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Robert Pattinson Starts Afresh With New Haircut


Remember those freaky Robert Pattinson dolls? They are going to need a haircut to match Robert’s new look, which debuted this weekend and involved close-cropped hair (which was also clean– double treat). Since the hair was a major issue for me (and many others, I’m sure), he’ll be attracting even more fans and keeping up that Twilight momentum as he heads into next year and New Moon.

Or will he? It sounds like the die-hard “Pattzies” are the ones happiest about the change, with E! Onlinemusing that “Without all those locks in the way, we have a better view of those eyes, those lashes, that forehead! (Cue knocking knees.)”

Check out the pics here and report back!

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7 Responses to “Robert Pattinson Starts Afresh With New Haircut”

  1. Driguerra

    Rob looks hotter!!…is that even possible?…Yikes!! it is possible

  2. Jessiica

    I drool over him. haha Just kidding. I think he is SUPER hot, haha look at him mouth looks like 1 “fang” is showing. <33Rob

  3. Paula

    I am a 40 yr. old mom of 2. my oldest son is 20,but I would'nt have any trouble getting with Rob,evan though he;s only 3 years older than my son.I would bring him home and give him my (very speacial) bathing tec. I would just use my ah ya know ah imagination come on people . If he's ever in N Y again he'll have to look me up.He wont have any problem getting laid!

  4. Kitty

    I hope he'll play in Breaking Dawn otherwise i'm not gonna watch it, it would break my heart!!

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