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Facebook Error causing login problems for users


Facebook users are reporting problems logging in Sunday, with many hitting a page titled Facebook Error.

The first reports of the Facebook Error started Saturday (US time) but escalated Sunday as more users hit the screen (per the pic above).

An unconfirmed report has Facebook grappling with issues relating to the Facebook worm, “resetting some user passwords and scrubbing the service for the malicious links,” the result of which may be related to the issues.

At the time of writing, Facebook is working for me, although users on Twitter are still reporting the Facebook Error message.

If anyone knows more, leave a comment.

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49 Responses to “Facebook Error causing login problems for users”

  1. henry

    i am getting this same error message. i can access all my other websites easily. i can get on with every other source but my laptop. i am frustrateddddd.

  2. curt

    I am frustrated as well! Same exact symptoms as Henry. Laptop will not log in. I don't remember adding anyone unfamiliar to me? Does the worm work through other profiles that I already added?

  3. B. Flynn

    I can access Facebook with no problems from my laptop, but get the error message when I try from my desktop. Just yesterday I downloaded and installed an update to my ZoneAlarm security suite. Could this have something to do with it?

  4. joe

    When I tried to log onto facebook on my laptop I landed on that error page. But when I logged in on my friends laptop I was fine.

  5. cilla

    i am having the same problem, same message, cannot log in to facebook from laptop, but can on my cell. i can access other websites.

  6. Tracy

    I've had the same problem all weekend and its still doing the same this morning – anyone know what's going on?

  7. Ruby

    Google facebook error and click on the first link. It will take you to a page with a thread in which people are discussing not being able to send friend requests or something.
    It will allow you to log in at the top and then clcik on the facebook logo in the top left to get to your page.
    It worked for me anyway.

  8. Folke

    Monday 15:00 (CET) this still happens, but only for some users in Denmark.

    Allthough I found a way in via Google, leading to a debate on Facebook (some MXit or so).

  9. Molly

    It started not working for me on Saturday (for my husband too) and is still not working at 9:15 a.m. EST Monday.

  10. dawn marie

    Well, interestingly enough, I can access Facebook just fine from my laptop, but not my PC. No rhyme or reason to that one I think.

  11. Pam

    SAAAME problem. i can access through my pc at home, but now my mac laptop.. it's been like this for days! at times i can log into my profile, but if i click any other link, it doesn't load.

  12. Gerry W

    Same problem for me. I havent been able to log in to facebook and I get the same message: Sorry an error has occurred etc. Strangely, I still get email notifications of superpoke and superwall etc and can get in to Facebook from the links in the emails

  13. Global Nomad

    I can't login into facebook, WHAT AM I EVER GOING TO DO? AHHHHHHH
    I'm bugging out!

  14. Brandy

    i also can not log on from my laptop but other sites work fine i can get on from my phone though, what is going on??? i'm in facebook withdrawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  15. lucina

    hei… the same problem here. What's happening how i can fixed… Help me please..

  16. Moraq

    Its not working for me either and I'm using it in Kazakstan!!!!!!
    I've had the horses running overtime to keep the electricity running for my desktop PC to have power, but no Facebook!!!!
    Now i can't arrange any meetings with the bear hunting club and haven't heard from my prostitute sister in days.

    Chenqie Moraq¬

  17. Ted

    Glad I am not alone; I can log on with laptop at work, but at home with desk top can only view. Unable to add comments, send mail or view friends holiday pictures. Help!

  18. Dom

    Um I signed up on facebook mobile, and I can't log in with my laptop.Why is that?

  19. Renee

    I can't even get to any page at all on facebook today!!! Help…..I'm having withdrawls!

  20. shequann

    i cant acesss facebook on any computer home or at work and i work at ibm were there are like zilions of computers to acess!

  21. Polly

    Well, I am blocked from Facebook. I was on this weekend and all of a sudden, I was taken to the login page. So, I tried to log on and t said my password was wrong. After several attempts, I clicked on forgot password, which in turn took me to reset password. It sent me an email saying that my password had been reset, so I click on the link and it takes me back to the site and then tells me my email address is wrong. It's like a vicious circle. After so many times of doing this, it tells me that I have too many attempts and I can't try anymore. I have sent an email to Facebook every day and no response. This is only on my laptop at home. I can get on at my office and on my iphone. What is going on? Can someone help me fix this?

  22. Canada2

    I tried that facebook/security link and it never worked, I got this message :

    The website is too busy to show the webpage
    HTTP 408/HTTP 409
    What you can try:
    Refresh the page.

    Go back to the previous page.

    More information

    Tried to refresh and same thing!!

  23. Erik

    I have two facebook accounts, one works fine, the other logs in once every say 50 times. This has occured on any computer I've tried it on. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  24. Larry thurston

    My facebook will let me sign on . But then redirecting goes up and everthing stops!!! Can't get to my page ayt all!!!

  25. Marilyn Shepherd

    I keep getting error message and it doesn't go beyond the first orange bar when logging on, it has been the same for two day now did manage to get in this morning through a link, but it didn't last long

  26. GSB

    I'm also having the redirection situation and haven't been able to log in for a week now. I've sent a message to Facebook but it probably will go nowhere from all the things I've been reading.

  27. Thomas

    the same thing happened to me but i cant get to my real account at all, i keep getting logged into a new blank profile, and it has the same email and password as my real one, and i could search my self and friend request my self, what do i do?

  28. kelli

    is their a way for you to tell me what you did? I have the same problem that you had 2 months ago

  29. Anonymous

    I can login in no problem but as soon as I am in I get this:
    I have deleted all cookies and history from my computer but it still keeps doing it.

  30. Sandra Lilly

    I cant open my facebook account.Everytime I do it starts out like i am starting facebook.When i put in my info it says there is already an account with that name.

  31. stephan

    windows users try typ ipconfig /flushdns in run from the start menu. I guess this will fix the problem for most ppl

  32. Ashley

    When i tried typing in the web address it acted as if there was no such thing as a facebook website! As soon as I typed it in… it would go to some search engine. I juss kno i was on last night on my cell and it was working fine

  33. Joe

    It’s doing the same thing for me Ashley. It acts like the website was my idea or something. I was just on it about an hour ago

  34. Neeraj Sharma

    unable to get lo gin on Facebook, after lo gin an error page is coming every time in which everything is written on left side.can anybody help me?

  35. Mal Thornton Lonsdale

    I have not been able to get on Facebook for over a week, it will not load past the top of the page, I am in Cape Town South Africa.

  36. Govinda Dasu

    War of Word works but there is a popup that says error has occurred. Users just have to hit okay and the login works.

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