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Supermarket refuses to place name of child on cake. His first name is Adolf….


A couple in Holland Township, New Jersey are upset over the refusal of the local ShopRite to
personalize a cake with the name of their son.

Heath and Deborah Campbell protested the decision, saying that “ShopRite can’t even make a cake for a 3-year-old. That’s sad.”

Nothing unremarkable so far, but here’s where it gets interesting: they named their son Adolf Hitler Campbell.

Just for an extra dose of redneck racist goodness, their other two children go by the names of (and honestly we’re not making this up) JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell.

The ShopRite also refused to provide a blank cake for the parents to place little Adolf’s name on the cake as well, saying only that they “We believe the request … to inscribe a birthday wish to Adolf Hitler is inappropriate.”

The local paper some how managed to deliver a straight report, saying only that “Good names for a trio of toddlers? Heath and Deborah Campbell think so.”

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37 Responses to “Supermarket refuses to place name of child on cake. His first name is Adolf….”

  1. somepeoples

    If your too lazy to make your childs birthday cake probably best to not name it after a fascist XD

  2. Nut Jobs

    If you would re-read carefully the original article in The, you would have known Shop-Rite DID offer to make a blank cake. Nothing like passing on erroneous information.

  3. John

    Yeah, could you be responsible and change your story to match… reality?

    ShopRite offered them a Happy Birthday cake with a blank space and the FAMILY refused.

    They also then got the order finally fulfilled at, humorously enough, a Wal-Mart.

  4. Marty in Boise

    “The ShopRite also refused to provide a blank cake for the parents to place little Adolf’s name on the cake as well…”

    err…no. Reread the original article–the Shop-Rite offered to do exactly that–the idiot PARENTS refused to accept a cake without Adolf's full name.

  5. TNP

    Maybe you morons should rebuke that article, ShopRite DID in fact offer to just let the parents do the writing themselves, which they REFUSED.

  6. bizona

    Not only is the content of this article incorrect, as Nut Jobs and others pointed out, but the headline is misleading as well. It makes it seem like the supermarket refused to put “Adolf” on the cake. They refused to put “Adolf Hitler” on the cake. I would be willing to bet if the couple went to the store and asked for a cake that said “Happy Birthday Adolf” they would have gotten their cake.

    You STILL haven't corrected this article. Says a lot (nothing good) about this website.

  7. Factcheck

    Your facts are in error. They ShopRite did indeed offer them a cake which they could add the name to. Read the Express-Times original story and get the facts straight. The store doesn't deserve the negative spin. They were totally in the right. these people are idiots

  8. Haya Fawzi

    My God what a beautiful angel little Adolf is, hey I know Hitler did some awful things but that doesn't give you the right to take a kid from his parents just because you don't like the person the baby was named after that ain't abuse, so I guess that means I can't buy a German Shepard now and name it blondi, talk about censorship!

  9. Joe Sylo

    If they would of named him martin luther coon or sadam hussan obama it would be ok.

  10. Miranda Strickland Mcginnis Dunbar

    actually they took the kids from the parents because daddy up there decided he was going to punch redneck mommy in the face, infront of cute little adolf and his sisters. That is one of many reasons the children were taken. Of coarse CPS/state social workers can't comment on these articles or to reporters because children are involved so we are only hearing one side of the story. Like the parents above will never tell the media that they have a history of drug use and a criminal record to prove it. Who cares what the children's names are this is america they could name him cocksucker for all I care it's the DV and drug abuse that worries me.

  11. Timothy A Williams


  12. Rachelle Williams

    What "modern tyrant" has the full name of Barack Obama? I know that some people will jump at any chance to jab at the man, but when it gets this ridiculous I just have to wonder. . .

  13. Beverly Waugh

    ????? did u not get that….he is talkin bout the racist aspect of it….coon is a derogatory name for black ppl…and martin was a prominent black man…

  14. Pony Hibbs

    for sure I love my lord he was a jew it tacks alot off stupid peolpe in thr world to name thier kids after a killer and a control freack that tells alot for the father god called him to be head of his home and a to be a ggod father and husban to up hold his family what kind of man would make his wife call his only son afther a killer that mass killed a lot off loven people who was in the right in the frist place I tell a wacko a really messed up man adolf hitler was a crazy mess up man dude are you a man that is the same way I pray you can find the lord and ask him to forgive you and find a new name for your son and darthers "hint" josh samtha or kim cambell would be god godly names that wont get theam killed bye stupid people and thean you could save thean like ADOLF HITLER mom and dad could have save him I fell sorry for you daddy and mommy that you would do that tow 3 little belessing form our lord and savoir jeus christ god bless you I love you your brother in christ pony yellow thunder see my name is cool thank you mom and dad.

  15. Rin Bradford

    ..'awful things'…really..THAT'S how you describe Hitler..that's like saying the Crusades were 'a little messy', or that the witch-trails were 'unfortunate'..The fact of the matter is, its horrific. That Supermarket had EVERY right to refuse them service..I would have flat out punch the parents in their faces, so at least they took the high road on that one. Seriously, pick up a damn history book and educate yourself.

  16. Haya Fawzi

    what do you guys want from me exactly ?? to go on and on about the holocaust ? it happened years ago people from different religions ethnic backgrounds and races were killed throughout history, the red Indians, the Japanese The Enslavement of Africans and of course the extermination of 6 million Jews in Nazi Germany, I don't need a history lesson and I don't want to go about what Hitler did cuz that happened along time ago why talk about it then !! the whole issue here comes down to this are people allowed to name their kids Adolf Hitler ?I say why not America is all about freedom I don't have a problem with it i's just a name but I guess some minorities out there don't want us to forget about the "awful" things that happened YEARS BACK !!!!!!

  17. Haya Fawzi

    Bob Hoban I got it the old Hitler the dead one did HORRIBLE things (are you happy now?) this kid's name is not going to harm any Jewish person out there they're complaining because it's "offensive" imagine a Muslim naming his dog Jesus or a christian naming his dog Mohammed both Muslims and Christians would be offended but nothing would happen to any of the dog owners, but here they TOOK the kids because of their names this's unconstitutional you're not going to find anything in the constitution that forbids a parent from using a certain name that doesn't exists !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Haya Fawzi

    Rin Bradford I'm educated, enough with the educate yourself Cliché, I didn't kill 6 million Jews neither did this kid,I refuse to pay for the holocaust ( which is something we had nothing to do with YET people like you continue to blackmail us bout it ) with my freedom !~!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Rin Bradford

    History should never be forgotten. Freedom is a gift, not a privilege. Just because this is a country based in Freedom, doesn't mean it should be the Freedom of persecuting and terrorizing some one based on their gender, race, nationality, etc. This, is just racism and hate, not Freedom.

  20. Haya Fawzi

    a cartoon that happens to be filled with hate and stereotypes that is protected under the law by some silly excuses like "freedom of speech" who's main target is little kids yeah i think that's pretty dangerous, again you're making this personal like the rest of your fellow Americans all of you people have the same exact way of thinking process you're not saying anything new you guys are too hot headed, is it too hard for an american to just say " well, I respect your opinion but I disagree with you!" really ?!, is this your democracy ?

  21. Denise E Burton

    I do not agree with the name choice of these parents, but I do agree with their right to name their child as they please. I am sure there are other offensive names out there but no one makes an issue over them. The parents had to be aware of the flack they were going to get for this naming and my sympathy goes to that poor little boy who has to go through his life paying for his parents poor judgement. He is an innocent in this controversy and deserves better. His parents got the cake with the boy's name on it and now they need to move on. They got their 15 minutes of fame.

  22. Semira Roy

    the thing is I agree with parents having the right to name their kids what ever they want.. but this names insults the Jews people (directly or indirectly) I also read that the parents have swastikas all over their home.. now that doesn't seem so comforting.. and we also have no idea what these parents are teaching their kids at home.. No One knows.. but given the facts abt their actions, I say in my opinion they do support Nazi and they could be teaching their kids to hate the Jews. In a way, these parents could brain wash them if I'm right abt then supporting Nazi.. and I don't think these kids deserves it.. and I'm sorry but do they not realize what they will have to go through in school and how it will ruin the kids' social life while growing up. They are already having problem with the custody.. I wonder what's next… but GOOD LUCK to those poor kids..

  23. Angelee Jean

    MODERN tyrant. THAT is the difference. Barack HUSSEIN Obama's parents didn't name him intentionally after a horrible murderous tyrant dictator, the parents in THIS story DID INTENTIONALLY name all THREE of their children after a horrible, murderous, racist, tyrant dictator. They are obviously white supremacists and I would have denied them also

  24. Craig Johnson

    Ange'lee Jean I disagree with their stupidity, and their ideals, but once you start messing with this can of worms somebody may decide your brand of Christianity, or Islam, is not what kids should be taught…just saying…

  25. Kristin Danger Potter-Ramirez

    Barack Hussein Obama was born in 1961. Saddam Hussein rose to power in Iraq in 1979. So unless you have proof that Obama's parents were able to time travel for the specific purpose of bestowing a future dictator's name on their son your statement is ridiculous and off topic.

  26. Sandi Curry

    Okee-dokee, I'll spend as much money in Shop Rite as I can from now on. It's nice to know that some business has the cajones to stick to some decent down home American principles for a change. I am impressed and that's not an easy thing to do. Don't know if those commies should lose the kids but boy they should be supervised until the poor little tykes turn 18 and can get out. Of course if it's found they are brainwashing the kids, then snatch them up quick!

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