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Open Carry Rally In Texas Held To Oppose BLM Land Grab

Red River land battle

The Gathering of the American Patriot open carry rally was held in Burkburnett, Texas to draw attention to the BLM land fight going on in the Lone Star State. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Bureau of Land Management boundary dispute may cause approximately 90,000 acres of privately held land to fall into the hands of the federal government. The BLM oversees 460 million acres of federally owned land in the United States. Supporters from around the country are rallying around cattleman Tommy Henderson, much in the same manner as protesters did for Cliven Bundy and the Bundy ranch standoff in Nevada. The Come and Take it Texas group was part of the organizing team for the event.

Texas rancher Tommy Henderson, the land owner at the heart of the BLM land grab debate had this to say about the ongoing actions of the federal agency:

“How can BLM come in and say, ‘Hey, this isn’t yours.’ Even though its patented from the state, you’ve always paid taxes on it. Our family paid taxes for over 100 years on this place. We’ve got a deed to it. But yet they walked in and said it wasn’t ours. Originally, here the river was out there where it is now and it eroded and accreted up to here, and then it eroded and accreted back. Well, their interpretation is that it eroded up to here but avulsed back. So when you listen to them it is always erosion to the south because the property line follows it then, but it’s always avulsion when it goes north. So the boundary can move south but it can never move back north.”

Armed BLM agents have not arrived in Texas as they did in Bunkerville, but the issue many are calling yet another land grab by the BLM could ultimately evolve into a similar standoff. Property rights advocates from both the southern region of the state and Arizona ushered support for the Red River area ranchers during the open carry rally.

BLM land grab

Texas Republican Representative Mac Thornberry had this to say about the BLM land dispute along the Red River Oklahoma border:

“Most, if not all, of the current landowners, the county governments, and I are opposed to the expansion of control or management from BLM over lands on the Texas side of the border. Although BLM currently manages public and tribal lands in Oklahoma, we believe that BLM has no federal claim to land on the Texas side of the border along the 116 mile stretch of the Red River, especially any that are further south of the river.”

KAUZ-TV: Newschannel 6 Now | Wichita Falls, TX

Local county commissioner candidate Lee Harvey said the the open carry rally “put Washington DC on notice” regarding the heated debated over BLM management of federally owned land. According to Harvey, BLM officials told him that the taking of the Red River property is based upon precedent.

Harvey also had this to say about the Texas rally:

“This group of individuals is sending a message to Washington that says, ‘hey we’re still out here and we still have our Constitution, and we’re going to stand by it.”

Fellow county office hopeful Bill Lockwood feels that the very idea of liberty has been lost in America. The county commissioner candidate also maintains that our Founding Fathers looked at life, liberty, and property as a package deal.

Lockwood added this during the Texas open carry rally:

“We paid taxes on that land. Now they tell us it’s not ours. Well we ay we have a deed and we pay taxes. The man told me himself that a Texas deed does not trump the federal government. Because really we’re living in a time in which people have the concept that freedom from the government or that liberty is a grant of the government. But that’s not the case at all. Liberty is a grant of God and government is only there as a protection so that you might enjoy what God has already given you.”

If details about negotiates between Texas officials and BLM administrators are accurate, the land owners will not be paid a single dime for the federal seizure of 30,000 acres of land now being discussed as a compromise and an attempt to “resolve the issue.”

What do you think about the amount of land owned by the federal government in the United States and the Texas BLM land dispute?

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15 Responses to “Open Carry Rally In Texas Held To Oppose BLM Land Grab”

  1. Anonymous

    It must be nice to live in a country where you walk through daily life with your eyes wide shut!

  2. Gene Ralno

    You must not get out much. Inquisitr is a bit player and only on the internet. The Red River land grab has been widely reported for several months by The Washington Times, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, US News & World Report, NewsMax, Breitbart, The Blaze, Fox, Police News, Texas Tribune, RFD TV, Texoma's Home Page, KFOR TV, itself and a hundred others. Fact is, 98.2 percent of Texas is owned privately by individuals or the state. That leaves only 1.8 percent for the feds who wish they had a bigger share. They'd like nothing more than to turn Texas blue and this issue is only about political control. The government also has a Texas lake in its cross hairs, Lake Lavon. I understand it's a leveling body with a primary purpose of keeping Dallas supplied with sufficient water supply. Another fact is Texas is perfectly capable of managing its own water supply and sure as hell doesn't need a billion dollar federal bureaucracy to dictate more rules.

  3. Charles Bradley Thomas

    Go ahead but you might need the national gaurd, and one hell of an army blm has no rights to the land. 4th amendment rights. If you plan on going against the U.S. constitution and the texas constitution good luck but it will be a fight the federal government won't win. Don't mess with Texas or Texans for that matter.

  4. Johnny Smith

    No, Mistie, this isn't the only site reporting it. And that the best retort you can come up with…sounds like you're the light weight that won't stand up for anything in life unless YOU get something out of it.

  5. Charles Bradley Thomas

    Obviously you didn't see all of the other media that was present over the weekend. It has nothing to do with "having screws loose" it it's about the government trying to take what is yours. For example blm writes you a letter says Mistie im taking your land, house, etc. Move out….where would you and your children be if people dont help defend other Americans. It has nothing to do with guns its about whats right and wrong and why people should just allow the government to strip your rights as a citizen. With all do respect people are entitled to their own opinion. But how would you feel if that was your fathers land or a family members land that used that land to farm raise cattle etc to provide for their families.

  6. Mistie Ellington

    Charles Bradley Thomas the thing is nobody is taking their house! You fools act like a bunch of chicken littles. They are doing a study and since your rancher seems to think they're after him, what is he guilty of? No news was reported outside of your little area. The BLM didn't send armed men in cause there is nothing going on for them to be there with guns! Surveys are done so shut up militia tool.

  7. Mistie Ellington

    militia tool. Didn't you run with the crazies that murdered those in Oklahoma at the federal building? You and your ilk are just like them! There's your retort!

  8. Charles Bradley Thomas

    Mistie as I said prior its irrelevant about the house I said for example it is their property they pay taxes on it maintain it etc it belongs to them not the federal government do why should they be able to just come in and take it how is that right at all. A study on people's personal property…Really come on now 90,000 down to 30,000 is a good start but there is plenty of land already owned by the feds and other government properties they can do there study on. I am in no way a militia or any part. But if me standing up for me and my families rights means I'm a tool as you want to call me so be it. But there is a bigger picture here that the government isn't allowing to be shown. I dont know anyone up there personally nor do I care to. Just because he wants to keep what's his dose not mean he is committing a crime that's seriously sad if you truly think that way. The blm has previously sent armed men to take land from farmers and ranchers please do look it up if you dont take my word for it. What type of government forces you off your land by intimidation with weapons….Its okay for the blm but not the land owners to protect there property I do disagree. They still are attempting to seize 30,000 acres of land….they never planned on giving back, purchasing the land etc. If that was the case there wouldnt be as much of an issue.

  9. Gene Ralno

    Mistie Ellington As I said above, you must not get out much. And your comment "You can have it" is belied by your support of the BLM that seeks to take 90,000 acres from ranchers who now hold titles to it and have paid taxes on it for decades. And you exposed yourself as a lib by lowering your rhetoric to simple minded ad hominem insult. As a reminder, if the big government you seem to love can take this land, they'll soon come for yours. It's the communist way.

  10. Mike Ferguson

    Mistie Ellington from someone outside of the State of Texas, you should not have a say about who can take someone's property.

  11. Johnny Smith

    You must be unstable in the head to be making statements like that. I don't think the crazies that murdered people in Oklahoma were like me at all. Number one, i don't belong to a militia, never have , never will. I've got no use for them. I do believe in being able to protect me and my loved ones how i see fit…if you want to be a sheep be my guess, but it's not for me.

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