WWE News: WWE Set To Now Let Wrestler Contracts Expire Instead Of Releasing Them

Has anyone noticed that WWE has hired a lot more than fired lately? There is probably a reason for that. When Linda McMahon was running for Senate, WWE did not release any talent because they wanted to show that Linda was a job creator. While Linda had left her position with WWE before her run for office, she still was responsible along with her husband Vince McMahon in helping to make WWE a global company. Vince decided that despite the fact Linda was no longer with the company, he’d support his wife by not firing anyone.

At the time, this was a Public Relations move to help Linda’s Senate run….but WWE now has a bit more to worry about. Their stock market value has dropped and the best thing they can really do is try to save face somewhere. A good way to do that is to not release talent like before. If WWE feels that they have no use for a talent, they can simply let their contract expire and use them sparringly while they are still with WWE.

Wrestlers would then announce their departure from WWE themselves and WWE would not announce the future endeavored talent on their website or social media handles like before. This is to help downplay negativity toward the company when a talent leaves. It allows WWE to look good by letting a contract stick out and it gives talent time to look for other employment knowing they will be done soon.

It helps WWE as well by making it known that they are taking care of talent and all of the talent know they at least can be safe while under their deal. No controversial releases would happen, allowing less damage to the company from a PR standpoint if something ends badly.

WWE wants to come off well to their stock holders and potential holders as well. By showing that they are a caring company all about their workers, it would allow WWE to look good. It also helps future WWE prospects who are not sure about the company. Many can sign long-term deals knowing they are safe. That is, if WWE feels they need to sign a talent to a long-term deal.

Of course all WWE rules still apply with this new mandate. If a WWE talent breaks the WWE Drug Policy rules, they still must either be suspended or fired depending on the amount of violations they have. So a WWE Superstar or Diva can still be released under something like this, but random firings like we have seen in the past will not happen. This also explains why the WWE has done less “spring cleaning” over the years. In WWE terms, “spring cleaning” is a term used to refer to WWE’s release of several Superstars and Divas in the Spring period.

WWE stars that many have wondered about like JTG and Zack Ryder will still have a job for a while it seems. There are several superstars and even divas barely being used even at live events. Many have wondered when those people would be released, so it’s good to see that they might still have time to impress WWE enough to get a contract extension. We will have to see however.

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