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Oakland Raiders to do list


The Oakland Raiders had a pretty average NFL draft this year, well maybe slightly above average. Yet, they still have a massive hole on their roster at QB. I do not believe in Jason Campbell, Bruce Gradkowski, or Kyle Boller is the answer here. While Campbell did complete nearly 60% of his passes, his 13 TD’s to 8 picks ration is a sticking point for me. It makes me think if the Raiders try to go more vertical he will continually make more mistakes as they try and stretch the field. If they have a free agency concern, it is certainly at the most important position on the field.

While they like their one two combo at running back, Michael Bush is a free agent and they could use a third option in case of injury. 2011 fourth round pick Taiwan Jones may be that guy, but they may also look to add a veteran. They also need to resign TE Zach Miller who made the Pro Bowl last year in a contract year. He is an important part of the Raider offense. The offense also has free agency issues along the O line, and they could stand to get younger there as well. Joseph Barksdale, a 2011 third round pick, will help but more work is needed.

On defense, the front seven have more than a few free agency concerns. I think Richard Seymour will ultimately resign, but there is always that chance that he will not. They did not draft a D lineman or LB this year so any upgrades or replacements will have to come via free agency. The secondary also has a few free agents, but 2011 third round pick Demarcus Van Dyke makes up for most of that.

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2 Responses to “Oakland Raiders to do list”

  1. Mark Lopez

    Joshua Lobdell your a dork! Campbell is the answer, it was his first year you moron.The Raiders also drafted Stefan Wisnewski who is projected to be the starter at center. On defense Chimdi Chekwa a speedee DB will make his prescence felt with the tutelage of Rod Woodson. Most of the Raiders freagents were signed or offered tenders so they are ahead of the game there. Nice try but no cigar!

  2. Sean Sommer

    Dude get your facts straight before you decide to write something. Next year the raiders O line will be one of the youngest in the league with Wisnewski, Veldheer, and Campbell most likely starting. Also how can your report on the state of the raiders and not know that Seymore already signed a two year deal before the lockout went into effect. You want to waste money on another running back as well? We have five of them for christsakes! Get your head straight before you vomit more idiotic opinions next time.

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