WWE News: Major Internal Concern Over Daniel Bryan’s Neck Injury

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan went under the knife this past Thursday to repair a neck injury. Luckily for Bryan, his neck injury was not as bad as many originally thought. WWE was worried going in that the doctors would find more problems with him and he’d have a long recovery time. Only John Cena is bigger right now as a face in the WWE, and that can be argued in Bryan’s favor.

Many feel that Bryan is slowly taking the top man crown away from Cena, which WWE is happy about. Bryan is only a few years younger than Bryan, but Cena has been in WWE for over a decade now, working the roughest schedule of anyone in that time. While Bryan has been wrestling longer than Cena, he has not done it under the same circumstances. WWE would like to use Bryan as the top guy going forward and show him off as the new generational version of WWE.

He may not always have the same look in the future, but Bryan becoming a star was the best thing that could happen to the WWE. The problem is that everyone can get hurt doing what wrestlers do. It’s part of the price you pay for being involved in something like this. That is why the WWE had Bryan go in and get this procedure done. In the 1990’s, no one would have thought anything of it. Just another pain from the road, according to some.

Now, we know so much more about the body. WWE has doctors on their staff that go on the road with the wrestlers to events, and even surgeons that they send their talent to so they can get the best care possible. While there was nothing major found in Bryan’s neck and he is doing just fine, internally WWE does have some concern for him. The original idea was to have Bryan stay away from the WWE for a few weeks and come back at WWE’s Payback PPV.

Now, WWE sources claim that Daniel Bryan may need more time off to rest up and get back in fighting shape before coming back. The idea is that WWE could bring him back in 2-3 months and let him rest up. This would help him heal up nagging injuries, but make sure he does not hurt his neck specifically. This is a big deal for the WWE because Bryan’s wrestling style exposes his neck so often.

If he were to do one suicide dive wrong through the ropes, he could re-injure himself and he’d be back in the hospital for another surgery. Bryan is set to be at WWE RAW tomorrow in England. It is said that WWE is only having him there within days after surgery because they want to write him off TV for a while until he can return.

This is just a precaution for the WWE to protect a major asset. While it won’t be a popular decision, if the WWE plans this then it is only to make sure Daniel Bryan will be fine coming back. They can have him back by WWE’s Summerslam PPV and he will be in great condition to compete. The issue is that Bryan will have to drop the championship that he fought so hard to win and retain.

If WWE does not write him off, it is expected that Bryan will not do much at Payback but may still compete. For Bryan to go to Europe and be at RAW days after surgery, it pretty much means the WWE is planning to write him out. Otherwise, they’d simply let him rest and appear at WWE Payback like usual. We will have to see what WWE plans to do tomorrow at RAW. More as we know it.

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