculation regarding solo appearances they each made at red carpet events never ensued, but neither of them were reported to be “linked” with someone else romantically.

On a more personal note, Douglas hinted that he’s in the prime of his life “sexually,” when asked by the newspaper about it:

“Sexually? I am more comfortable in my own skin now.”

The Hollywood power couple’s sex life is reportedly following their reconcilation a few months ago.

Michael and Catherine, 44, are parents to two children — Dylan, 13, and daughter, Carys, 11. The actor has a grown son, Cameron, from his previous marriage to Diandra Douglas.

Douglas and Zeta-Jones have been married 14 years. The two rarely made news for rumored marital problems until the pair had to step back and take a breather. Their separation didn’t last long and unlike most Hollywood couples who split — even temporarily — they’re actually making it through the rough patches.

Things between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are going well again and no split is in the cards for them. They went through a lot together as a couple when Michael was sick and Catherine had to address her problems with depression. A report by In Style magazine covered the actress’ battle with Bipolar disorder at-length.

A previous Inquisitr article discussed the status of their marriage after their separation was public knowledge.

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2 Responses to “Michael Douglas On Split With Catherine Zeta-Jones: Actor Confesses He Took Wife ‘For Granted’”

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    First they were too rowdy…then they were too nice…all with the 'Forgive anyone for any crap they pull' bullstuff.

    Just like the story of #GeorgeClooney & #Fabio …I told them butt-hole kids 2,000 years ago "You thought someone called you a name (did they?) {called you a butt-hole or told you to screw off?) They smite your cheek, did it?" Face it George…he's Fabio…those girls were with him…it would upset him if they wer the type to be photo-bombing anybody but Fabio {especially if it was another celebrity) Don't you know this guy?

    …they are just shoes…give them your coat too (i.e. "My mom put my head through a wall…she stole my shoes…i want to know why she put my head through a wall…I said, 'Thank You, Mom'" and by saying thank you I just gave her my coat for stealing my shoes) …no need to start a blood bath over shoes or that some one might had called me a name when they didn't. ….(what was I always getting into trouble for? Mom always said words before my spankings but i can never remember what they were)

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