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Beyonce And Jay Z Divorce: Rumors Claim Jay Z Cheated With Rita Ora, Rihanna

Beyonce And Jay Z Divorce: Rumors Claim Jay Z Cheated With Rita Ora, Rihanna

Beyonce and Jay Z are being plagued by divorce rumors after reports emerged that the rapper has had affairs with Rita Ora and Rihanna.

The couple has already been under tight scrutiny since the incident last month in which Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z in an elevator following a Met Gala after-party. Since then the divorce rumors have intensified for Beyonce and Jay Z, with new reports blaming Jay Z’s infidelity for the situation.

Though the divorce rumors have never had solid details attached, they gained enough steam in the past few months that Rita Ora responded during a visit to 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

“Don’t you dare disrespect Beyoncé like that ever again in your entire life,” Ora said in the April interview. “You should know better than that. That’s just straight-up disrespect. You can’t even go there.”

But the denial has done little to slow the divorce rumors, and Life & Style now reports that Beyonce is fed up with the lies. The report noted that Beyonce had let Jay Z slide out of trouble many times before, but got tired of his string of lies.

Sources said it was Beyonce’s anger that caused the couple to skip the Florence wedding of pal Kanye West and now-wife Kim Kardashian. It was reported that Beyonce wanted to avoid Rachel Roy, who reportedly kicked off the elevator fight after flirting with Jay Z.

But Beyonce is not the only one with doubts. There are also reports that Jay Z is angry at how close the singer has grown to her bodyguard, Julius De Boer.

“Jay definitely thinks that there was and may still be something romantic going on between Bey and Julius,” a source told MTV. “He wanted to fire Julius last February, but Beyonce said, ‘Julius isn’t going anywhere.’ ”

“They’ve spent a lot of time together behind closed doors. He’s even stayed in her hotel room,” a source added.

If Beyonce and Jay Z are headed for divorce, neither of them is letting on. The couple hasn’t spoken publicly about the reported trouble or Jay Z’s cheating, and actually just took a weekend to vacation together in the Hamptons.

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105 Responses to “Beyonce And Jay Z Divorce: Rumors Claim Jay Z Cheated With Rita Ora, Rihanna”

  1. Lea Faletti

    are we really surprised???? when you make sacrifices for personal gain "Eulb Yvi" What do you expect???

  2. Steffen Jobbs

    Some guys get all the babes. Those lucky dudes. When you got it, you got it. The ladies just can't help themselves.

  3. Terry Davis

    I suppose one could just grin and bare it as long as thinking of the $520 million dollars he's worth.

  4. Anonymous

    I can't imagine many women being interested in Gay-Z as his soup coolers are just too big.

  5. Foncha Felix

    Life is all about sacrifice. You cannot achieve without sacrificing. Remember that a sacrifice is accompanied with much paint.

  6. Jess Sumpter

    You must REALLY BE DESPERATE FOR A story. no CHEATING AND THEY ARE not getting a divorce. Just had their usual DATE NIGHT!! Will be on tour in a minute. Y'all just LOVE bullshit gossip. Who in the world would want Rhianna when they have Beyoncé?

  7. Jess Sumpter

    And for all you stupid people always talking about Jay-Z…You don't know shit about what makes a man sexy and it's not stupid talk like what you're doing and his "SOUP COOLERS" are perfect for kissing all the right places, dumb ass.

  8. Barbara Codner

    Let me keep it 100%!! Julius is tall & attractive. We would be getting it in!! I remember seeing a picture of Julius with lipstick on his lips. It was Beyoncé's lipstick. I think she has something going on there. Bey & Jay have some tit-for-tat kind of relationship. If they do divorce, it won't be any time soon.

  9. Anonymous

    Queen B, I will rescue you any day. to the left to the left.

  10. Peachy Ashford

    Just leave these people alone. And let them do their thing.

  11. Rhonda L. Bayless

    I saw that Rita Ora interview. Ya'll are on some BS and took that quote out of context completely!

  12. Naomi DeVore

    must be kissing cousins because I thought Julius and Beyoncé were cousins. C'mon these writers need to do a little fact checking before publishing these stories. JayZ probably stepped out, that is believable because they both are always working and traveling away from each other. B3y proabably have an affair or two herself.

  13. Anonymous

    Nothing NEW HERE, Just NIGGA doing what ever NIGGA is available !!!! Thats why they call each other brother and sisters for….They all have NO IDEA Who there fathers even are !!!!!.. Nigga be faithful, you would have better luck of the pope turning baptist !!!!…..

  14. Francis Laws

    This union is already over. The family dynamic on Beyoncé side is adversely effecting the relationship. Lets face the facts, if it were not for his money and connections JayZ would never have had a shot at her to begin with. His allure is who he is and women are always I want what you have. They covet, it's what they do. At least JayZ was smart and put in a prenup so she only gets 10 Mill and child support.

  15. Jason Morales

    if jay z is stupid enough to fuck rihanna or rita ora, then he does NOT deserve beyonce. that is one fuck of a solid couple. people are jealous and start rumors. stupid.

  16. Angela Williams

    I honestly don't care, but that marriage was a lucrative business arrangement. They both got paid now they will go their separate ways.

  17. Koch Jnr

    Why are you people focused on other peoples personal lives ??????

  18. Porshia Martin

    these rumors are FALSE and you guys should find something better else to talk about! they are not getting a DIVORCE and come on now Rhianna that's like his baby sister, you guys are sick man. Please find something better else to or go make up lies about another couple before Solange go HAAAAAAAM on y'all asses. lol! Jay Z and Bey are preparing for a summer tour, they about getting this bread and sitting back laughing at y'all asses and these crazy ass stories. Beyonce is not going nowhere and neither is Jay Z

  19. Valerie D. Henderson

    I don't know what to believe but there was a rumor that when Jay calabo with female artists he sleeps with them…..I wonder what Wendy Williams would say….hmmmmmmm

  20. Anonymous

    Jess, you really need to work on using caps better….. reading your comment was torture. I'm not saying don't use caps…. I'm just saying to learn how to use them.

  21. Evie Rodriguez

    Yes, but he has got money and power. For some women, they will just close their eyes and take the hit when money is involved.

  22. Anonymous

    No matter how hot a woman is, and let's face it, Beyonce is a pretty hot n1glet, there's always some guy who's sick of phukcing her.

  23. Bruce Lee Adams

    She needs a white man to take care of her, just like Halle Berry has. Just a fact folks, don't go all black and racist on me.

  24. Will Ray

    Not all women will do this.but more than you get older you will see no woman really marries for "poorer" and stays forever. Many Women seek financial potential in men as much as the gold diggers who believe they should trade themselves for your money

  25. Will Ray

    From what I know about relationships.. you have to be a special kind of person to get rich, have full access, money and sex and turn it down because you have very high morals… Jay was from a challenging street culture with its moral problems… Its their relationship..most relationships require a trade with most people but not everyone chooses this path e.g. looks for money, age for money, security for money, lol,.lol money

  26. Lilia Nunez

    Lol! I was trying to figure out what you meant by "soup coolers" then I got it. You're too funny conbenafe. :-)

  27. Jessie James

    If this is even close to be true, jay z needs to look in the mirror cause he's not going to be doing better than beyonce. oh well don't like either of their music

  28. Amanda Woo

    Rihanna is Ugly and Talentless, Beyoncé is def better looking and sounds better Live…….but I don't listen to either one of their music………I like Real Music. Not music sold b/c of Ass and Tits hanging out……….

  29. Anonymous

    Beyoncé bodyguard is not the problem; he is her protector from her husband’s brutal attacks when J is under the influence of alcohol or other substance. If Beyoncé removes her bodyguard that has protected her all these years she will be the greatest fool of all. Sometimes men even though they may love their wives have uncontrollable tempers and one too many drinks or happy drugs can cause them to go into rages behind closed doors. Every woman does not have the luxury of having a bodyguard to protect her from their husband’s attacks. Just to wake up the next day battered and husband do not remember what they did. So I do not think Jay-Z is a fool nor is Beyoncé. Jay might not like Julius her bodyguard but they both understand why. As far as Beyoncé have an affair with the bodyguard is farfetched. She really does love her husband and would do anything for him. But protecting herself is one factor I do not think she is willing to give up. Know woman what’s to wear cover make -up to always hide marks from black eyes, cut lips, finger prints around the neck, etc., its life and reality. If Beyoncé was really ready to divorce her husband everybody would know the same way she walked away from her father cold hearted and unforgiveable. She loved her dad more than anyone other than J.

  30. Sandra Campbell

    He's not handsome at all. He looks just like Joe Camel. Jay Z has money and power. Looks come third behind money and power. Money and power equals women who will cheat with him!!

  31. Bob Sheridan

    It's crazy what money does. Beautiful women banging Jay Z without the dollars would never happen. Cash is king.

  32. Peter Alan

    why is this news? those people don't know the word monogamy exists in the english language. ask them what conversate means and they're right there. just look at the filth he cheated with. if i was beyonce (no angel herself) and i was still interested in his money i wouldn't let him near me without clearance from the national institute of health.

  33. Dayton Boyd

    Ladidada………I hope they get divorced…can't stand either one of them……And their music sucks…Put a ring on it…..Sh@tty

  34. Pamela McClair

    However there are people who love someone for their heart, spirit and personality. If physical is that important to you then you are the shallow individual. I don't know Jay but he seems to appear to be a fun person to be around. I've thought this before a Beyoncé. Money clearly is not her rationale for being with him.

  35. John Betgeorge

    she needs to leave him and the illuminati and regain real control of her life.

  36. Bob Cox

    He's probably humping every woman at his record company and she's humping all her backup dancers. If they can live that way , let em. Life at the top.

  37. Charlie Nobles

    Dang Jay Z………you already up to the R's?

  38. YasashiShijin Hawkins

    I mean does it make a difference that we care or not. He will go on and so will she.Cheating only leads you to the next chapter you'll realize you let loyalty go for chasing. Money isn't nothing but a passage to hell of course its how you spend it in life. he may I am sure get another but if its Rihanna big mistake. But it is what it is with entertainers. Their just people.

  39. Lea Faletti

    you must be reading to respond to this.. ~yes??~

  40. Lea Faletti

    i haven't read anything positive about "bey" since Sasha Fierce was born have you???

  41. Andy Richardson

    You sure he cheated? LOL Just kidding a rapper cheating on his wife the hell you say that never happens. All these guys are idiots shouldn't you have learned from Tiger woods?

  42. Will Ray

    this has to be a post by a female as most men know… get the money or the power and a line around the block of the wrong kind of women will follow you to the ends of the earth and say a man needs to provide for me

  43. Cecelia Moceanu

    Beyonce is ten million times more beautiful than either of them. I can't stand this couple but she had to know eventually he would cheat. He always has.

  44. Will Ray

    if she wants a celebrity relationship this will be the of beautiful and hungry for money people

  45. Lea Faletti

    You know how dogs are attracted to piles of s**t?? Maybe that's why.. that's not love or a marriage.. this was a merger.

  46. Francis Laws

    My thing Will is that she let her sister chastise her man. If Beyoncé had a problem she should have handled it not Solange. JayZ didn't marry her. That part of the problem with these women. They are in a relationship with just the man, while He is in a relationship with her, Her mother, her sisters, certainly her girlfriends. Oprah, Dr, Phil Iyanla vanzant, Audrey Chapman or any self help book out there. When they start reading books from comedians and use them in relationships we as men are certainly doomed. Steve Harvey Think like a man act like a lady. wow. The women knows you not all of these others. they should not be in our relationships.

  47. Reta Lane

    I think I would have to be drugged to have sex with some of these beautiful women's mates. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in some cases how big the bank account is!

  48. Patricia O'donnell

    He is just plain ugly. I would not want him near me money or no money.

  49. Jesse Willhite

    told you they were dogs .always sniffing aroud…each outhers ass

  50. Ronald Redeaux

    They're young, they're rich, and they have no more worlds to conquer. Anyone who thinks these two are faithful to one another are either naive or just plain stupid.

  51. Jen Anne Ritter

    Will Ray Nope,not me. There are many of us that are not that way. More don't than you think do. :)

  52. Daniel McElhaney

    I thought these guys were living charmed lives. I guess not all that glitters is gold.

  53. Lea Faletti

    sacrifice of herself. hard work. of her own talent.. not by naming her child the Lucifer's daughter. When her daughter is confronted by someone how do you think she is gonna feel. with a name meaning that. she didn't ask for that. and DON'T tell me that was a coincidence.. IT'S CLEARLY not. and HER CHILD will suffer for HER SACRIFICES. Also the "Bey's house of Worship" REALLY.. ppl "stabbing themselves in the name of Beyonce." HOW can someone stab themselves multiple times in the chest in the middle of a "shrine" of pics of her…. omg.. this is crazy. no way how you spin this. this is a multimillion disfunction God complex family ticking time bomb.

  54. Sophie Rose

    The one thing I admire about this couple is they keep their mouths shut about private matters. Personally I think she should dump this angry man cheating or no cheating.

  55. Anonymous

    to be honest we would not be suprise. before they got marry there were rumor of his wondering eyes.
    but you know what they say money talk and they are both very weathy . of course he worth more, but
    at the end the day the money is what count in the world of money and fame/./

  56. Evelyn Moore

    even when they are married to the most talented and beautiful and famous woman, they are still not contented. Well, pigs will be pigs.

  57. Gordon Anderson

    if it's true the man is as dumb as a box of rocks.

  58. Anonymous

    who the heck is beyonce anyways?? she is very ugly inside out, she is fake inside out starting from her fake hair, she also faked her pregnancy.

  59. Leyla Abdulla

    I don't even worry about cheating in a relationship. Expecting someone to be physically attached only to you is a self-induced drama. First people demand unnatural behaviour( monogamy is not natural to our species), and then get mad nature took over. Just accept that someone you love is not your property, neither physically, nor intellectually. It's exactly this kind of selfish thinking " You are mine" that leads to jealosy, and separation based on someone's desire to have fun, every now and then. An ocasional interaction with another person does little to none damage to a marriage, if things are left only on physical level. It's the emotions that someone has to worry about: and love and sex are two entirely different matters. You can love someone without having sex with them; so you can have sex without loving someone too. Very few people are naturally monogamous, the majority of us have wondered, wanted, or enjoyed, without their spouse ever finding out. Real cheating is when you invest your love and energy somewhere else( even a job), while your spouse is depriving him/herself of same possibilities, thinking you are being true to them. SO, don't make someone say empty promises. Don't promise what you can't hold. As to the one who knows how you are- they have no right to demand your change. That's not love but egoism, to demand someone change to suit your own interests. An occasional screw does not make a relationsip. But there should be full awareness of someone's character before a relationship starts. NO demands, no expectations- that is all a ground for again, self- induced drama. Plus, you are giving the opponnent a leverage to ruin your relationship by playing the "he/she slept with me" card. Can you imagine the reaction when you answer, " I know, and it didn't mean much to us, I even know all the details". Now, that's some trust!

  60. Mark Davis

    I don't doubt the Rhianna claim, hell I bet she slept with Neil Patrick Harris as slutty and manly as she is. I am willing to bet a nice chunk of change that Chris had plenty of reason to smack this HO!

  61. Mark Davis

    Evie Rodriguez Money trumps looks any day, look at all the girls sleeping with grandpa these days.

  62. Eva Burgess

    I think Bee would do herself favor b ditching hm She is beautiful and talented and he has taken her off course

  63. Joe McPartlin

    You marry one, you're stuck with the rest of them. Imagine tying in with, let's say, Toni Braxton? What a bunch those sisters are. Don't move to Georgia, that's all i can say. And if you're wealthy, these leeches will leave you broke in no time. That elevator ride was no lie. Bey sided with her sister as her own husband was taking a beating. BETRAYAL!

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