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BLM Claims 90,000 Acres Does Not Belong To Texas, Attempts To Seize Ranch

red river BLM

The BLM removed armed federal agents from Bunkeville and near the Bundy ranch, but another possible “land grab” or range war appears to be brewing in Texas. Fellow rancher Tommy Henderson has been fighting the BLM for 30 years, and appears to be losing yet another round in the battle.

Tommy Henderson is locked in a property rights fight with the BLM. Although many students are taught in geography class that the border between Texas and Oklahoma is the Red River, the issue is far more complicated than that, according to the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM used an ongoing debate over the border to nab 140 acres of land Henderson’s failed lawsuit against the agency three decades ago.

BLM is now using the Tommy Henderson lawsuit ruling as a precedent to seize even more of his land along a 116-mile stretch of the river which the agency claims never belonged to Texas in the first place. Henderson holds a deed to the 90,000 acres, but such a legal document did not prevent him from losing the 140-acre parcel he had labored over and paid property taxes on for years.

Henderson had this to say about the emerging Red River range war in Texas:

“They’re wanting to take the boundaries that the courts placed here and extend those east and west to the forks of the river north of Vernon and east to the 98th Meridian which is about 20 miles east of us.”

If the BLM is successful in its bid to seize the 90,000 owned by the Texas rancher, it would substantially alter the boundaries between the two states. The fight boils down to the difference between avulsion and accretion. The river has moved over time and the boundary is supposed to be noted as the vegetation line along the south side of the waterway. Both states use different semantics to define the boundary, according to the Americas Freedom Fighters website. The BLM has allegedly been able to capitalize on the confusion in the bid to seize Henderson’s land. Oklahoma state statute defines avulsion in a different manner than both the United States government and Texas.

A statement from the BLM about the possible land seizure in Texas reads:

“BLM officials believe they have a responsibility to manage land they believe is federal which includes an estimated 90,000 acres along 116 miles of the Red River. If the land is found to be public, BLM officials say they have three options: leave the land open, closed, or open with limitations.”

The BLM also contends that in the Red River there is always accretion – the gradual accumulation of sediment, to the south. The federal agency also stated that avulsion, the rapid formation of a new river channel, occurs on the north side of the river. The Bureau of Land Management believes that since the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma only moves in one direction – and that direction has not favored the ranchers working the land along the Red River. If the agency is able to redraw the Red River boundary it will include Tommy Henderson’s 90,000 acre ranch. If the BLM seizes the land, claiming that is should never have been privately owned due to the boundary dispute, grazing of cattle could still be an option – but will come at a price.

Tommy Henderson also had this to say about the very real possibility of losing his ranch:

“How can BLM come in and say, ‘Hey, this isn’t yours.’ Even though its patented from the state, you’ve always paid taxes on it. Our family paid taxes for over 100 years on this place. We’ve got a deed to it. But yet they walked in and said it wasn’t ours. Originally, here the river was out there where it is now and it eroded and accreted up to here, and then it eroded and accreted back. Well, their interpretation is that it eroded up to here but avulsed back. So when you listen to them it is always erosion to the south because the property line follows it then, but it’s always avulsion when it goes north. So the boundary can move south but it can never move back north.”

A boundary change could land families who have be considered Texans for generations on the other side of the line and actually suddenly find themselves Oklahoma residents.

How do you feel about the ongoing actions by the BLM which could impact Texas ranch owned by Tommy Henderson?

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123 Responses to “BLM Claims 90,000 Acres Does Not Belong To Texas, Attempts To Seize Ranch”

  1. Clayton Jones

    You will hear the 1st shot of the 2nd civil war. The sovereign state of Texas will not give up it's land without a fight, I promise you!

  2. Don Ford

    I'm surprised that the Feds are going after Texas, the land of the cowboys and the big guns. I guess they figure if they go after the big boys and win, all the little properties they hope to steal will simply knuckle under. Again, they are hoping for a showdown to see who and where the guns are coming from. Go ahead and show your guns, but remind them that there are tons more where those came from.

    We should have thrown these crackers out of the White House when they began squatting there. While they are grabbing land in Texas, the rest of us should go down to Washington and ask for that back. This is serious stuff. Oh, and remember to take along some diamond back rattlers, so they know we mean business. A reminder NOT TO TREAD on us or these.

  3. Tara Dodrill

    If I was born of the liberal persuasion, Texas is definitely not the state I would grow up dreaming about strong arming one day that's for sure!

  4. Dave Ki

    Yeah pretty sure the feds used Bundy as a dry run to see what the response would be. They(BLM and hired guns) just pulled out a little to easily.

  5. Patrick TherealPdiddey Dailey

    do these fools not realize whom they are poking? We have the largest standing militia in the country and much like the electric chair, we are not afraid to use it!

  6. 75226

    Texans will never do anything. Where were y'all when Dallas was stealing a owners property using eminent domain for the Omni hotel? What about housing stolen at 30,000 a head for the cowboys stadium? Our land is stolen every day with eminent domain. It was designed to use for building roads but it's used to take privet land and give it to corporations. Does anyone hear stand up and fight for the land owners? No. So f-off with your "they'll get it in Texas".

  7. Marco Lebron

    Where is the Sheriff in all of this? Where is the Governor? Why hasn't Texas told the Feds to stick it where the sun don't shine? Where are the Senators standing for the people? Where are the Texas soldiers and militia? Where are all the people on this? Get moving!

  8. Karl Amundson

    Eric Lugay Haha, most of those soldiers are FROM Texas; what makes you think they'll fight against their fellow Texans?

  9. Eric Lugay

    It doesn't matter where the troops come from, don't count on them putting their states first! The Union troops came from the states and still fought rebellious states!

  10. Jim Spencer

    LOL…Tell you what Eric…come on down here and tell those TEXAS troops what they are gonna do…Ill bet Santa Anna said something similar to the same thing you just did…we are the ONLY state that was its own country before becoming a STATE…leave it to a Yankee to say something stupid like that..especially after the FEDS just cut military pay/benefits….

  11. Jim Spencer

    LOL…Tell you what Eric…come on down here and tell those TEXAS troops what they are gonna do…Ill bet Santa Anna said something similar to the same thing you just did…we are the ONLY state that was its own country before becoming a STATE…leave it to a Yankee to say something stupid like that..especially after the FEDS just cut military pay/benefits….

  12. Jim Spencer

    Eminent Domain is not the same as BLM Seizure…but I am not fond of Eminent Domain either…Texas has passed laws to prevent seizure for economic purposes only….one of the few states to do so..

  13. Jim Spencer

    Eminent Domain is not the same as BLM Seizure…but I am not fond of Eminent Domain either…Texas has passed laws to prevent seizure for economic purposes only….one of the few states to do so..

  14. Jim Spencer

    you know a guy named George in England said something like that over 200 years ago…what happened to him????

  15. Rose Hill

    All I can say is "REMEMBER THE ALAMO" we might have died in that fight but w came back and WON THE WAR so if your family has been here for 100 years and more you got that TEXAS BLOOD IN YOUR BODY and you want go own with out a fight they don't say "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS" for no reason

  16. Robin Cohea

    This is down right wrong ! Why was his family given a deed and able to earn a living on it, PAY TAXES ON IT, etcetera if if should have never been theirs?! This is beyond ridiculous & our fore fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew what was being done to this family . Atrocity !
    The title company owes he & his family BIG if this goes through! Give him back ALL tax $, $ put into the land & pay him for managing it as well as his family for years back!
    It's BS

  17. Matthew McCarson

    All of the troops, military and police are just 1 missed paycheck from being on our side.

  18. Matthew McCarson

    Pay no mind to the smug authority worshipers. The Obama voters are mentally ill people. It's like arguing with someone who has severe autism or down syndrome.

  19. Jon Ch

    Eric Lugay Why do you think it will be conventional warfare? You do realize if they attack citizens that are defending their land its domestic terrorism?

  20. Jon Ch

    Texans should just setup a few Gatling guns that pop up out of the ground remotely by electronics or hydraulically. EMPs just in case they send in something big.

  21. Jon Ch

    75226, for the simple reason that certain things make headlines and others don't. If this is catalyst to make people angry and stand up for themselves why do you care if they do it now? Its asinine to think just because they didn't do something before that they can't do something now.

  22. Jon Ch

    Eric Lugay Let me guess, since Obama is in power you're gung ho in favor of the government.

  23. Scott Gilmore

    Eric lugay why are you damning people if you are suppose t be a man of god? You are a hypocrite. If god created man in his image, and you are saying "dirty, rebellious backs" then you are also talking about god. You're a tool.

  24. Eric Lugay

    There was a civil war in this country started by folks that thought like you and that war ended in defeat for the rebels.You all won't learn!

  25. Rose Hill

    Eric Lugay the civil war wasn't what our fight was at the Alamo it was about land and people of all races fought for their right why does some people like you have to make a raciest issue out of everything this has nothing to do with that its about e government trying to take land that does not belong to them so I can say the same thing you I don't know anyone alive today that has ever owned a slave or been a slave in this country so I think that you need to get over it have you had land that our family had for 100 years or more that the worked and might I add with out slaves which seems to be your yankee problem if not then keep your damn yankee opinion to yourself

  26. Rose Hill

    Eric Lugay best just stay in yankee land where you belong

  27. Lori Dent

    Eric Lugay It's time the American people took back their rights as American citizens. I promise the government will follow if the people are willing to lead. We are indeed frustrated and tired of organizations running this country and not the people. The BLM is using bully tactics and is the one stealing, not Mr. Bundy. His family has been on that land for over 130 years. They need to back off and leave him alone.

  28. Lori Dent

    They would be rolling over in their graves if they saw how the US is currently run. Some of them warned us about this. Truman stated very clearly that we needed to be weary and aware of the military industrial complex. He knew at that time that it wasn't even the government running it but vested companies. Now we will pay in a big way for not listening. It's time to bring the power back to the people.

  29. Lori Dent

    Jon Ch You are joking right? They will never give the man a red cent. They want all of us to pay, pay, pay and then turn around and steal it all back. You do know that they want to use this land for fracking wells right?

  30. Jesse Bowman

    Eric Lugay, you speak as if you are a soldier now or a veteran. If not then do not speak of what you do not know. If you are then you will be one of the few to fight against their own people. Our oath says that we will protect the PEOPLE from threats both foreign and domestic. Do you know hat domestic means. Military will not fight against its own people. Sorry bub.

  31. Hamid Daraby

    Jesse Bowman interesting point. I've always wondered if soldiers would ever kill their own countries people. seems to be happening in other countries, i hope not here. orders are orders right?

  32. Scott Gilmore

    Eric that's the power of GOD not man. I worship no earthly man. Rulers that are a terror to evil works, must be good rulers, not evil. They are taking what isn't theirs. It has been passed high time for the US to have a good person to lead its people. And we are still waiting. But is this the kind of actions of the blm that you would support? What if it was yourself in the shoes of these people who are having their rightfully owned property taken from them? Im sure you wouldn't bend over and take it. If you say you would then you are a liar.

  33. Wesley Pinksa

    EEric, go have a chat with that rancher about his land and him being a rebel. I would bet you never leave that ranch. Do your self a favor and read up on the civil war and what it was about so the next time you comment you won't sound like a moron.

  34. Frank Wilkinson

    Eric Lugay your an idiot. If the federal govt is allowed to do this, they will be after more peoples land and homes. Possibly including yours. Grow up and look around you to see what is going on

  35. Frank Wilkinson

    Eric Lugay The Civil War was actually about the rights of states. Only a small part of it was about slavery. You have no idea what you are talking about on this. Maybe you should recheck your facts and get over the racist views you are trying to push on everyone. Imagine someone breaking into your house and taking something that has been in your family for generations, this is the same thing. Only instead of small family heirloom it is thousands of acres that has belonged to a family for generations. BTW the obama's are not what they are cracked up to be so get over it.

  36. Chris Smith

    Eric Lugay I am a Texan. Born in Houston Texas. I am also in the military. My family is actually at Ft Hood and I have served at Ft Bliss. I am a 19 year veteran. I can tell you, Bliss will do nothing, only Air Defense Artillery and William Beaumont Army Medical Center there in a desert. Regarding Fort Hood, Most of the troops stationed there are Texan. Killeen is a Military town that also serves the Texan national guard. Most of the land Fort Hood is on is private land leased by the Government. There would be no rise up from Fort Hood. It would have to come from out of the state. People would fight, and people would die, I wouldn't be happy about any deaths at all. But of any of the states Texas would be the most formidable of all 50. Texas also has a very robust State Defense Force aside from the Texas National Guard, only 26 states have an SDF and Texas has the largest one. Read your history. Texas was the only state that was it's own country once. Also Fort Hood is named in the honor of a Confederate General.

  37. Ray Sosebee

    Jon Ch Exactly! The Government can't have it Both ways!

  38. Ray Sosebee

    No Eric Lugay, Lazy Ass Ignorant liberals like you will go down in Flames!

  39. Ray Sosebee

    His opinion is pretty much what most Ignorant Black people think about the Civil War! And I might add Ignorant Liberals as well!

  40. Matthew McCarson

    Slavery still exists. It's call the penitentiary system.

  41. Ron Borden

    Why are we the people allowing yet another government entity to have domain over our lives and property? Why for that matter are we allowing government to define marriage, have an abortion, pedal race politics, or manage our healthcare, or smoke pot ? Non of these issues are covered by the constitution, and government has no right or place to infringe on our rights as free men! The next question we need to ask ourselves is "when did the BLM become a law enforcement agency"?

  42. Chris Smith

    People automatically assume they know what the civil war was about. It wasn't ONLY about slavery. Slavery was AN issue but not even the biggest one. To sum it up it was a fight about States rights trumping Federal Government's rights and the other way around. Slavery was like I said AN issue that had to do with the Government's regulation of interstate commerce. Like tobacco sales and everything else, to include slavery, States felt they had the right which trumped the Government's right, to self regulation. Everyone makes the civil war out to be racist because of slavery, that's plain untrue, deceitful, and not based on fact at all. Little known fact, the confederacy had whole divisions of slaves fighting for their cause. True story. Bottom line SLAVERY WAS WRONG, but the ideals behind states rights survive today, and have their backers. The civil war was bloody, the civil war was sad, the civil war was tragic, but the fighting was necessary. All that blood makes no one happy and only a fool harkens for conflict. But without conflict, things never change.

  43. Jose Reyes

    hey somebody snap chat wtf this faggot said and post it on the TLCP FB page and the JOTTOTS page to lol oh boy needs to learn today haha fuck him

  44. Rose Hill

    Matthew McCarson slavery is not in the penitentiary system they are there because they broke the law what planet did you come from

  45. Jeff Janousek

    Rose Hill You need to learn a bit about the US private prison systems. Companies make a profit off of keeping people in those beds instead of paroling them. Violent offenders are sent back to state and/or Paroled. Slavery by definition is owning another individual and using them to your profit. Its corporate based slavery if people are kept past their prison terms to turn a profit.

  46. Jeff Janousek

    Im also pretty surprised you aren't very informed about the Alamo…. That was the last stand of a group of well known pioneers during the Texas- Mexican war. A war where we the people used force to push another culture and sovereign nation out of their homes. It didn't happen during my lifetime so really it just sucks for them, but fighting for their rights?? You mean the right to kill and/or force other people off the lands their ancestors built up and improved? What kind of hypocritical fantasy land do you live in?

  47. Duane Savage

    Frank Wilkinson .. Let's not forget that Northern Democrats fought Lincoln over the Emancipation Proclamation.

    Now Eric Lugay, I've been reading your comments. You clearly have no grasp of history. Grab yourself a history book on Texas and read it. Then you might understand where Texans are coming from. Right now, you don't sound all that smart.

  48. Rose Hill

    Jeff don't tell me anything about Texas and her history. When family died in the Alamo and then come with Sam Houston and defeated the Mexicans. And when you pay taxes on land that has been owned by your family for generations then the land doesn't belong to the BLM. Maybe when you pay taxes someday you will understand or maybe not. As far as the private prisons are go they still did something to put them in prison Like break the law that is why they are where they are maybe someday you will understand that also or maybe not. but do I really give two cents on it wait until you hear those ice cubs clinking in hell

  49. Duane Savage

    Eric Lugay It won't be if the BLM comes in and tries to confiscate land that doesn't belong to the Federal Government.

  50. Duane Savage

    Question: What authority does the Federal Government have to occupy land within a state?

    ANSWER: Constitutionally (ARTICLE I; SECTION 8; 17), the Federal government may ONLY acquire land within a state for one of four purposes–forts, arsenals, dock-yards, and Federal buildings—and then ONLY after getting the consent of the State Legislature. There is NO authority for the Federal Government to occupy huge areas of land within a state for national forests, national parks, wilderness areas, wildlife refuge areas, etc.

  51. Michael Hicks

    Eric Lugay Yeah, go against feds in a federal court, that makes sense, I wonder who will win? What a joke…

  52. Uta Rebel

    Eric Lugay Really? You think Americans stationed in Texas or Oklahoma (both Red States) will rise up against their roommates? ROFLOL

    You didn't watch the Nevada caper this last weekend – did you?

    The War is coming – be careful of which side you choose.

  53. Robert Razzan

    Im just a NYC subway worker. I know nothing about cattle raising. But i do know what strong arming and bullying is. I also know what atealing is. This is what our government is doing to my fellow countrymen. My heart, my respect, admiration and prayers are with these ranchers. I stand with these people.

  54. Rose Hill

    I have read several ranchers are having this problem in the same area. What is the government trying to really do take Texas ???? I find it really strange that the ranchers are having the same problem when their families have owned the land for centuries and they even have deeds to prove that they own he land and have paid taxes on it for years. Does the government want to control Texans because they know than we will not turn over our guns like they are trying to do??? So they will slowly take our state from us ???? They want more than just our land you can bet on that. If anyone has had dealings with the government in any way you know that they will keep coming after you until they get what they want. I know from experience with my family land that was bought before Texas was part of the USA it was bought from Sam Houston and family that fought with him and in the Alamo (Jesse McCoy) his name is there today. So this state is dear to my heart. We are going on 6 generations of Texans and proud of it.

  55. Cindy Lou

    Robert, come on down to Texas, we'd be honored to have you stand beside us!

  56. Abby Lantier

    Will BLM put back land that is being washed away in the Bays and Gulf. No they will just take land already groomed nice . Ass holes

  57. Rob Masi

    Troops from Fort Hood and Fort Bliss are nearly Army Trained. The Marines support the people and will wipe the floor with the Army if they interfere.

  58. Rob Masi

    Big Government has been running with a sick sense of humor, so of course they go after Texas. They've already beat most of America into political correctness.

  59. Jon Ch

    Eric Lugay Yeah the courts are reliable look at the Citizens United, Obamacare, and Monsanto Rulings….They've lost their legitimacy and so has this govt. What you're basically saying is we're being occupied and to not try anything against our oppressors. As far as the Army taking orders to kill civilians, expect mutinies.

  60. Aaron Baucum

    Chris Smith Lincoln wanted Lee to be the union General but he turned it down in to serve his state. Grant was then chosen.

  61. Pete Dudenhefer

    Eric Lugay -troops will not fire on americans-None of the troops have any respect or use for this admin-and even if they would try to enforce this stupidity-the american militia is 50 million strong and well armed

  62. Mark Zylstra

    I am a Washington State resident who is currently in Austin, TX looking for work. I am just wondering if we are going to do something about this? Just like what happened in Nevada, I am sickened by our failing government. Are we going to form a militia to stop this or we just going to let them take it? What is the plan?

  63. David Galyon

    If there is an issue over the border between Texas and Oklahoma, I'm quite sure the two states can hash it out between the two of them, peaceably. Feds need not apply.

  64. Daniel Tourtillott

    Eric lugay when you join the military you swear a oath to protect citizens not to turn your gun on what might be your mother brother friend or father. Your blinded by racism that's what drives your ignorant statements.

  65. Daniel Tourtillott

    Hamid Darby I can guarantee our boys would turn the gun on obama. Plus all you gotta do is arrest him a walla no violence. A coup and a return to our constitution that has been eroded.

  66. Clay Davis

    Eric Lugay – Hope you're right there in the front line you sonofabitch. One day, if you actually do grow up, you'll realize what a chump and bootlicker you are now. What makes you think the troops wouldn't be on our side anyway????

  67. Clay Davis

    Eric Lugay – Anything the gov. does is ok then? the Tuskegee experiment? Was that ok?

  68. Clay Davis

    there are groups who are going to do something about it.

  69. Wendy Coulter

    Eric Lugay Eric its funny, because even the government is not so confident, Sure Harry and Rory Reid are still ranting like Jack offs, which is about typical of Harry and Rory cause they are two jack offs, but they still backed down to the Militia on the whole Bundy thing, and gave back the cattle, and why do you think they did that, instead of going along like every other thing like this? Because the people are getting increasingly disgusted, and the people includes many of those folks in the Military , on top of this many of those same people are well armed.

  70. Aaron Baucum

    Wendy Coulter I think its time we called upon our militia and walked on Washington. No matter what you vote or try to do in the legal democratic way they will do only what THEY want. To make a change is to clean the slate, and bring back the people. I took an oath in the military and I took an oath when i was a Texas Deputy Sheriff. You give me a general of the people and I will stand with him.

  71. William Evener

    Eric Lugay and you sir are a total moron. Do you realize just how many militia there are in the US…I do not think you do. Do you realize that there is no soldier in their rite mind that will turn a gun on his own family nor is there a general or admiral that will ever order a strike on his home town. There is a reason the right to bear arms is in the constitution and it is not meant for hunting. Have you ever taken the oath? Well I have, and I have served my country for eight years.

  72. Rob Masi

    Eric, you make me ashamed to say I'm from NJ. If a civil war erupts, I hope you still have the balls to keep this up. I'd love to meet you.

  73. Richard StJohn

    I'm glad they picked Texas instead of new york or california. People in Texas have a proud history of independence. I doubt they'll put up with this federal bullshit. But even if this guy turns out to be willing to just say okay and leave, rather unlikely, the rest of us have a stake in this too. When property deeds suddenly mean nothing, when the courts allow a rouge agency to steal from the people, when the tactics used against the people are so inherently wrong that they threaten our entire way of life they leave us no choice. This will very likely result in armed conflict and rightfully so. This sounds like a third world banana republic type event. How can America see itself as the leader of the free world if we allow our government to bully us out of what we earned? I see Obama's hope and change. It disgusts me. one wildcard in this game. Ted Cruz. I expect upon learning of this he will take some meaningful action. unlike the Governor of Nevada.

  74. Richard StJohn

    I think this is a corporate power play to get total control of the food supply. Get rid of the ranchers and Monsanto will be the dominant force in America. Just a thought.

  75. Jeff Janousek

    Rose Hill Uh hu. I think the taxes I pay are probably more than you make in a year. Nice ignorant response. Let me know if you come up with anything constructive.

  76. Jeff Janousek

    and for the record, in this case I believe the BLM is using a loophole to screw these guys over. They have a land deed. It actually is their property. They really should have gotten the land assayed using a stable landmark (if that was an option). This is where the militia should have been, not with the Bundy assholes.

  77. Bo Porter

    Eric Lugay You forget we have a State Army NOT under he influence of the Federal Government. Also, it is illegal for ANY US Military to fire on domestic inhabitants. That's why NO Army could be used in the Bundy case. It is also illegal for any federal agent to move into a state and act unilaterally. The Constitution states that they must use state law enforcement. THAT will not happen in this state. You need to try and get an education.

  78. Bradley Bond

    Clayton Jones is correct. Texan's won't just yield land to the Federal government. They will go after the easier target once they realize how nasty it will be to mess with Texas.

  79. Ben Butler

    Eric Lugay Huh I always thought the U.S. military fought for our freedom not against it. Didn't you take an oath to uphold the constitution and to protect the American people? If you are military? Kind of sounds like a statement a Hitler youth would make.

  80. Dimitrios Ding

    Eric lugay. What looney toons are you from? And with what power will you put this so called rebelious in to flames? Liberals and dems have no weapons after Berry called for them, you shiple geave them away. Millitary will not be used against its own citizens, its against the law, pluss no soldier will follow that order (the oath is to constitution and its people not government) I served for 8 years trust me I know, and o yea did you know that 495 out of 500 top millitary brass disendorsed Obama? Pluss the gov is cuting on Millitary pay because the cant pay for they welfare state regime and so on so forth. Stop drinking that Obama cool aid.

  81. Henry Martin III

    we outnumber them and many that would fight against them are the military they trained…the government is scared. as they should be. personally i will wait to shoot them till they start rounding people up for the FEMA camps…

  82. Sean Grabbe

    What about when Bush was part owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team. They created a quasi govt entity to force emminent domain on a ranch that was over a hundred years old—-all to put the new rangers stadium on………ranch was lost and the owners have still not been compensated with the amount they were promised to this day……dont hear crap from anybody about it……………nobody up in arms……I guess cause hes conservative republican………………

  83. Kris Stanley

    Is that Eric guy serious??? I just PCSd from hood a month ago and I promise not a single person I knew there would fire upon US citizens lol people are ignorant as hell.

  84. Dale DeVito


  85. Frank Ramirez

    The revolution had to start sometime, too bad young ignorant cannon fodder like Eric Lugay are willing to die on orders to open fire on his own people. I don't expect our military to act as one unified front to attack American civilians. Too bad there are so many trigger-happy mercs who have sold out corporate interest (Xe) that are willing to do that very thing without hesitation. It's going to be a fun side of American history that hopefully the next generation won't be suppressed in learning.

  86. Frank Ramirez

    Eric Lugay You're such an ignorant hypocrite you quote the bible then stand on the side of forced military action, that's bad comedy. Let me guess you're against abortion but you favor war? I hope your not too disappointed about your afterlife. Youth is definitely wasted on the young.

  87. Frank Ramirez

    Says the guy who is too cowardly to hide behind a number for his pic because he has no balls to show his real face or name. Nobody values your comment 75226! Pot calling the kettle……

  88. Ray Paulk

    Eric Lugay Blow me Eric as you can see I am A troop from TEXAS come see me, I will clear you personally…. REALLY. I hate Trolls especially
    Yankee Trolls. You are a C/S TROLL

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