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WWE News: Vince McMahon’s Changing Mind Affecting Triple H’s Authority

vince and his son in law having a chat

Vince McMahon is one of the best promoters in the history of entertainment. He didn’t get that way by being loose with his company. This is why seeing Vince let go is difficult. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have slowly been given power, but Vince is not ready to fully give up control.

A new report claims just that. Vince changes his mind quite often, which puts Triple H in an impossible position with WWE talent.

WWE wrestlers are becoming increasingly frustrated because they told one thing about a storyline by Triple H and later Triple H ends up having to meet with the talent yet again and explain what he told them before has been changed because of Vince McMahon. This is not good for Triple H’s rapport with the wrestlers as he has to continue to do this.

This pretty much means that everything he says is taken with a grain of salt because Vince could always change the idea later and Triple H has to inform them.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for Triple H as the WWE talents, for the most part, see him as “one of them,” and they believe that he’s also frustrated when things get changed on a dime.

WWE is smart in having Triple H run a lot of things because of the fact that he is a wrestler himself. While Stephanie has always helped the WWE in their business department, Triple H’s first job was always wrestling, and he always wanted to be just that. However, all things must come to an end, and Triple H had to find a career outside of the ring. Thus, Triple H began his role with WWE as an executive.

Triple H currently is the head of the WWE Talent Relations Department and helps with the WWE Creative Team. While he also wrestles off and on throughout the year, he is mainly doing what Vince McMahon himself used to do. He may wrestle in big authority storylines, but he is by no means asking to be put in a match each week anymore.

Triple H and the WWE are big on family, which is why the company will always be in a McMahon household. Despite what some may want in the stock market or what some may ask for internally, WWE will be a McMahon company for a very long time. Vince just needs to let go a bit more and allow Triple H to have a firm answer to give to the talent. That way problems will be resolved and WWE will be better for it.

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14 Responses to “WWE News: Vince McMahon’s Changing Mind Affecting Triple H’s Authority”

  1. Patricia Kowalczyk

    It seems the WWE tends to like looks over wrestling talent . When watching today you can hear them talking more, telling the moves and asking the other if they are ready for a move . I'm glad AJ isn't involved with the Diva's show but the show is probably helping acquire more fans. Summer Rae seems like a 100% bitch whore on the Diva show and more realistic than the wwe predictable story lines ,perhaps the Diva's show personnel should help HHH and Vince. I think the WWE is aiming the show more towards entertaining kids hence being much more predictable with less violence and sex. The pay per view gives way to more violence which the audience craves. But with a lot of money coming from toys and video games this is the better bet especially after the Benoit incident .

  2. Dwight Hipp

    The WWE should hire some people with expertise in classic literature and story writing to devise some better scripts. The story lines wrestlers devise have no rime or reason and are just thrown out there to see if it appeals to the fans. I can't believe they have not thought of this in the board rooms…..Well this is professional wrestling, and I can believe they have not thought of it.

  3. Joe Burgett

    He helped to create the Performance Center and has been the man behind the pushes of The Shield and Daniel Bryan as well as NXT itself, which is considered "Triple H's baby". He also hired most of the talent there if not all of them. So I am sorry, the man is far from a nitwit who abused steroids. Trips had always been big from the beginning. The only time he took steroids confirmed was during his injuries because Dr. James Andrews likes to have his patients use steroids to heal faster in their recovery, which medically is accurate and works for several athletes.

  4. Jacob Perilloux

    Well just cause you are banging the bosses daughter don't make you a good promoter.
    God I miss WcW

  5. David Saindon

    Joe Burgett I'm not among those who's against steroid. I feel that is the choice of the individual to sacrifice a part of their live to go more indepth in their "art". But, a major sting of major use of drug is what we call "Big Tits". Triple H does have Big Tits… Liking it or not, if he doesn't take steroid, he does take some product that had deformed that part of his body.

    But i repeat, taking drug to go more indeepth in what you do, i don't have any problem with that and it should be glofiried as a sacrifice for the goodwill of the sports!

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