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Rihanna’s Tramp Stamps – Meet the Tattooist


Rihanna loves her tattoos. She regularly gets new tramp stamps, although to date she has kept them pretty tasteful.

So far she has a treble clef and a 16th note on her right foot, a star which is inside her left ear, a symbol of friendship behind her right ear, a cluster of stars on the back of her neck and the sshh written on the inside of her index finger. She also has a sanskrit writing down her side, which you can see on the cover of her album.

On her recent tour of Australia and New Zealand, her and Chris Brown picked up matching New Zealand tribal tattoos.

Ever wondered who her tattooist was? Wonder no more, he is a 23 year old guy who calls himself BangBang. Bangbang is the guy shown in the photograph above with Rhianna showing off her sanskrit tat.

If you are interested in BangBang’s work on Rihanna you can see more on his Myspace page. Photos page 5 will take you to the Rhianna pics.

So what I want to know is, are they a statement of individualism or are they known as tramp stamps for a reason?

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13 Responses to “Rihanna’s Tramp Stamps – Meet the Tattooist”



  2. Belle

    There is nothing “individual” about her choice of Tattoos.

  3. !

    Uhhh. Not all tattoos are “tramp stamps”. It usually refers specifically to a centered lower back tattoo. Just saying.

  4. llaa

    i agree witht he exclamation mark,
    tramp stramps are on the looooower back,
    if her tattoos are considered tramp stamps then almost every tattoo would be considered a tramp stamp

  5. Anonymous

    Writer is an idiot. A tramp stamp is not any tattoo, it is a tattoo on the lower back

  6. Amanda Ferrel

    I'm shocked that a columnist would write an article with this headline and this closing paragraph. Does Mr. Riley really not know what a 'tramp stamp' is? Obviously he has access to the web, so why use this derogatory term when it's not applicable? It's not the definition of the phrase, could be not even be loosely associated. I'm concerned that media is allowed to lack the integrity and facts that once was important to journalist. Note that Im not a tattoo advocate and I still find this article offensive. It's rude, lacking facts and a true writer would at least figure out what the f*** he was talking about before arguing with sexist words.

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