Eva Mendes Bashes Rumors Of Coke Habit, Sexy Road Trip

Eva Mendes Bashes Rumors Of Coke Habit, Sexy Road Trip

Eva Mendes is sick of the lies! The gorgeous actress says that her sexy cross-country road romp story is utter fabrication, along with her bashing of Jennifer Lopez. The journos get credit for some amazing skills in the making-up department: I wonder if any of them worked for UK Cosmo? Just kidding.

Here’s what Eva has to say:

Lie 1
When Eva headed to Cirque this past February to “proactively attend to some personal issues,” according to her rep, word went around that she had a nasty coke habit. Eva’s response:

“Well, that is completely false! Completely, completely, totally, totally false! There’s a couple of things that have been printed — so terrible! And it’s still new to me.”

Lie 2
Eva was rumored to have insulted Jennifer Lopez, saying that she concentrated on her acting while Lopez “manages her career like the head of a big corporation.” MSN Gossip claims:

Eva’s ostensible snipe got a second wind when it was recycled on several blogs in October, but she insists to Allure, “I didn’t say that! That is so awful. And I am not an idiot.”

Lie 3
Lastly, Eva supposedly took a cross-country trip and made a sexy stop in many states, eventually racking up experience in all 50. Eva’s comments:

“I supposedly told a reporter I had taken a crazy road trip when I was younger and had sex in all 50 states,” explains Mendes. “The story went on to say what my favorite states to have sex in were [note: Arizona and Colorado — you’re welcome]. I found it so upsetting. Because I have a certain image out there. And I’m responsible for that image. And I stand by it. No apologies.”