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Jesus Receipt Stuns Walmart Shoppers

jesus receipt

What could be more symbolic of American worship of capitalism than Jesus appearing on a Walmart receipt?

Apparently tired of appearing on toast, Cheetos and random trees, our Lord and Savior has chosen to grace a humble Walmart proof of purchase with his visage. South Carolina couple Jacob Simmons and Gentry Lee Sutherland shopped at the mega-retailer- who, may I note, is not very known for Christ-like practices- and discarded the slip of paper on the kitchen counter. After attending church on a Wednesday night, the pair went home to watch a film, only to discover the Jesus receipt when they returned.

Sutherland says:

“Right before we were about to [watch a movie] I noticed Jacob standing beside the counter. I said, ‘What’s wrong with you?'”

“He said, ‘Look at this receipt.’ I just looked at it and it looked kind of brown, and he said, ‘No, Look at it.’ So I took a second look and then I saw the face. The message we had just heard at church an hour before went through my mind.”

The story quickly went viral, attracting attention and news exposure worldwide. Sutherland continues:

“People are going to believe what they want to believe… There’s tons of people who will say, ‘Oh, we’re in the Bible Belt,’ but here’s my question to the doubters, who else has the power to put their face on a check-out receipt but Jesus?”

The Jesus receipt is still in possession of the young couple, who say they’ve mostly shared it with family and friends since the June apparition. Do you think the Jesus receipt truly shows the face of Christ, or is this just selection bias at play? Had the couple spent the evening at the movies, for instance, might they have recognized the face of Tom Cruise on the slip?

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108 Responses to “Jesus Receipt Stuns Walmart Shoppers”

  1. Craig Weimer

    A scientist might say that this is an excellent proof of randomness or chance's ability to produce complexity, given enough time. In millions of Wal-Mart reciepts you are bound to get some recognizable smudge. What amazes me is that Jesus looks exactly like Gabe Kaplan.

  2. PBBP

    I'll admit, it does look like a face. But why is it assumed that face is Jesus? It looks like Charles Manson too. Anyone with a beard, really.

  3. Shirlee Davis Colwell

    A face? Yes. Jesus? I think that is up for interpretation. Is He able to manifest on a receipt? Definitely! But still, I think it is a far fetched interpretation.

  4. Kelly Kaiser

    Of course they end the article with a smart-mouth remark. I think people should quit bashing Jesus. Why can't a family be excited that they see Jesus on a receipt without having the media 'analyze' it?
    I'm sure if it were some big celeb, they (author of article) would have less of a liberal tone throughout the article. Maybe to some people it looks like Jesus, maybe to others it doesn't. Who cares what it 'actually' looks like?
    Whomever it looks like, don't disrespect Jesus. He's done more than a lot for us, and disrespecting him is flat-out trashy and tacky.

  5. Kim LaCapria

    FYI, I am a lifelong Catholic. I think it's pretty disrespectful to Jesus to force Him onto a Walmart receipt.

  6. James Johnson

    I have to agree with Kim, I know her pretty well and she is a catholic, but should Jesus really be pushed into the "People of Walmart" category.

  7. Evelyn Ejoh

    i totally disagree with you @Kim. you can't limit the power of Jesus, He can appear on anything. he loves everyone and He decided to appear in a wal-mart receipt. so i don't get when @james says….''people of wal-mart category. Jesus loves everyone, and he can appear anywhere and everywhere he wants

  8. Anonymous

    Wow, Jesus looks a lot like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  9. Talha Ali

    Get an education. I truly pity foolish little people like you.

  10. Seth Dillon

    The belief that Jesus' face is appearing on food and walmart receipts is ridiculous. But so is your comment about randomness. Yes, randomness can generate complexity. I can type letters randomly and I'll get a "complex" string of letters, but it won't be purposeful or meaningful because it isn't information. Information involves SPECIFIED complexity, which randomness cannot and does not produce. Intelligence produces it. And no scientist has a shred of evidence that anything BUT intelligence can produce it.

  11. Gary Sedore

    Never mind the fact that no one knows what Jesus looked like. Perhaps the stylized, popular conception of Jesus' image is so pervasive in our society that any blob that looks like it has two eyes and a beard is good enough for the "faithful". Besdies, I doubt Jesus would deign to show himself on the receipt from capitalisms poster child. And yes, it does look like Charles Manson (whose image we KNOW).

  12. Gary Sedore

    There's nothing "liberal" about wanting to know the truth, is there? Oh wait, maybe there is. Conservatives seem to enjoy believing any lie told to them, as long as it agrees with their belief system.

  13. Ethan de Morhban

    Your analogy is flawed, as most analogies are. It's a poor way to argue in general, unless your goal is to set up a strawman. Your complex string of letters isn't information because it isn't being used in any way, not because it was determined randomly. If it were to be used in, for example, a genetic code, it would most certainly be information, modified over time by chance.

  14. Chris Nitkiewicz

    No, you're missing his point. Were you too type random letters on a key board you wouldn't be producing anything complex. The point of his statement was that if you typed random letters long enough, and then examined the string, you would be able to find actual words that occured randomly.

  15. Johnny Saldaña

    You should all know that receipts are carbon copy paper. So if you applied enough pressure against an indented surface it would copy itself. so maybe it was an accident or maybe the jesus cult people are stepping up their game.

  16. Miranda van Raaf

    And you're going to tell me that His face wasn't painted by someone on there? -_-

  17. Anonymous

    Could it be…Satan? and in the words of Dana Carvey….Welllllll isn't that SPECIALLL?

  18. Benjamin Green

    You're an idiot if you belief in a 'god' that is only able to appear to people in food products and on mega retailer receipts. If "he" really wants to prove himself real, why not just appear to all of us instead of pulling this cheap, parlor trick crap? Really? REALLY? Americans are f-in retarded.

  19. Benjamin Green

    Very true. This is most likely a hoax being played out by the asstards who "discovered" it. Just wait… they will wind up selling it on eBay for about $1K to some clueless moron.

  20. Jose Norombaba

    The Universe is made of Power and Mystery. One thing for certain, there's a Superhuman behind all of these. We think we know a lot or a Big Bang Theory type, but in evry single second there's creation out somewhere far beyond a human can think. This is just to remind us that we still blind-folded of GOD super technology and infinite ability or power.
    About 20 yrs ago in Clearwater, Florida, a height of 2 story bldg. glass wall Magicaly and Naturally Stained an image of Vergin Mary.

  21. Geoff Chapman

    I'm a Christian, but I think this kind of claim is plain daft – like the reports of the face of Jesus appearing on toast, rocks, fence posts, etc. For one thing, no-one knows what Jesus looked like, so it could be anyone's face, if it's a face at all that is. Actually, it's just a few smudges of ink. The human eye has a tendency to see things that aren't really there. Throw the till slip away before gullible people start queuing up to see it!

  22. Anonymous

    U was thinking more like Bin Laden… = I didn't think Jesus when I saw that receipt… they eyes look middle eastern.

  23. Daniel Rivers

    You are on the right track. Reciepts like that are not carbon copy but many of them are thermal. A lot of reciepts after time in heat go completely dark.

  24. Kyle Simmons

    No other name in the world causes so many people to get bent out of shape. That's because there is power in the name of Jesus. Christ isn't' limited, nor does He have to show himself physically to anyone. Read the Gospel…Everyone will see Him again. He's coming here or were going there, it doesn't really matter. Death is certain in this world one way or another. Seek Him while He may be found, John 11..Jesus is the resurrection and the life

  25. Anonymous

    if anybody Knew what Jesus looked like these thing might be more interesting.but any guy with long hair and a beard looks like Jesus.

  26. Lori WholovesJesus

    First of all, we don't know what Jesus looked like. I'm amazed at how ignorant people are in this country when it comes to understanding what the Bible teaches, even Christians. Even if you don't belileve in God or our Lord Jesus Christ, you should educate yourself on this subject. Jesus was a Hebrew, so if I could imagine what he would have looked like when he was alive in his human body until he left us at age 33 to go be with his father in Heaven, I would guess that he would have dark skin and look somewhat like a handsome, gentle-natured person with amazingly loving and compassionate eyes from the middle east, since that is where he grew up. People in this country want to believe he looked like a white man, but when he was alive in a human body, he was a Hebrew, a middle easterner. I'd also like to point out that he is still alive now reigning in heaven, but aware of everything we say and do all the time, and all he asks is that you find out who he is and follow him. When you do, your life will never be the same. I don't understand why people want to reject him, make fun of him, and put down people follow him, when all he wants us to do is love him and love others. What a wonderful world this would be if we could just love each other, which is his primary request from us. Jesus said in the Bible, "If you are not for me, you are against me." And, the Bible also teaches that if you are not one of his children (followers), you will be sent into outter darkness forever. You really only have two choices in this life, why would you want to make the wrong choice and spend eternity in torment, when you could have Jesus and the fruits of his Holy Spirit that he gives to all who believe – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness goodness, self control – a TRUE Christian is known by their love and their fruits. The white-man image is what Holywood and Bible story book images have portrayed of him. If you have questions about the Bible, feel free to contact me at I will also send you my free book on where we go when we die according to what the Bible teaches. God Bless!

  27. Kyle Simmons

    No other name in the world causes so many people to get bent out of shape. That's because there is power in the name of Jesus. Christ isn't' limited, nor does He have to show himself physically to anyone. Read the Gospel…Everyone will see Him again. He's coming here or were going there, it doesn't really matter. Death is certain in this world one way or another. Seek Him while He may be found, John 11..Jesus is the resurrection and the life.

  28. Bobby Sheff

    I know i spelled his last name wrong, but who F___KING CARES? THE M____F__KER"S DEAD. GO U.S.NAVY SEALS, YEAH!!!!!

  29. Anonymous

    Jesus is the guy that mows my lawn. He is real. I have seen him…probably around 10am again today…

  30. Anonymous

    That's not Jesus! That's Jesus (Hay-Soose) Manuel Garcia, a illegal immigrant from Peru. He is an artist and decided to make a statement by creating this art work.

  31. Evelyn Wright McConaha

    it's also why you never leave concert tickets in your car or glove box. Learned that one the hard way.

  32. Anonymous

    That will be the next item up for sale on ebay. And some dumbass will spend a couple grand for it. FOOLISHNESS! I think if Jesus with all the power he is supposed to have would come up with something better than printing his face on a walmart receipt. Besides wasn't he a carpenter? Every carpenter I know hates walmart cuz they're non union and hired out of state non union builders. I think he'd choose Home Depot.

  33. Stephen Abbott

    The image actually looks like a Jewish man. For a change. Still, I've had receipts like this rot before my eyes and blur the writing. I've just tossed them away. It's healthier that way.

  34. Anonymous

    Folks don' assume that the picture is Jesus if none alive today has seen Him in person!

  35. Nick Dulcich

    Hey Benjamin, why dont you have some respect. Let me give you some insight. Every knee will bend and every mouth shall confess that Jesus is Lord.
    Forget that receipt, that is just a piece of paper. Jesus died for us all. The miracles of Jesus are wonderous and his power is all encompassing. Open your heart.

  36. Anonymous

    Yep. That Jesus. Has time to put his face on toast, receipts etc., but can't find it in his loving heart to actually come to the people and meet/help them. Bet all those Haitians, Japanese, Malasians, Chileans, Darfurans who have experienced great pain and suffering are really glad to see that Jesus had the power to show himself on a receipt but didn't give a rat's as.s about their real needs. Oh! Did I forget the millions who have lost their jobs and in particular those that have ended up homeless?

  37. Anonymous

    Wal-Mart receipts are thermal imaged, and the blackening happens by heat. I've left mine in my checkbook (worn in my pocket) and in my car way too many times, and they always blacken like that. When I leave it next to stuff that has different ambient temperartures (i.e., painted &/or printed stuff, like books), they often show the rough image of whatever they were next to, very similar to what this picture shows.The effect is even more dramatic when I leave them in view of the sun, even for just an hour…whatever obstacles were between the receipt and the direct light/heat source leave their shadowy impression or lightness against a mostly-blackened receipt.

    I certainly believe in and have personally observed miracles before, but this "image" effect on a Wal-Mart receipt is so commonplace and ordinary that it cheapens the whole idea of Jesus and miracles. Come on, people! If they look around in their car or wherever this occurred, they'll find a mirror-dangle, a see-through window sticker, a book cover, a bookmark or printed memory verse card, or something else like that with a nearly identical image. Come to think of it, I think I've even seen a memory/poem card with that exact image before [and that's not what Jesus looks like anyway].

  38. Cyndy G Alexander

    Spoken like someone who doesnt know the Gospel of Jesus, but its not too late to learn more about what you speak of then maybe your cynical remarks will have a bit more umpf, and then we will all have something to "debate" about…

  39. Anonymous

    People will do absolutely anything for attention and money. What a shame.

  40. Seth Dillon

    What are you talking about? A string of random letters is very complex. Try typing it again by the same "random" process and you'll fail; the longer the string, the harder it will be to replicate because of its complexity. Do you really not know what it means for something to be complex? A string of random letters is complex by definition!

    There is, however, an enormous difference between mere complexity (a long string of letters) and specified complexity (Shakespeare's Hamlet). Randomness can produce the former; it can never produce the later.

    The eminent mathematician Gian-Carlo Rota in a book on probability wrote: "If a monkey could type one keystroke every nanosecond, the expected waiting time until the monkey types out Hamlet (just by random chance) is so long that the estimated age of the universe is insignificant by comparison… this is not a practical method for writing plays."

    Other mathematicians have calculated that for chance to produce something as short as a typical poem by Robert Frost would take on average around 10 to the 1,017th power years. The current estimate of the age of the universe lies somewhere between four and fifteen times 10 to the 9th power years.

    The reason this is important is obvious. As Richard Dawkins admits, even some of the most "simple" lifeforms have "as much information in their DNA as 1,000 Encyclopedia Britannicas."

    There is nothing scientific about the idea that information, let alone that quantity information, can be produced by randomness. We are told by some that it will inevitably happen, given enough time. But mathematicians have shown us the universe isn't old enough. Trillions upon trillions of years would have been required. Trusting or believing that randomness produced something far greater than Hamlet (our DNA) is even more absurd than believing Christ's face appeared on a receipt from Walmart. It requires the overblown imagination of a science fiction novelist and the radical faith of a religious zealot to believe in such absurdities.

  41. Miaren Crowsdaughter

    Exactly. And the receipt was left in the kitchen – anywhere near the stove or toaster oven? Not to mention, none of the images of Jesus that people are familiar with date back to the first century. As a result, no one knows what Jesus would have looked like.

  42. Jeffrey Call

    How the hell do people know what Jesus looks like? Sure there is a description in the bible but nobody knows for sure what the man looked like. It looks just like a homeless guy I see everyday.

  43. Steve A. Hogue

    The same way they know that if they don't beg for forgiveness from him that he will send them to hell. The same way they are sure you're going to hell for posting this. OOOPS that must mean I'm going with you. BYOB (not Bottle)!

  44. Anonymous

    Jesus is Satan the Morning Star, and if Christians actually read the Bible from front to back instead of BACKWARDS they'd realize that. But, instead they only read the LAST QUARTER of the Bible FIRST (New Testament), then try to understand the front of the Bible through what they think they understand about the end. Try opening the Bible to PAGE ONE and coming to the simple conclusion that ADAM AND EVE WERE NOT FIRST. The LORD God that makes Adam and Eve on the 7th day of Creation is SATAN the LORD of this World. The family lineage that starts with Adam and ends with Jesus wasn't made by God, it was made by SATAN the LORD God. That's why Isaiah 14:12 lists LUCIFER and the Morning Star, then Jesus calls himself the Morning Star all throughout the New Testament. Jesus is Satan the Morning Star!

  45. Tom Huffman

    Wasn't that in the bible, walk on water, turn water into wine and appear on a sales receipt? He has some cool super powers.

  46. Seth Dillon

    Which conclusion are you suggesting does not follow from the premise? And why doesn't it?

    It's a cop-out to offer a vague objection to someone's argument on the basis that it's fallacious without explaining why.

  47. Jesse Custer

    on the third day jesus rose from the dead, on the 192438'th day, jesus appeared on a sacred wall mart receipt.

  48. Kelly Kaiser

    Kim: If you truly know Jesus, then you'd know that He can appear wherever He pleases. He doesn't take commands from us humans and He surely doesn't respond to OUR will.
    Have we all forgotten who's in charge here?

  49. Raymond Vitale

    I agree with Christine. It looks much more like Charlie Manson.

  50. Lacey Eder

    It seems like everyone here but "me", Kim, and James forgot what a sense of humor is like. 😐 I think Jesus would appreciate a sense of humor. Especially over a freaking receipt. I think if He were to come to us, he's come to ALL of us, not to a couple on a piece of paper, or anywhere else his image has come up. Now, I don't think anyone should rain on that couple's parade and 'analyze' it, like you said..but why can't some people make a couple of harmless, sarcastic jokes without being complained at? Ugh.

  51. Kelly Kaiser

    I just don't like it when people make crude jokes over the internet. You can't tell what's sarcastic and what is not. I love Jesus and I'm going to defend him, just like if someone were making fun of my brother.

  52. Lynn Boyd

    Oh for cryin' out loud, that's not Jesus….it's just your run-of-the-mill average muslim extremist-terrorist. Wow, those religious goofs, huh? LMAO. But if they want to believe it's Jesus I guess it won't hurt anything.

  53. Zac Wasielewski

    Sorry to dredge up an old argument, but this needs clarifying. Seth, "specified complexity" has been repeatedly discredited by mainstream science. It's one of William Dembski's favorite arguments against evolution:

    And even if it was *was* a valid theory, it doesn't apply here. Craig wasn't claiming that randomness will eventually produce an image that looks exactly like Jesus, pixel-for-pixel. He was only claiming that something *similar* to an image of Jesus could be produced by randomness. Which, given the human tendency toward pareidolia (, is totally reasonable.

  54. George E. Sargent

    I know this is old but How do you know that the "Homelss Guy" you see everyday on the street isnt Jesus? Maybe you should stop and ask if his hungry, thirsty, needs help, or even a bath! This could be your test of faith within yourself? To not believe in something may cause you to fall for anything.

  55. George E. Sargent

    I aggree with most of what your saying…BUT (theres always a but) Jesus isnt lost the last time I checked.. Its not that John 11 isnt speaking correctly its that I truely believe he isnt hiding from us. You need only look within yourself. He flows through everyone and everything. The bible is merely a guide to live chosen and created by man. This is what we know..

  56. Jeffrey Call

    I'm a Pastafarian. I dont believe in Jesus. I believe a flying spaghetti monster created the universe and all that it contains.

  57. Martin Weiss

    Seth Dillon – Are you really trying to say that "God" was the intelligence that produced this receipt ? Wow. Get a clue.

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