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Minnesota Vikings Rumors: Blake Bortles Is Best Fit In Norv Turner Offense

With the 2014 NFL draft quickly approaching, Minnesota Vikings rumors are squarely on the quarterback position. Analysts are having a field day in a draft class of quarterbacks with a lot of potential but serious flaws. All of the talk has led to rumors of the Vikings trading their number eight pick or even passing on a quarterback in the first round.

First of all, the Minnesota Vikings rumors that suggest they are looking for something other than a quarterback in the first round seems crazy. The Vikings did not pick up the extension on Christian Ponder’s contract and are now saying that Matt Cassell is their starter. Matt Cassell is a great back up quarterback, but has proven to lack everything necessary to be an elite starting quarterback in the NFL.

There has been much talk about Johnny Manziel going to the Minnesota Vikings, primarily because he reminds Fran Tarkenton of Fran Tarkenton. Manziel is a polarizing figure in the NFL community, because teams do not know what they are getting off the field. On the field they are getting an exceptional playmaker and innovator. But the Vikings did not hire Norv Turner to draft a scrambling quarterback.

Although Norv Turner has struggled to lead his teams to playoff success as a head coach, he is highly regarded as an offensive genius. Back in a role as an offensive coordinator and with Adrian Peterson at his disposal, it seems like a no brainer that Turner will be pushing for a quarterback. And Blake Bortles is probably his man.

Minnesota Vikings rumors have surrounded the need to pick up a young quarterback as soon as possible. Some Vikings trade rumors even involved Sam Bradford, though that talk has died down in recent days. But Turner is notorious for being able to develop young quarterbacks, like Troy Aikmen in Dallas and Philip Rivers in San Diego. Blake Bortles is much more in that mold than Johnny Manziel.

Bortles is 6’5″ and 232 pounds, much more of the average quarterback height than the 6’1″ Manziel. Also, Bortles developed a reputation at UCF as an outstanding drop back passer with amazing accuracy and strength. When developing a quarterback, Blake Bortles would be a prototype. If the Raiders do not snatch him up at number five, expect Norv Turner to be rooting for the Vikings to draft Bortles. Turner can develop the biggest weakness that Blake Bortles has, inexperience.

Of course, everything will change if both Bortles and Manziel are off the board at number eight. Then the Minnesota Vikings rumors about trading their pick might come true.

[Image via Pioneer Press: Jean Pieri]