Nadya Suleman also known as Octomom

Octomom Gets In Plane Argument with Kristen Johnston

Sometimes being stuck next to one screaming, abrasive child on an airplane is enough to drive many of us insane, myself included and I love children, now imagine if you were stuck to 14 problem children, that’s the situation that left actress Kristen Johnston in a row with Nadya “Octomom” Suleman aboard a flight from Los Angeles to New York.

According to The Star Johnston simply asked that Nadya make her children stay quite to which she responded:

‘How would you like me to keep eight two-year-olds quiet?’

After hearing the comment Kristen responded with:

‘Get more help!’

To which Suleman shouted back:

‘Why don’t you grow a baby and get a life.’

The flight had been delayed 2 hours and Nadya and her kids took up most of the business class section.

After landing in Los Angelese Suleman told TMZ:

‘I guess there’s some people that don’t like kids.’

According to Nadya’s spokesman:

‘While Nadya had help from her friend and two older children, it’s not easy to travel with one two-year-old, let alone eight two-year-olds on a plane.’ while adding ‘She did the best anyone could.’

I really don’t think the issue here is whether or not Kristen Johnston likes children (she may not but it’s not for anyone included Octomom to state), but rather the fact that no one likes Octomom.