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Preteen Parents: Mother, 12 and Father, 13 Welcome 7-Pound Baby


UK has a new set of preteen parents. A 12-year-old girl has given birth this week to a 7-pound baby, according to a report by the Daily Mail. She is joined by the 13-year-old father, making the two of them the youngest parents in the country today.

The baby’s official birth was registered Tuesday by the mother and the 27-year-old grandma at the government registry in North London. The preteen parent, whose name could not be revealed due to legal issues, was reportedly excited to raise the baby with the barely-teenage father.

According to the parents of both children, the preteen parents first met each other during Christmas day of 2012, when the mother was 10 and the father was 12, and have been “totally in love” with each other ever since.

The grandparents of the baby defended the preteen parents who have been on the receiving end of harsh criticisms from netizens since the news of the mother giving birth to the 7-pound baby broke out. They say that they believe the love between the preteen parents is genuine and that they are confident that they will be able to raise their daughter well.

“The baby’s mum and dad have been in a relationship for more than year, so this isn’t a fleeting romance. They intend to stick together and bring their daughter up together.”

They also described the love the preteen mother has for the boy:

‘They’re very into each other, totally in love. She is obsessed with him. She sees this as true love. They want to get married.”

It was reported that the mother’s Grade 7 class was shocked when they learned that their classmate had a baby. According to them, the preteen mom had only left classes one month prior giving birth and did not look remotely pregnant during her stay in the school.

Another preteen couple shared the same situation in 2006 when Tressa Middleton, then also 12, gave birth to a baby in Edinburgh with her 15-year-old partner.

In 2009, Tressa’s child, who was already a toddler, was taken away for adoption after it was found shortly after she gave birth that her baby was in fact a result of rape perpetrated by her 23-year-old brother, Jake, who is currently in prison. She also miscarried her second child and has suffered from heavy alcohol and drug use.

Despite the negativity they are currently receiving from the general public, both preteen parents are determined, thanks to their own parents support, to raise the child in a warm and loving household.

[Image from Willem Vilthoven via Flickr]

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111 Responses to “Preteen Parents: Mother, 12 and Father, 13 Welcome 7-Pound Baby”

  1. Tara Dodrill

    This is disgusting. I don't think there is any shame left in the world. Charles Murray is right, as always. It is futile to attempt to fix the problems in government until we correct the morality and acceptable cultural norms in our own society first.

  2. Annie Giardino

    this is the UK..maybe they need a SEX ED. CLASS

  3. Tara Dodrill

    Sadly there are middle school kids in the US having sex, only a matter of time before it happens here, unless it already has and just not become a story. Beautiful baby but such a sad scenario.

  4. Tara Dodrill

    Sadly there are middle school kids in the US having sex, only a matter of time before it happens here, unless it already has and just not become a story. Beautiful baby but such a sad scenario.

  5. Jerri Bowman

    Tara it does happen here….had two girls in my seventh grade class have babies. Have to say they were decent people with morals…got married and raised their kids. I think both girls were with older boys and looking for love. Went to college with one of the moms….she really was an exceptional person. I know this is not what anyone wants for their son or daughter but it does happen. It doesn't mean the people are bad or don't have morals…..just human. It is frightening as a parent to think this takes place at that age. I never had a clue when I was twelve about any of that but there are some children….and I emphasize children that do.

  6. Chrystal Docker

    At 12 and 13 you don't know what real LOVE is. Puppy love, obsessions, etc. Love comes from God and takes time and patience, a child knows love for a parent, but this is ridiculous. I wish the best for these 2 kids, but don't be surprised if it doesn't end up a fairy tale.

  7. Mary Parker Bradley

    This situation is ridiculous but so is your statement. Love doesn't come from God. Honestly, I get so tired of people like you bringing God and religion into every situation.

  8. Mary Parker Bradley

    I certainly wouldn't want this for my children and thankfully they are now 19 and 21. However, as this may be wrong in today's society — and by no means do I endorse it — "children" of these ages were getting married, bearing children, etc., over a century ago and before. Amish girls are married at 15 and 16 and have children — some 5 or 6 by the time they are 21 sometimes! I wish these two good luck. She's a beautiful baby. Society will make this hard for them, however.

  9. Rebecca Robinson

    Awful im sure they love that baby but dont even kno how to take care or themselves nevermind a baby. Obviously or they wouldnt have gotten pregnant in the first place

  10. Jack Gibbs

    So why isnt the RAPIST in jail for raping a minor? WTF is wrong here????

  11. Sara Shaleen

    What's done is done and no all any of us can do is pray for these families and hope the cycle doesn't continue.

  12. Angela Marie Gendreau

    ok this is so morally wrong. personally, I'd charge both sets of parents for child abuse/child endangerment and have the baby put in state custody for condoning that of course then again her mother started yound as well not that this makes it right In fact, children learn by example so I wouldn't be surprised if the tween's child did so as well.. However, I don't agree with the case of the other teenage mom having her child taken away after they found out that it was a pregnancy by rape ( as I understood it).

  13. Grace Ferrelli

    while i agree that babies should not be raising babies bringing up God or the Bible doesnt help. Mary was a teenager when she was engaged to Joseph and had Jesus. The Bible is full of teenage moms. I understand that this way the way things were in that era but it still stands to reason that in God's eyes love knows no age.

  14. Tiffany Clark

    It is not just other places it happens here too. I have taken care of a 10 year old girl that was in labor in Florida.

  15. Sarah Sanders

    Age is nothing but a number. none of yall have any right to judge anyone! i would never wish this on my children or any other child but i definitely would support my children decisions. just because these are kids dose not mean this baby won't be loved nor cared for. yall all saying this family should be ashamed well i think yall should be ashamed of thinking yall know this family and have the right to judge them. yall negative comments makes me sick.

    p.s. go fuck ur self bitches!!

  16. Jonathan Carter

    I think with this particular screwed-up family, might as well have the new baby impregnated right away to keep up the sick tradition. Man, I hate this world we live in.

  17. Becca Andrews

    You people are so judgemental and predictible. I was 13 when I had my son, I have been with his dad for six years now and our son is happy, healthy, has everything he needs and most of what he wants. We are raising our son on our own. I am 17 now I have a great job, a place of my own and we are doing great. I don't in courage this because yes it is hard. Tons of sacrifices, dedication, and learning but its not a tragedy or the end of the damn world. Plus they have family support. No new parent knows what the are doing. Why do you people care?

  18. Patricia Kohlenbeck

    Hopefully they will do a DNA test just to make sure it wasn't mothers boyfriend. Also the grandparents would have known that they were having sex. I'm sure all generations are on welfare

  19. Jennifer Proctor

    I see a lot of negativity, although i don't want that for my child, i am glad the grand parents are letting their kids learn about life. As well hundreds of years ago that was common i wish the kids luck in their long journeys.

  20. Stacy Barron

    I was thinking that too. I can't for even a minute believe they are in love and that they will last. They don't even know what real life is yet let alone love. That child is going to suffer because of two generations of irresponsibility.

  21. Becca Andrews

    The thing I can't stand about the world these days is the hate and discusting people that have no empathy or respect. You grown ass adults have no idea how to treat another human being

  22. Stacy Barron

    I agree. I was looking forward to sleepovers, my favorite boy band, and hanging out with all my friends. I can't even begin to imagine raising a baby at 12, and I imagine the parents aren't much help since the grandmother is 27. Yikes, good luck to them

  23. Christine Hollowell

    What a disgusting thought!!!! And the baby's father (the 13yr old) just decided "yeah, I'll go along for the the story!" Of course the 13 year old is the father!

  24. Christine Newspaperseed

    Christine Hollowell Did you read the entire article? It's referencing the situation that happened with the other 13 year old who gave birth.

    'Another preteen couple shared the same situation in 2006 when Tressa Middleton, then also 12, gave birth to a baby in Edinburgh with her 15-year-old partner. Early last year, Tressa’s baby, already 7, was taken away for adoption after it was found shortly after she gave birth that her baby was in fact a result of rape perpetrated by her 23-year-old brother'

    There is no 'of course', there is always the possibility, no matter how disgusting that idea may be.

  25. Christine Hollowell

    Christine Newspaperseed Yes, I read that and so it now makes every child born to children suspect of a child molester??? All I'm saying is that just because an article references something one SHOULD NOT automatically jump on said bandwagon. What's done is done. Hope the new life breaks the cycle.

  26. Patricia McGovney McMillan

    Her childhood is gone. She should have been playing with dolls not having a baby. Didn't her mother learn from her own experience of having a child so young? Sounds like there's more there than they are saying. The 13 year old boy won't fare any better.

  27. Christine Newspaperseed

    A couple anecdotal exceptions doesn't make it okay. People care because the vast majority of extremely young parents do not stay together, are nowhere near prepared to raise children, and it's the kids who suffer for it.

    And no offence, but maybe if you hadn't had a baby at 13 you would know how to spell 'encourage' and 'deffenitly'.

  28. Christine Newspaperseed

    Christine Hollowell I don't think she was insinuating it automatically makes them a suspect (nor was I), just that they should do a DNA test as a precaution to be sure. Better safe than sorry.

  29. Christine Hollowell

    I get that you weren't…..the original commenter, I'm not so sure. However, that being said, if a DNA test proves the original commenter line "Also the grandparents would have known that they were having sex." false so be it. No one watches their 12 & 13 yr. old that closely any more. But, as you said better safe than sorry.

  30. Michaela Mallett

    Hey Christine, you shouldn't come for because for her spelling.. You know.. Since you spelled anecdotal, offense, AND definitely wrong.

  31. Christine Newspaperseed

    Michaela Mallett I spelled 'anecdotal' the exact same way you did (the correct way). 'Deffenitly' is HER spelling (from her Facebook page), thus the quotations. 'Offense' is the American spelling. I am not American, so I do not spell it that way.

  32. Nancy Porterfield

    Maybe they needed parents who were more involved in knowing where their kids were at times they did not know….Babies raising a baby??

  33. Julie Marchetti-Dailey

    I hope you continue to be happy and successful in your life and you are right that they have their parents by their sides but they are babies themselves. I pray the don't end up resenting each other and the baby. Good luck to you and your family.

  34. Christine Newspaperseed

    I did, however, spell 'encourage' correctly when I didn't mean to (habit). Fixed that.

  35. Steven Brockman

    Couples waiting to get older to get married and have babies has become the norm for us. However, this is a fairly recent thing. For centuries, girls were married off and started reproducing as soon as they could.

  36. Cassie Pata Maguire

    You can't charge anyone with abuse or endangerment…because there WAS NONE!!! They can't take the baby away either, unless they had reason to!! Just because Grandma and Mom were young, does NOT mean this little girl will get pregnant at such a young age. It's NOT hereditary….it's lack of education.

  37. Angela Marie Gendreau

    obviously neither mother EDUCATED their daughter about safety and birth control so I stand by my statement. It will happen again as per their own statements the families don't feel it is wrong so they won't raise her that way. No one said it was hereditary but kids tend to follow the example set by their parents.
    And why can't they? They took the other girl's baby over for less. And I feel it is endangerment as where did they think she was when the conception occurred? Or what did they think she was doing, playing Barbie's? If they were as aware of the relationship as they claimed, they allowed it. Love or not, my parents wouldn't have allowed me to go off with a boy like that at her age. At best, it's neglect. And for that, SHE'D be taken away from her parents in most states, not sure of the UK though. Besides, they are both way below the age of consent in most countries so it's illegal. Just my two cents. For what it's worth.

  38. Cassie Pata Maguire

    Angela Marie Gendreau Well, I still disagree with you. It's not guaranteed the baby will be a young mother, and even if she is, they don't mention anything about the Grandma hurting the Mom as she grew up. Also, how can you always know what your child is doing?? My daughter played with a boy until they were preteens, and we moved. But I didn't follow her around like a puppy just to be sure they were not doing anything wrong. We have a very open relationship, and she told me when she lost her virginity….and it was not with that boy, it was much later. A 12 year old, and a 13 year old KNOW what they are doing, and know how babies are made. They should be taught how much work and cost it is to raise a child. Neither of them are over 18, and one younger….so consent has nothing to do with it. It wasn't rape. Nobody can take that baby from her, unless her Mom makes her put it up for adoption. There is no neglect or abuse going on.

  39. Angela Marie Gendreau

    In my state, if you are under the age of 16 , whether you consented to the sex or not, your parents can file statutory rape charges without your consent or permission last time I checked. And they may not always know what they are doing. There have been kids with sever mental handicaps raped by other students/slash peers because they couldn't make a conscious decision it was wrong or even comprehend what was going on. I don't think 13 year old can fully understand or make that decision. Let alone claim she's in love him. And nowadays schools are leaning away from sex ed they may not have any clue what is going on in their bodies and how to be safe, I know some people like that because neither their parents nor the school taught them. Plus not, all children are open and honest with their parents, consider yourself lucky, some kids need more monitoring than others, not like leash or lockdown but a happy medium.

  40. Brooke Ashlie Koch

    I don't think the baby was taken away due to the rape. They mention excessive alcohol and drug use…I'm guessing that was the reason.

  41. Ross L. Ostrander

    You are a sick individual Jonathan. To think that they child should be impregnated right away is basically promoting incest. You do not know the full situation or history of this family. And by the way, if you "hate this world we live in" then do us all a favor and leave it!

  42. Yolonda Sumpter

    i don't have any room to say anything since both of my boys became fathers at the age of 18….was i happy about it hell no, thought i taught my sons better…. but i have always been there for them…my oldest is now married to the say girl 10 years and they have 3 kids now… my youngest is married to someone else and his son's mom lives with us…. we are a family….

  43. Anonymous

    Mary Parker Bradley ….you obviously have not read your bible…either that or you are just a typical atheist going straight to hell……the fact is…. GOD IS LOVE….PERIOD….how can love not come from god…. when god is love….you people are so twisted and godless in your generation….that you fail to see the big picture….oh and one more thing…what people choose to do in their own life….is none of your damn business….what business is it of yours..what those kids do…are they born for you..?..are they born to bow down to the sanctimonious material world of affluence….?….they are not here to live your life….or by your ideals….but only their own….they dont have to answer to you or anyone else for that matter……do you think people are born to please society….?…or to please you perhaps…??….or your morality…what right do you have to impose your own morality….?…the only morality they must follow is that of god's……what people do is between themselves and god only…..they only have to answer to god….not you not society….since the beginning of time…marriage and bringing forth children has been a part of life….god created it….and he once said….be fruitful and multiply….surely every parent wants their kids to enjoy their childhood….their youth….their virginity and being….self control…..prosperity….but all these things are based upon materialism and prestige….it is the very motive as to why all you people think you have a right to judge them…but it is not what life is about….as all people will find out when they die…no one has a right to judge them…that is their choice and now they will have to live with their decision….which is surely better than the decision of those who say god is a fairly tale….that person is going straight to hell….so what if that person earns himself a successful career…with a big house….lots of money to spend…nice cars…but all those things mean nothing when he finds himself in hell….so who truly is making bad decisions here…??…life is not about materialism…….it is about realizing and praising the power and glory of god which are the very things we all enjoy and wonder at…..and loving god first…then loving each other….last….then REPLICATING THIS PATTERN….from generation to generation…..this is what people are supposed to be doing…discovering love…then discovering the priorities of love…….love is greater than college…or prestige….or making a name for one self…as long as those kids later on in life find god and obey god and keep the material world last in it's proper perspective….it is better to be dirt poor and find heaven…than being rich and going to hell and damnation….so….then who cares what anyone else thinks.. because…..what you and everybody else thinks is irrelevant….god says…judge not….lest you be judged….not one person on this earth has any right to bash those kids….but instead hope that maybe some day they will see what the true priorities of life really are….and live it….

  44. Lynn Bales

    If memory serves me right , some of our parents and grandparents got married at early age. Guess what they survived !

  45. Felicia Baize

    My cousin was raped at 12. She had the baby after her mother tried to force her to have an abortion. Her mother then abandoned her at 15, moved away with a man and told her to handle it. She did. She remained in school, college, and now married and a total of 5 children, on pregnancy was with twins, and a damn good career, she is one of the best mothers I have ever known. It is possible to succeed. I just really don't understand what sounds like the mother condoning this though. She may be in love, she may have wanted a baby, but both of them are underage. They will change and grow into different people. Daddy may change his mind. Why aren't the parents being charged with neglect or something for allowing this? But considering it sounds like mom was only 14 or 15 when she had her daughter, maybe misery loves company? Crazy ass people.

  46. Felicia Baize

    Christine Newspaperseed You spelled anecdotal correctly. And at least your sentences are proper and you know when to use capital letters, unlike Ms. Mallett.

  47. Honey Panke

    So let me get this right just because someone is 13 you say its so wrong? I bet most of your grandparents, great grand parents or great great grandparents were just as young when they had their first child Becca Andrews let it roll off your shoulders I KNOW FOR FACT you and Thomas are excellent parents and I know a few more young couples who are as well and still together. Most of them yes have family support and some do not. Some have family who are there some who have died, none of that matters it's the bond and love that these parents share. PS knowing how to spell something does not matter if you had your child at 13 or 1300 that baby had no affect on that, there are plenty of people who graduated and have no kids who cannot spell well, JUST SAYING. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  48. Felicia Baize

    Grace Ferrelli, while love knows no age, the love of her mother should have been in play not to allow this to happen to the daughter. Mom was obviously young when she had her daughter, 15 or so, and knowing that struggle unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, mom should have known better. My cousin was raped at 12, raised her baby and is a phenomenal mother, better than her won was, is now married with 4 more. A few do succeed. But many do not, and unfortunately, most boys will have a change of heart. Who you are at 9 is not who you are at 12, or at 16, or at 20. People grow, and they grow apart. I hope life finds these kids well and blessed, but reality will set in soon enough. And unfortunately, this will likely repeat itself. I hope the baby doesn't learn to do the same.

  49. Marty George

    genecorpus, yep you got that right ,and the ones that walk after things of this life cannot understand the things that really matter ,in the next life it will be to late …..
    all they know is money,material,greed and me me me !!!

  50. Suzan Webb-Nater

    I so much want to be a grandma…my children are 20,22,and 31 and they tell me they aren't ready to have children yet.

  51. John Campbell

    If the cycle continues that could mean the next mother of this family could be as young as 9 or 10……and the grandma thinks this is ok….

  52. Jodie Wiggins

    They are both at fault the kids parntes should have told them not to have sex before they are ready to have sex i mean come people talk to ur damn kids about birth control for Pete sake

  53. Jennifer Thomas Taylor

    And look, they are in the news. The whole world is reading their story (shamefully, myself too). We are making them some sort of celebrity.

  54. Jennifer Thomas Taylor

    And look, they are in the news. The whole world is reading their story (shamefully, myself too). We are making them some sort of celebrity.

  55. Yvonne Goodson

    You didn't say if you or the father works? As you get older you will see how much of your young life you missed out on. Are you on welfare? Maybe that's why so many people ar against teens having babies. I hope the best for your family!

  56. Lisa Martin

    Who can say whether what they feel is true love or not? Societal norms have changed over the years, but people's feelings and instincts haven't. My grandmother was married at 13 and had 4 children by the time she was 20; she had 3 more and stayed happily married to my grandfather until he died. At least they have supportive families. That will make a big difference.

  57. Yvonne Goodson

    I agree Jerri, if she does not know now, as adults they soon learn the truth, not the fairyland. I hope the best for the baby!

  58. Audrey Marie Billips

    There is no reason a 12 year old should be in a "relationship" or having sex. They need to be worrying about homework and good grades. And sex isn't love, it's desire or an act of pleasure.

  59. Gail Elis

    Considering the grandmother had her daughter at 15, this isn't surprising. I feel sorry for the baby. I wonder at what tender age (s)he will become a parent!

  60. Margie Smms

    Did you see the grandma is only 27? Talking about they're "totally in love", she ain't even grown yet, much less her 12 year old daughter. She's gonna be a great grandma before she's 40.

  61. Leslie A. McCready

    Such ignorance from their parents. So what they've been together for a WHOLE year? And of course she's "obsessed" with him, she's 12!!

  62. Jonathan Carter

    Naturally you can't read sarcasm in text, but I was being sarcastic. Maybe I don't know the "full situation or history of this family", but I know enough. I'm not a political person but I suppose evidence shows I'm more conservative than liberal. To think the (ahem) "grandparents" are all right with this is insane.

  63. Corina Palmer Boyer

    Atleast they are saying they want to make it work! I hope people support them and don't put them down saying it will never last! Kuddos to them for what appears to be a bright future for their family.

  64. Sabrina Lee

    You'd hope that the grandmother would of wanted better for her child and not for her to go down this road. The grandmother actually thinks this is behavior is okay. I hope this baby has a chance in life and can grow up knowing that you don't have to repeat the cycle.

  65. Jimmy Bond

    The mother is 12, grandma is 27, I'm guessing great-grandma is around 40, great-great-grandma around 55, and so on…..what a great educated family.

  66. YummyCute ClothingLine

    Clearly the body is equipped for something the mind isn't. Which leaves the question of how is that even possible. If you're an evolutionist, it's taking us longer to mature than our ancestors. If you're a creationist, then it's just the signs of the time. In any case their bodies are able to do adult things that their minds aren't ready for. We could pump them full of hormones with birth control or we could try to trust them with contraceptives.

  67. Faith Smith-Maguire

    Joel Hammer just because YOU don't believe, don't bash those that do. There are no negative comments about the non-believers. This story isn't about religion, it's about parents having the brains to teach their children morals and values. But again, if you do the math, Grandma was only 15 when she had her daughter. So obviously there hasn't been morals or values taught within this family for at least two generations. And as far as your comment goes…..I would rather believe and be wrong, than not believe and be right. If you need that last sentence explained, just let me know.

  68. Anonymous

    ummm are they Gypsy's????? Because after watching them on t.v. this totally seems like something that they would view as culturally appropriate.

  69. Anonymous

    At 17yr old can not even sign a legal document. Just because you had a baby young and think it's so great doesnt make it right…

  70. Kristy McFadden

    the parents are 12 and 13? wow. Someone failed at parenting. I would be highly disappointed if my 12 year old had a baby. Babies shouldn't be having babies.

  71. Angela Marie Gendreau

    The way it is written, isn't clear. It could be taken either way as they were both mentioned at the same time so both assumptions are fair I suppose.

  72. Kimberly Vargas

    how much financial assistance do parents this age require? need I say more?

  73. Kimberly Vargas

    A 12 year old can't even get a job. Where is the funds for diapers, formula, and healthcare coming from?

  74. Kimberly Vargas

    so who paid for the clothes, diapers, formula, healthcare etc.?

  75. Joel Hammer

    Faith Smith-Maguire Again typical Christians, jut because it isnt YOUR morals means there no morals right? just because it doesnt go along with what YOU believe then it must be wrong! they obviously believe in love is love and have raised there kids up the right way rather then to judge everyone, kinda like what Some of your Book teaches yet none of its followers Follow! which why i left it Christians are the most judgemental people and hypocritical people on the planet. Learn to have respect for others even those that dont follow your own "Cycle"
    and im not Atheist im Pagan, i do believe in something just not what you do!

  76. Sue McLean

    When the word "obsessed" is use that's a red flag warning. At 12 or 13 you're not developed in mind or body, things change, people grow. Who is to say if they will make it or not? Chances are they won't …but I wish them happiness and hope for the sake of their child it all works out.

  77. Samantha Donnelly

    I don't know how you can raise a child when you're still a child yourself. You can't take care of a child when you still have to be taken care of.

  78. Joel Hammer

    Becca Andrews im so proud of you!! its such breath fresh air to see strong young people and ignoring the ways of the misguided people who judge you. people are so dumb ive seen alot more "adult parents" who dont give there kids the love they need.

  79. Anna'Bella Powers

    When I was 12 I was playing video games and outside pretending to shoot zombies, never thinking about having sex

  80. Joanna Carrisal

    If that was my daughter, she would have had an abortion. The parents of that girl and boy are all to blame.

  81. Allen Howard

    So she will be a senior when her kid is in kindergarten. Maybe they can ride the bus to school together.

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