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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Reportedly ‘Ready For Kids’

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds baby rumors

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds may not be in the honeymoon phase anymore, and now seem ready to expand their family by one. An insider at OK! magazine said Blake’s maternal instincts are “going crazy” and the 26-year-old actress is eager to start a family.

Blake and Ryan married back in September 2012 and have battled constant pregnancy rumors since then. The couple initially said they were putting family plans on hold to “focus on their career,” but lately, Blake’s had a little one on her mind. “Her baby hormones are going crazy,” OK! magazine reports. “Blake grew up in a big family.”

“I have always wanted a big family,” Blake admitted to Allure magazine last year. “Oh, I’d love 30 [children] if I could.”

It’s even been reported that Blake and Ryan have picked out baby names, honoring their marriage location. The couple married at a famous South Carolinian plantation featured in the movie The Notebook, and have decided on Charleston for a son and Carolina for a girl.

A few tabloids are even starting to report that they’ve seen the baby bump, but for now, Blake’s keeping the whole thing under wraps. She does admit to practicing her homemaking skills by playing chef in the kitchen. The couple share that they love to cook for themselves and hardly order out at restaurants. Blake admits that she does most of the work in the kitchen, but Ryan’s usually in charge of the grill.

“Ryan’s definitely more of the grill man than I am,” she says. “I like making the sides. Because with grilling, you have to stand there and it takes forever. But the sides, that’s where you get to put all the flavors in and all that good stuff.” What’s her favorite cookout dish? “In the summer I like anything that has brighter flavors,” Blake says. “So more greens, more fruit, things that have a little pop or kick.”

Do you think we’ll see a bump soon on Blake? Or is the gorgeous Hollywood couple still too career-focused?

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2 Responses to “Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Reportedly ‘Ready For Kids’”

  1. Michael Dus

    i had to say something… #ryanreynolds you are just driving me nuts with this "I did something wrong, I have to make myself behave" crud.

    let me tell you about a group of morons called "The Least Of The Most." I am going to #roleplay #Jesus as per myself having a serious mental illness the last 18 years (psychotic disorder/NOS} and from what I have read out of the Holy Bible (I have read it front to back twice now).

    First they were too rowdy…then they were too nice…all with the 'Forgive anyone for any crap they pull' bullstuff.

    Just like the story of #GeorgeClooney & #Fabio …I told them butt-hole kids 2,000 years ago "You thought someone called you a name (did they?) {called you a butt-hole or told you to screw off?) They smite your cheek, did it?" Face it George…he's Fabio…those girls were with him…it would upset him if they wer the type to be photo-bombing anybody but Fabio {especially if it was another celebrity) Don't you know this guy?

    …they are just shoes…give them your coat too (i.e. "My mom put my head through a wall…she stole my shoes…i want to know why she put my head through a wall…I said, 'Thank You, Mom'" and by saying thank you I just gave her my coat for stealing my shoes) …no need to start a blood bath over shoes or that some one might had called me a name when they didn't. ….(what was I always getting into trouble for? Mom always said words before my spankings but i can never remember what they were)

    I got up your duff because you were all roided out in my face about #SandraBullock…I have 0 zero sympathy or regret concerning the matter…I DO empathize however…

    You are making me sick…now you are too nice and feeling bad for things that you can never be expected to control. No one said you had to change or behave better…just pay attention a little bit from now on…be a little careful….Children seem to think they are INDESTRUCTIBLE….its not like the to think twice or "better safe than sorry" ….mostly i feel they TEST THEIR FAITH…thinking that by putting a bullet in their head they can live through it as long they believe hard enough they it won't kill them (a hole in they head)

    they try to prove they are not scared…walk down this dark alley…nothing bad will happen….what if someone might laugh at me or that I might laugh at myself?

    Worst thing about children is that they do not even know that they are children so anything short of a legitimate death threat fails to grab their full attention.

    They say, "A person only has one childhood…make the most of it."

    personally I learned last year to pee over a toilet instead of in front of one. I am a very dysfunctional person…inherently good as I am…I have a severe drug dependency.

    In A.A. they say "Have a higher power"….to me it means…"Have wisdom alike to faith and & ethics alike to morals."

    When I try to control myself trying because I want to 'do the right thing' or 'behave like a good person does'

    …It just seems best actually to let myself make mistakes….to embrace being a child and stop saying that I have to follow some kind of imaginary plan in my head that doesn't exist.

    Am I a good person?
    Do I even know what it means for a person to "behave them self?"

    I don't…and neither do you.

    Congratulations…you just learned that you are still a child and that your life is really far from over if anything it is for the first time truly beginning…

    Parent yourself from now on…all I ask is that you try to pay attention to your own bullstuff a little bit…try to be A LITTLE careful…I am not asking you to try to become Buddha g-darnit…that position has already been filled…

    besides…you don't know what kind of kid you are going to get…chances are high for anybody really that the child they have will be dysfunctional…the last thing they are going to think of is to TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES FOR THEMSELVES …but that is really what needs to happen…you think your parents rules are going to help your kid any more than it did you…or just kinda pay attention and speak openly honestly with your spouse upfront direct and straightforward (reasonably and rationally…I have spent most of my life trying to become a functional person…it is the fricken' shizznit 😉 !!! )

    p.s. Cassandra owes me an apology whether you f****** like it or not ;p

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