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Burt Reynolds Ranch To Be Turned Into A Housing Estate

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds’s ranch, or more correctly, his former ranch, is to be re-developed to allow the construction of some 30 homes on its 150 acres of land.

When Reynolds owned the ranch, he turned it into something of a tourist attraction and celebration of his career in movies. Among other things, it included a gift shop, the Burt Reynolds Museum, and a petting zoo; he even married his second wife, Loni Anderson, on the ranch. The marriage lasted five years, which was, at least, longer than his first marriage to Judy Carne, which lasted only two.

Burt Reynolds, now 78, is the son of a former Riviera Beach police chief. He started acting soon after leaving school, eventually playing small roles on TV. His movie career began in 1961 and slowly grew until he became one of the most popular stars of the 1970’s and 80’s.

Unfortunately, his on-screen success did not translate into financial security. Following a messy and expensive divorce from his second wife, and bad investment decisions in ventures that failed, he filed for bankruptcy in 1996.

Three years later the Reynolds Liquidating Trust sold his ranch to the School District for $3.85 million. Last year, the School District agreed to sell the land to developers, K. Hovnanian Jupiter LLC. On Thursday, the Palm Beach County Commission approved zoning changes needed to build the 30 new homes on the site of the Burt Reynolds ranch.

The original plan was to build a school on the site, but the new owners eventually gave up on the idea. Now, the developers are planning estate-style homes, horse-riding trails and land set aside for preservation.

County Commissioner Hal Valeche, said: “This is going to be beautiful.”

However, people living in the immediate vicinity expressed concerns that the development would cause the area to lose its rural character. Hovnanian says that it has worked with Jupiter Farms representatives to design a building plan aimed at blending in with the area.

Some 60 acres of the Reynolds Ranch are to be set aside as conservation land and nearly 2 acres are being set aside for future civic uses, which could include a fire station and a library.

The Jupiter Farms Environmental Council endorsed the compromise building plan. Its president, Susan Kennedy, said, “We are excited about some of the opportunities.”

Burt Reynolds still has many fans who prefer to remember him as he once was. He too, is no doubt reflecting back on the days when the Burt Reynolds Ranch was his home and living monument.

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5 Responses to “Burt Reynolds Ranch To Be Turned Into A Housing Estate”

  1. Bobby Litwin

    By luck, I saw one of Burt's old Crime/Cops movies, Malone, last night on Encore, and Deliverance is also on a lot this month. He's always entertaining and fun to watch, even though he appears to have a limited number of moves and dialog, like Sly Stallone. But there's so much drivel on TV at night, it's hard to locate a movie worth your couple hours before bedtime.
    Catch Burt in Stick, filmed in Atlantic City and from an Elmore Leonard book, so you know its got action and crisp crook dialog. Plus, someone gets some Subs delivered from the famous White House Sub Shop, where I went with my buddy Bill on Monday for a super Cheesesteak w/ Provolone, Raw Onions, Tomato, Mayo, and Light Hots.
    The place has been there, on the same corner, for more than 30 years before the first shovel dug for the first Casino, Resorts Interrnational, which used to be the Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel when I sold and delivered fresh bunches of Gladiolas as The Flower Kid to all the fancy Hotels on the Boardwalk early every morning, many years ago, and then would get a White House Cheesesteak wrapped in wax paper and head home on the Jitney.
    — Bobby L.

  2. Steve Egan

    My wife stood in line 8 hours and she came home at 9:00pm and said there was still a line when she left and Burt said he would not leave until everyone had a autograph or picture.Burt has a good heart and Loni and some trusted friends took advantage of him. Burt did business with a hand shake which is not possible these days with all the low life lawyers and vultures chasing people with money. Florida is a cess pool of New York, Jersey thieves who were facing prison and fled south to Florida. I lived in Florida for 15 years and lawyers, wall street gangs, bankers all prey on old people with money. Burt was screwed by these misfits. Hey Burt! still got my card I gave you 7 years ago at the Seasons 52 resturant on PGA Blvd? Steve.. My wife wants your autograph, she is from Colombia and they love you there. Like John Wayne you can never be duplicated….

  3. Patricia Calef

    His actually provided some excellent information. Yours, not so much.

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