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WWE News: WWE Releases Several Superstars, Including One Long-Time Talent

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Every year, the WWE seems to go through what is known as “spring cleaning.” During this time, the WWE clears out their roster and releases the WWE Superstars and Divas they no longer plan to use. While the WWE tries to do this without upsetting the fans, they are also attempting to reduce expenses and increase their profits like any other business.

You may have read our report regarding WWE trying to avoid releasing talent by allowing their contracts to end. Very often, a Superstar would be released at that point, but not fired officially. It seems like the bulk of the Superstars released this week were under contract for a long time, and their contracts were simply allowed to come to an end.

The names on this year’s list make total sense to release, mainly because they have been used either sparingly or not at all.

Here is a list of the talent released so far:

Teddy Long
Curt Hawkins
Yoshi Tatsu
Brodus Clay
Evan Bourne
Drew McIntyre
Jinder Mahal
Referee Marc Harris

Most of these folks have not worked for the WWE in quite some time. Tatsu and Hawkins were relegated to WWE Superstars or Main Event, and live events, of course. Hawkins had a period when he was on TV a little over a year ago, but after his partner, Tyler Reks, left, WWE no longer needed Hawkins and he was pushed down to jobber status.

Tatsu was brought in to help WWE in their Japanese market. He did well to begin with on WWE’s revamped ECW program, but sadly, when ECW folded, there was really no room for him on RAW or SmackDown.

There are people on the list, like Camacho and Brodus Clay, who have been on the main roster, but simply did not work out. Others like Aksana were not being used much at all, and when Aksana did appear on TV, several Divas hated working with her due to how bad she was. She upset everyone a while back, when she seriously injured Naomi’s eye with a botched knee, and Naomi was forced to wear an eye patch for several weeks.

The real shocker is Evan Bourne and Drew McIntyre, since both men were able to do well in WWE. Sadly, Bourne got hurt about two years ago and stopped wrestling on TV. WWE pretty much kept him under contract for no reason, and it seems he was simply let go, not fired.

Drew and Jinder, however, may have been fired. Both he and Jinder Mahal were part of a comedic group in WWE known as 3MB. The trio was not bad and appeared together on WWE TV for several months.

We might ask why the WWE is going back to Spring Cleaning? The idea originally was to save money with the cuts, but WWE also expressed a desire to stop releasing popular talent to avoid any public backlash. It makes no sense for them to have a ‘Black Thursday’ as today is being called in the wrestling world if they are trying to keep the fans happy.

Needless to say, the WWE releasing talent is nothing new, and it isn’t unusual to see them cut people the fans like. What is surprising is the confusing internal debate about letting people go to save money or keeping them to please the public. Now, the word is the WWE could be set to release more talent, but we will have to wait and see.

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50 Responses to “WWE News: WWE Releases Several Superstars, Including One Long-Time Talent”

  1. Anonymous

    Makes no sense gettin rid of McIntryre. He is tall, the righ body type, good looking, much better on his mic skills and ring action.

  2. Razooka Joe

    My super's name is Camacho. Maybe it's the same guy.

  3. Jesse Martinez

    fire the worse ones triple h and his bitch wife there are so out dated nothing new but old stuff with them wwe and samp and not that fun to watch anymore not but old bs fire the one s that need to go steff and 3h

  4. Joe Stanley

    3MB were great. They were one of the best things about WWE. I would like to see Heath Slater do more like hold a mid card belt or something, but he'll just continue being a complete jobber.

  5. Joe Stanley

    Add JTG to that list. The only ones I'm really bummed about are Drew McIntyre and Aksana. Aksana, because she's smokin' hot and was one of the hottest divas in WWE today, along with Layla. Not a good wrestler, but very nice to look at. And Drew had potential to be somebody, he just got stuck in jobber land for so long. But I did enjoy 3MB, so it'll be sad seeing them no more. At least the One Man Band himself is still around, but for how long?? :(

  6. Trevor D. Suzor

    Triple H, love him or hate him "is Good For Business." The heel to replace Vince…Gotta cut the story lines a bit shorter. They get boring after a feud goes for more than 2 PPV…

  7. Trevor D. Suzor

    The Family of Wrestling is set, Guerraro on the other hand, we hate her, she'll stay till that voice reverberates in Vince'
    s head

  8. Trevor D. Suzor

    All the chicks in Diva land are, simply, Gorgeous. Not some spindly model for under wear or swimsuits, real chicks, with muscles and meat on their bones, so to speak…

  9. Chaz Fair

    Yeah,I'm gonna miss Aksana. Hopefully Zivile can find work somewhere else on TV so I can see her again.

  10. Josh Hampton

    Trevor D. Suzor He just got the ok to come back from the doctors. Unfortunately Flair will be back.

  11. Cris Moulder

    Flair is still with WWE lol Why do you think he came back to plug the Shield before their PPV with Evolution last month? He never left, they just dont let him on camera bc of his ties to Hogan and TNA

  12. Chuck Baker

    You forget the fact that Vince lost more then 25% of his company net worth after trying to invest in the stock market; bad idea obviously. After losing hundreds of millions of dollars, then yeah might as well cut people they don't really need anymore. So in retrospect, it makes perfect sense

  13. Bob Brady

    It's all pre scripted and I have access to find out everything that is going to happen on Raw and Smack down before it happens soooo take it all off the air no one is interested in it any more . It is all "FAKE" HHH goes bak to driving a limo and "STEPH" can go back to being the bitch she has always been , at home as well as in the ring.

  14. Fred Reed

    This is why the WWE is a terrible company. TRiple H and Stephanie have no business skills and they wonder why the fans are getting angry at them. They claim that everything they do is best for business but It's not best for business and they certainly are not what's best for business. They should have been released by Vince as running the company. Stephanie comes out all the time with an arrogant smile on her face and mocks everyone and If your gonna release superstars fine but release talent that has no talent brodus clay has more talent then most of the superstars have on the roster and as far as Vickie Guerrerro goes well she needs to go because she's arrogant, selfish, and and a spoiled brat. This company has no where to go but down and It when It does Vince will cry and say why I didn't I still ran Monday Night Raw or just the WWE. Now look my company is going bankrupt because of my stupidity and selfishness and greediness I have.

  15. Stephen Wiegman

    I blame brotus for edge's premature retirement. Im glad he got fired

  16. Jerry Thompson

    You people on here crying fire steph and Hunter are so stupid you buy there shit hook line and sinker. You think it's really up to them alone? Shane still has a hand in it and so does Vince and Linda. You, who are supposed to be grown adults, are buying into their on screen personas and gimmicks as if it were a documentary. I hear people crying "they come out all snobby blah blah blah wahhhhh" No shit stupid, it's a character and you're watching a show. The fact that you're all so upset about their characters shows just how good of a job they're doing at it.

  17. Alan Alexander


  18. Anonymous

    Wow, people watch this garbage. It's FAKE, no real fighting, all made up, and they know who wins before the match. Must be a democrat program. Nothing but lies.

  19. Anonymous

    Joe Stanley – Heath is one of my top 5 fav guys right now…he is so under-used and underrated its sickening. I was a huge Cesaro fan until they paired him with Heyman and now he sucks and gets no crowd pop anymore. Slater, Swagger, Sheamus are my favoreite 3

  20. Anonymous

    Stephen Wiegman ….he also knocked out Adrian Nevilles 4 front teeth

  21. Denny Rodgers

    Wow… Really?So you're telling me that the injuries that needed surgeries (majority),deaths(Owen Hart) and being paralyzed (Droz)is all fake and scripted. From the word of Farooq DAMN! Oh by the way even my 8 year old know's it's fake. Notice it's called WWE & the E stands for entertainment

  22. Melissa Pearson

    I dont care who they fire at this point.. I watched wresting since i was 7. I was watching it when it was still just out of Atlanta. And when WWF was formed then to WWE. I stopped watching it when they had the undertaker lose at wrestlemania.. That should have been his legacy. Now its just crap. The only reason i stopped to read this is i was curious of who they got rid of. They need new story writers, always so predictable.

  23. J Derek Mitchell

    Drew was at one time had a major push. The way they use Talent today makes NO sense. They have TWO shows but one is just like the other. They have MORE than enough Talent to use both shows effectively but Smackdown's ratings have dropped and they can't seem to figure out why. It's SIMPLE. You can watch Raw and find out everything that isn't already part of the story on Raw.

  24. Stephen Wiegman

    wfseany316 I did not know that, all the more reason to get rid of him

  25. Bill Wade

    Story lines are repeats of 10 years ago when Vince was at odds with StoneCold Would like to hear the real story behind the Undertaker and Lesnar Lesnar seems to be persona non grata

  26. Jonathan Estrada

    Sad day in wwe why release superstars that are up in coming like brudus clay and drew mclintyre both have potential same way with Camacho and kawkins. Teddy long was a big surprise same with asksana. Needs to let go people who think their all bad and know everything like Rollins hhh and orton

  27. Roberto Torres

    I think vince loved her late husband he is doing her a favor.

  28. Michael Melanson

    Broadus had nothing to do with Edges retirement.Edge had a serious back injury long before Broadus was on the wwe roster.He made a comeback for a while.But his career was ended by a legitimate back "spinal" injury.

  29. Fred Mooshy Melendez

    I can name a lot more people to get fired..wwe sucks ever since thr rovk and stone cold left..those where the days,,, youd got to work talking about the rock talkin smack and stone cold,,,WHHHAATT . now its just horrable to watch,, really why do they hold ryback down look at the difference between him and goat face.. ryback should be champ.

  30. Sharon Schawang

    It takes real talent to wrestle and not hurt anyone or get hurt. The reason there are major injuries in Fake wrestling is because people can make mistakes. Mistakes cause injuries and injuries cause death. The storylines have been fake for many years that doesn't make the matches any less fun to watch. I really hate it for those people that can get into watching fake movies and tv series and then think it's ok to make fun of some one for watching "fake" wrestling.

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