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‘Mario Kart 8’ Quadruples Wii U Sales, With A Bright Future Ahead

Mario Kart 8 Sales

Mario Kart 8 may only have been released a few weeks ago, but the Wii U is already feeling the impact of the popular game series on console sales. Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo America, said in an interview last week that early numbers are reporting a “quadruple” in Wii U sales from numbers reported in March.

“We’re off to a fantastic start,” the optimistic Fils-Aime said. “[‘Mario Kart 8′] is driving hardware, which is great to see.” Fils-Aime also added that 18 percent of all Wii U owners bought Mario Kart 8 during opening weekend alone, compared to between 2 percent and 7 percent for previous Mario Kart games during their opening weekend.

And the numbers only grow overseas. In the United Kingdom, Mario Kart 8 helped boost Wii U sales by a staggering 666 percent, with 82 percent of all consoles sold that weekend having the Mario Kart 8 bundle pack. Overall, Mario Kart 8 has sold a grand total of 1.2 million copies worldwide it is opening weekend.

“Nintendo’s been banking on ‘Mario Kart’ to help revitalise the Wii U,” says GameSpot. “It’s one of those games that just has the power to shift Nintendo hardware.” Despite skeptics and naysayers who think Mario Kart‘s boost will “not be enough” to help the Wii U, GameSpot says otherwise:

“‘Mario Kart 8′ has made a difference to the Wii U’s fortunes and public image — and Nintendo’s excellent showing at E3 will only expand upon that.”

“The early response to Mario Kart 8 demonstrates that the best days for Wii U are still ahead,” said Reggie Fils-Aime in a press release. He’s right — the mega-popular Super Smash Bros. is still to be released, as are a a slew of new titles teased at E3, including a new Legend of Zelda title. “Nintendo is preparing for a very strong software line-up that people really want to try out,” Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told CNN. “By selling the software, we’d like to expand the hardware sales of the Wii U system. That’s our message. Software sells hardware.”

“As always, it’ll be up to fans to decide whether this installment lives up to its pedigree,” added Marc Franklin, director of public relations for Nintendo of America. “Based on initial reviews and fan reactions, we’re very encouraged.”

Interested in checking out Mario Kart 8 for yourself? Be sure to read our previous report covering all the best new features in Mario Kart 8 first.

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63 Responses to “‘Mario Kart 8’ Quadruples Wii U Sales, With A Bright Future Ahead”

  1. Brandon Boucher

    Ridiculously sexy and a Nintendo fan… Lord have mercy.

  2. Peter Costello

    well mario kart is a really fun game probably the best racing game really adults have just as much fun with it as children and now i really want it

  3. David Forrester

    and this is how the console war always changes hands.

  4. Wilson Fu

    That's only the beginning. Nintendo has yet to release the rest of their legendary franchises such as Super Smash, Zelda, Mario Party, and more.

  5. Thomas Knapp

    Quadrupled in North America, UK reported a 666% increase. It certainly seems to be moving units everywhere. I know in my home town, you can't find a MK8 Wii U bundle, and even some of the older bundles aren't plentiful anymore.

  6. Jason Plunkett

    I got Mario Kart 8 yesterday evening and the hype is real the game is that good! I am not much into racing games,but this has been a different story::P Love my Wii U it is a well built system and goes perfectly with my Xbox 360:P

  7. Jason Plunkett

    Go ahead I got it yesterday evening and it is truly a masterpiece. I am 43 and really enjoying the game:P

  8. Dust Oxford

    Raise your hand if you're a paid commenter. I mean seriously people! WiiU hasn't been selling at all. Quadrupling that doesn't mean anything. It'd need far more then 2 games a year to actually succeed. At E3 they announced "ideas" for games, not actual games. They showed no actual gameplay footage of Zelda, just a mock up of what it might be, which they already did once before the launch of the WiiU. Nintendo has 3 or 4 games planned between now and 2017…..that does not get me excited.

  9. Chris Rickard

    YAY! Now maybe Ubisoft will release that "Finished" game for the wii u now!

  10. Don Moreno

    Awesome Fanboy rant! I hope one day I can be cool like you. Now go Skype on your xbone like all the cool people.

  11. Dust Oxford

    Don Moreno Yeah……I WANT Nintendo to get back on their feet, but they have to at least try something. Patting them on the back for another Mario game is not going to help anything. Every generation I switch companies. PS 1, Gamecube, Xbox 360, PS 4 (though I eventually get them all). I have no loyalty. That makes me dangerous. It'll take more than another HD release of Mario Kart to get me on board. When EA and Activision abandon you……there's a problem.

  12. Gwen Eilers

    Oh man, now I really want a Wii U…for my son. ^_^

  13. Dick Cueto

    I'm 42 with kids and I'm having a blast with Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Nintendoland, The Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong TF, Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros U +Luigi, Wii Party U, Wii Sports Club and the Zelda remake. I think Nintendo appeals to the older demographic–those who grew up with the classic Sega and Nintendo games that require precise control and split-second button combinations. If Nintendo concentrates on that particular market, the Wii U will do well IMHO.

  14. Rob McNearny

    I agree. I just purchased the Wii U and use it way more than my 360. I like the Mario and DK games and they just are not available anywhere else.

  15. Captain Hindsight Mario Kart is fun so is ssb and LoZ but those are just three games Not worth buying a system over. I learned my lesson with the Wii. Its great for about a year then it just ends up collecting dust.

  16. Anonymous

    ^^^^^^^It's a fun game so I don't want to play it unless it's on ps4 or xboxone because I need some games to play to justify my purchase.

  17. Darkonefilms Pictures

    Facepalm!..My xbone is a great paper weight

  18. Christian Arredondo

    They have more than 2 games, surely more games that current gen systems. I got Mario Kart a couple days ago and it is that fun. The gamepad is a great idea in my opinion and once it gets implemented right itll be a system seller. I love that all my Wii accessories and games are compatible and I don't have to re buy controllers. Granted I bough the Wii U at release for Smash and thinking it was going to be hard to find just like the Wii was. But I am happy with it. Other than Steam, I've given Nintendo a lot more of my money than Sony or MS.

  19. Thomas Knapp

    But as an added note… really, these percentages say two things. 1) That the Wii U before MK8 sold very poorly, and 2) The Wii U has sold much better after MK8's release.

    The first point should not be a surprise, because the console really had not sold very well at all initially. And since my antecodal evidence agrees with the second point, I'm inclined to believe it as well.

    The console IS moving units now. Will it overtake the PS4? I doubt it. But I don't think the Wii U will be an afterthought when all is said and done, either. But ya know what? That's a GOOD thing. Having good competition brings out the best in the industry. There CAN be more than one "winner" in a console generation.

  20. William Klier

    XBone and PS4 are garbage as far as gfx and price is concerned (pos 5 year old hw) , steam + origin on PC is the clear winner for GFX whore gaming (4k now), as far as consoles with any fun exclusives nintendo has that on lock

  21. Anonymous

    I bought the MK8 Wii U bundle just so I could play this game online, and I am lovin it!

  22. Anonymous

    Oh the things Nintendo can accomplish when they release quality games.

  23. Kenny Kuang

    never count Nintendo out.I've been a Nintendo fan since the NES days and that will never change, do i want to play "adult" games like on the PS4 and Xbox one, yes, but Nintendo games are what i play most of the time even though i own both ps4 and xbox one.I just don't get the appeal of so call "adult games" or realistic games, i mean what's the point? life is not realistic enough?when I want to play games i want to be in a fantasy world like in Zelda or Mario not in a real world that i'm living in everyday.I bought titanfall and play a weeks worth and got bored, i also got Infamous second son and got bored pretty quick and never have the desire to finish it but when i play Nintendo made games i have this burning desire to finish it and ust get lost in it.

  24. Kenny Kuang

    jou788 there are more quality games on Wii U than on both ps4 and xbox one, so there is your justification for buying a Wii U.

  25. Daniel Balderas Garza

    This comes to show that Nintendo can be understimated. They scored a homerun with Mario Kart 8 boosting Wii U's sales and showing that the Wii U isn't defeated yet. And if you add Nintendo's great participation at the E3, then I think that all those who criticized the Wii U and its sales, will have to think again before saying Nintendo is doomed.

  26. David Bandel

    people with brains own wii U's now if not earlier, owned a wii in the past, own a ps3, never owned an xbox or an xbox 360, and haven't bought a ps4 or xb1 yet, willi probably buy a ps4 late 2014 or early 2015, and may buy an xb1 if microsoft bribes enough studios to stay exclusive.

    that is fact. any deviation from any of that indicates that the person is either poor or stupid.

  27. David Bandel

    Timothy Lynn O'Ceallaigh no mention of anything metroid related yet. nothing on star fox but a vague teaser that i think wasn't even intended to be a star fox teaser and was simply misinterpreted by e3 morons.

  28. David Bandel

    quite a bit of irrational, emotional, feminine falsehoods in your post. allow me to embarrass you then move on with my superior life:

    nintendo is on their feet. has never been off of them. wii did incredibly well. wii u is doing perfectly fine and gaining traction as expected by everyone, including them.

    they don't need to "try" anything any more than they already do.

    patting them on the back for another mario game? they quadrupled sales. they haven't sold so few units that a quadrupling isn't significant. no one is patting them on the back. they simply performed and stats show it.

    they did not show a mockup of zelda. they showed some limited gameplay, some targeted rendering, and inter-cinematics. not a mockup. you're an idiot.

    they didn't anounce ideas for games. they anounced and showed footage from a dozen games. get over it. you're retarded.

    nintendo showcased a dozen games that will likely launch by mid 2015. obviously there are others, not to mention 2nd party studios. also where did you get the "2017" thing from? it's between now and next year. 2017 is two full years beyond that during which a ridiculous slew of more great titles will be released.

    don't mistake me for a fanboy. i go where the software is. but your comment was completely irrational and whether or not you ever admit it:

    you were wrong on absolutely every point you made.

    foolish fool.

  29. Kevin Patrick

    Dust Oxford Not sure where you get your information, but last I checked (Friday) the Wii U had sold 6.1 million consoles, where the XB1 had only sold just over 4 million. The PS4 had something like 8.3 million sold, so the Wii U is doing just fine. You should at least know what you're talking about before you say they are not selling at all. Just saying.

  30. David Bandel

    Manuel Del Moral Nogueira identify one incorrect statement.

  31. Richard Illingworth

    Yahoo is so two faced,on the sme day they say Wii U is back,out selling PS4 etc etc then just a few colums down they say 'Wii U stll doomed no future etc etc' blah blah get your facts right yahoo or just stick to one side jeees

  32. Jerome Handy

    David Bandel Wow, you really are a twit. Lemme make my gaming history clear: I started on the Atari 2600 when I was six. I gamed THROUGH the 80's gaming drought on my intellivision and ADAM computer/tape playing game machine. NES/SNES/Master System/Genesis/TurboGrafx16/Game Boy/Neo Geo/Jaguar/PS 1 and 2/Xbox 360/PS4. I am a GAMER.

    And I don't like Nintendo. I LOVED my NES and SNES. I loved playing Street Fighter 2, Super Dodge Ball, Super Spike V-ball and many other titles on Nintendo's hardware. But I never liked Zelda, Mario, Metroid or Pokemon. I had some fun with the first iteration of Mario Kart, but to me, it's just a racing game. I got less enjoyment out of that game, than I did the Burnout franchise. With the NES and SNES, that was never a problem. Nintendo had tremendous third party support, and there was always a game that could appeal to anyone.

    Now? I think there are eleven third party video games in development for the WiiU. One's Watch Dogs, which is out on other consoles, but won't be out till october for the WiiU. Of the other ten, six are either spinning off of TV shows, or serving as the launching point for a new TV show series. That leaves a whopping four games that WON'T be mario/zelda/metroid/pokemon focused. But of the other ten, all but TWO, share Nintendo's cartoony look for video games.

    I am a person with a brain. I, and many other gamers like me, do not like what Nintendo's done. We don't like their elitist attitude, the way they try and strong arm third party developers, or the fact that they keep clunking out more iterations of the same franchises over and over, to the point that they rarely even number them anymore. So, we don't buy Nintendo hardware or software.

  33. Anonymous

    So, they quadrupled that one console sell a month to four? Anyone thinking this is the saving grace Nintendo needed is smoking some serious drugs.

  34. Jerome Handy

    Manuel Del Moral Nogueira I don't think arguing with him is going to work Manuel. I checked his posts to other stories, and he seems to be one of the people he insults.

  35. David Barkey

    I be getting mines, I already got the PS4 along with the PS3 to play dark souls one and two, now I'm getting the Wii U which will be a first since game cube, great job nintendo.

  36. David Barkey

    Good points made, I guess we are all still kids at heart no matter how old we get, but with more responsibilities, hmmmmm, I'm getting the Wii U.

  37. Tim Mazzola

    David Bandel There actually was a mention, but nothing more. They said that while they can't confirm they've started development on either (but in all likelihood Retro Studios is working on one, but it's in very early stages), they're considering the future of Metroid on 2 fronts, the 2D games and the 3D ones. So it's likely in a couple year's time we'll see a new Metroid Prime and a new 2D Metroid as well.

  38. Anonymous

    I have always left the console decision up to my children, they have chosen ps2, 360 & wii u. they have yet to steer me wrong

  39. Anonymous

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  40. Anonymous

    And over at Motleyfool they are talking about how the WiiU is stuck in the past and dying… LOL

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