Kaz Hirai Steps Up as Chairman of SCEI, Andrew House Becomes Group CEO

Sony announced early this morning that Kazuo Hirai, current President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., is being bumped up to the SCEI Chairman effective September 1. The company’s current Chairman, Akira Sato, will be retiring from his position on August 31.

That’s not the extent of the company restructuring, though. Andrew House, the President, CEO and Co-COO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, will be taking over Hirai’s old job as President and Group CEO of SCEI. Jim Ryan, Executive Vice President and Co-COO of SCEE, will be taking over Andrew House’s soon-to-be vacant position.

Last but not least, Sony announced that Ken Kutaragi, who was given the title of ‘Honorary Chairman’ after Kaz Hirai took his job as President of SCEI back in 2006, has retired from his ‘Honorary Chairman’ position “as of June 28.”

Source: Sony (via Joystiq)

[Image credit: Markus Nass / SCED]