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Zayn Malik Says New One Direction Album Features ‘Different Musical Influences’

Zayn Malik believes the next One Direction album will feature an impressive number of influences.

While the next record will no doubt feature the harmonies that made the group popular in the first place, Malik believes the singers’ different taste in music will help shape the sound of the new songs. Unfortunately, it’s still unclear when the latest batch of tunes will finally pound their way across your eardrums.

“We have all got completely different musical influences. Niall listens to more guitar, rock, old school music, I listen to R&B, Harry listens to a bit of everything and then it all comes together. That’s why I think it works,” Zayn Malik recently explained.

Malik also joked that singer Louis Tomlinson doesn’t listen to anything at all. This is obviously working in the guy’s favor since he co-wrote a lot of the songs that appeared on Midnight Memories.

Zayn isn’t the only One Direction singer who recently opened up about the new album’s sound. Liam Payne, who has kept fans in a tizzy thanks to his recent posts on Twitter, also took a moment to discuss what the band is putting together.

“Every year we work hard to establish a different sound for ourselves. A lot of bands just stick to the same stuff,” Payne explained.

He continued, “We know our fans are growing up alongside us, so the kind of music we listen to is probably the kind of music they listen to as well.”

Zayn Malik and his pals will probably begin devoting all of their time to the project once they’ve finished touring in support of Midnight Memories. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singers are possibly in danger of getting kidnapped by folks in Colombia who are looking to cash in on the singers’ popularity.

Although the number of kidnappings in the region has dropped considerably over the years, One Direction’s handlers aren’t taking any risks with the fellas. The guys will likely have a battalion of security guards escorting them around during their trip to South America.

“It is no longer teeming with criminal gangs and narco-traffickers the way it was five years ago. It is still a volatile place. Risks remain for foreigners,” a source recently explained. In other words, it’s probably best not to act suspicious when you’re in close proximity to the group.

What do you think about Zayn Malik’s description of the new album? Would you like to hear different musical influences on the next One Direction record?