Prom adult defends dads

Adult At Prom Defends Dads, Teen’s Dress ‘Right Below Her Butt Cheeks,’ Chaperone Says

Remember the story of Clare Ettinger, who was kicked out of her senior prom for homeschool students because a bunch of dads were glaring at her and said her prom dress caused “impure thoughts” among boys at the dance? Now another adult who was a chaperone at the Richmond, Virginia prom is speaking up to defend the dads.

Ann Duncan (pictured above) also says that Clare isn’t telling the whole truth. She deserved to be kicked out, says Duncan, because while her dress may have been regulation “fingertip length” when she entered the prom at the front door, by the time she started dancing, the prom dress was “was right below her butt cheeks.”

“It was spandex,” said Duncan. “It was very stretchy, it was riding up.”

As for the creepy dads, though Duncan did not say why a bunch of dads needed to attend their kids’ prom in the first place, she told WTVR News that they were not “ogling” Clare, as the teen claimed in a blog post that went viral worldwide.

“The words used by the young lady to describe the events were specifically chosen to debase the parents who inconvenienced her,” Duncan said. “For example, ‘ogling’ makes the dads out to be perverts, instead of concerned parents debating about the right thing to do.”

Duncan said that with 500 teens on the prom dance floor, “to even say what they were looking at would have been very difficult.”

But Clare herself, with her boyfriend James who escorted her to the prom and left when she got kicked out, got in the last word in a YouTube video in which they explain their side of the story — again.

In the video, Clare reiterates that when she was kicked out of the prom, she was told specifically that the dads voiced their concerns about her.

“When the lady kicked me out, she said the dads had complained about my dancing, and that meant that they had to have been watching me, and that just made me feel very uncomfortable,” she says in the YouTube video.

Though Clare says in the video that she does not believe that the dads were “perverts,” she didn’t understand why the dance required such a large number of adult male chaperones whose job apparently was only to monitor students’ dancing and attire.

“The dads did make me uncomfortable at the prom,” she said. “They were doing nothing except standing there and watching everybody. I don’t personally think the dads were sitting there being perverts.”

Clare says in the video that her point was not to single out the dads at the prom, but to criticize “the mentality of you have to dress a certain way because men can’t control their thoughts and actions in regards to you if you don’t.”

She also says that neither she nor her friends who walked out to support her, have yet received the refunds on their prom tickets that they were promised by prom organizers.