Viral Video Proves You Don’t Mess With An Indian Father

Since the advent of the internet and YouTube, video pranking has become very popular among the youth of India. Youngsters are trying to think of outrageous gags and elaborate plans to trick their friends and family, then video tape the mayhem that follows.

However, when an Indian youth thought of pranking his father, the plan quickly spiraled out of control, and the world got to see a lashing that is often reserved only for extreme cases.

A Delhi student’s sense of humor took a hardcore beating when he attempted to fool his father into thinking that the young man had made his girlfriend pregnant. Though he received a beating that is very rarely meted out to youngsters his age, his video recording has gone viral on the web and made him an instant celebrity.

The Delhi student named Prateek Verma taped the whole episode secretly, and the video, uploaded to YouTube, has passed one million views. In the video, Prateek first announces that he is going to play a prank on his father, saying, “Let’s see what happens.” Though Indian fathers are known to lash out physically, Prateek probably didn’t expect this high intensity reaction from the senior Verma.

After announcing his plan, Prateek proceeds to hesitantly ask his dad not to beat him up after he gives him some “bad news.” To sound convincing, he even asks his father to shut the door to the room to ensure his mother doesn’t listen to the conversation.

Thereafter, the youth spills the beans. All the while, you can see his father’s expression change from bad to worse, and as soon as the story ends, Mr. Verma starts hitting his son. A livid Sunder Verma begins to kick and punch his son as if all hell has broken loose.

Prateek initially pleads for his father to stop, but as the blows only intensify, he is left with no choice to acknowledge that it was a prank. His admission that it is all a prank thankfully coincides with the moment his father picks up a bottle with the intention of hitting his son with it and saves the young man from a potential serious injury.

A beleaguered Prateek tells his irate parent that it’s just a prank – “there’s the camera.” Although his confession stops the beating, the angry muttering continues. The video makes it extremely clear that his father must have remained angry for quite some time.

Surprisingly, the story has two potential targets. The dad calls Prateek’s girlfriend a ‘bitch’, but that might have just been the anger speaking. Nonetheless, this video will surely serve as a strong reminder for Indian youth to never prank their parents unless they have a death wish.

[Image Credit | SocioCatastropheTV]