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Your Bra May Be Killing You – Scientists Call For Boycott Of Komen

Boycott Komen Over Bra?

The bra/breast cancer connection is a thing of myth, according to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the American Cancer Society (ACS). But at least five research studies have shown that there IS a strong connection between breast cancer and bra wearing for many hours per day. Some scientists are calling for a boycott of Komen and the ACS, because they say this cover-up is costing lives.

The problem with bras, according to medical anthropologists Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, is that they restrict the flow of lymphatic fluid, thereby retaining toxins in the breast that have nowhere to go. They compare it to the feet and ankle swelling that occurs on long flights, because the lymphatic fluid pools in the lower extremities and isn’t allowed to circulate.

Singer and Grismaijer, co-authors of Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras, say that wearing a bra more than 12 hours a day dramatically increases the risk of getting breast cancer. A woman who wears a bra 24/7 is 125 times more likely to develop breast cancer than a woman who rarely or never wears a bra. Those who sleep in their bra, they found, have a 75% chance of developing breast cancer at some point in their lives.

Harvard did a study in 1991 that showed greatly increased incidence in breast cancer in those who wear bras over those who don’t.

This research has been shown to the Susan G. Komen Foundation as well as the American Cancer Society, and they have been aware of the research for at least 20 years. There are no studies that refute this. Yet nowhere in their information about breast cancer is there as much as a mention that taking off one’s bra at the end of the day can make a difference. That omission of information is what has Singer and Grismaijer so frustrated. It is why they are “calling for a boycott of these organizations until they stop dismissing the bra-cancer link, and begin educating doctors and women about the cancer hazards of wearing tight bras.”

Sleeping Without Bra May Reduce Breast Cancer

Even limiting the wearing of tight bras can make a difference. Women who wear a bra more than 12 hours, but not to bed, have an one in seven risk of breast cancer, but wearing it less than 12 hours reduces her risk to one in 152, while cutting it out completely carries a one in 168 risk. Midwife Lisa Goldstein recommends that women take off the bra when they get home and massage the tissue that has been compressed to get the lymphatic fluids flowing properly.

Komen and the ACS could use some of their money to research this connection further, and possibly spare millions of women, yet they have chosen to cover up the research and stone-wall those who try to inform the public. While many of the Komen Foundation’s executives earn six-figure salaries, little or no money goes to research or educate the public about simple things that can make a huge difference. The Inquistr has reported that one Komen CEO was paid a salary of $417,000 in 2010.

It is notable, also, that many studies have linked breastfeeding with up to a 50% reduction in breast cancer, yet nowhere do the pink public service announcements and fund-raising campaigns tell young women this valuable information. La Leche League is the organization that has been responsible for getting that information out, but their budget is tiny compared to the deep pockets of Komen and the ACA.

Singer and Grismaijer have a suggestion beyond the boycott. They propose that “whenever the ACS or Komen Foundation ask for a donation, send them your bra, instead! This will give them the message, and help you prevent breast cancer at the same time.”

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114 Responses to “Your Bra May Be Killing You – Scientists Call For Boycott Of Komen”

  1. Elizabeth Kay

    where does the fact that so many women wear bras that fit badly fit in? if you wear a properly fitted and styled bra, does it reduce the compression effect thus lessening your chances for breast cancer?

  2. Terri LaPoint

    None of the research I found made any differentiation. It's a good question, and I hope someone will study that aspect of it. They haven't yet.

  3. Terri LaPoint

    According to the article by Scientific American, "the notion of a correlation between wearing a bra and breast cancer DOES NOT APPEAR to hold up," (emphasis mine). Singer and Grismaijer argue that there are zero studies that show that the correlation between breast cancer and bras does not hold up, and several studies, not only their own, that DO show the correlation. Syd Singer called for the boycott on April 4, very recently, based on his continuing research on the subject. He and other scientists continue to assert the correlation. When 3 out of 4 women who wear a bra 24/7 get breast cancer, this is information that people need to be aware of.

  4. Richelle Kimble

    Does the research show anything about larger breasted women vs smaller breasted ones? I would imagine that with more tissue (larger) its more likely and those would be the ones wearing bras more often for the support.

  5. Caitlin E. Lowry-Shegog

    The irony is that because I breast feed my son, and have done so for the past 20 months, I have to wear a bra of some sort 24/7 in order to avoid puddles forming in my bed, while I sleep.

  6. Weylin Morris

    I like how they throw in the "too tight" criteria 6 paragraphs into the article. What is their criteria for "too tight"?They state statistics but don't tell you who, where, how, when, or what. There isn't a single link to any of the "studies", but there is a link to how much a CEO made one year a while back?

    How many women participated? What was the criteria for the bras. How did they verify how long women were actually wearing bras that were too tight? Does this include sports bras? Is this more because women don't know how to size their bras or just wearing any bra? How long did they follow participants? Was there a control group? What is the margin of error? Did the size of the women's breast matter?

    I have trained myself to ask these questions before giving any validity to an article. Unfortunately not everyone does and this kind of mis-information pseudo science is very irresponsible and the author should be ashamed. It's obvious they have an agenda and a resentment towards these other organizations for reasons other than their refusal to jump on the band wagon without any credible research. Please people, do your own research before passing along worthless articles such as this one.

  7. Kim TheBeautiful Clemence

    Can you provide links to the research you are citing? I would like to read the actual studies to determine its validity for myself. So I can be truly informed.

  8. The Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease


    1991 Harvard study (CC Hsieh, D Trichopoulos (1991). Breast size, handedness and breast cancer risk. European Journal of Cancer and Clinical Oncology 27(2):131-135.). This study found that, “Premenopausal women who do not wear bras had half the risk of breast cancer compared with bra users…”

    1991-93 U.S. Bra and Breast Cancer Study by Singer and Grismaijer, published in Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras (Avery/Penguin Putnam, 1995; ISCD Press, 2005). Found that bra-free women have about the same incidence of breast cancer as men. 24/7 bra wearing increases incidence over 100 times that of a bra-free woman.

    Singer and Grismaijer did a follow-up study in Fiji, published in Get It Off! (ISCD Press, 2000). Found 24 case histories of breast cancer in a culture where half the women are bra-free. The women getting breast cancer were all wearing bras. Given women with the same genetics and diet and living in the same village, the ones getting breast disease were the ones wearing bras for work.

    A 2009 Chinese study (Zhang AQ, Xia JH, Wang Q, Li WP, Xu J, Chen ZY, Yang JM (2009). [Risk factors of breast cancer in women in Guangdong and the countermeasures]. In Chinese. Nan Fang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao. 2009 Jul;29(7):1451-3.) found that NOT sleeping in a bra was protective against breast cancer, lowering the risk 60%.

    2011 a study was published, in Spanish, confirming that bras are causing breast disease and cancer. It found that underwired and push-up bras are the most harmful, but any bra that leaves red marks or indentations may cause disease.



  9. Terri LaPoint – by clicking on "medical anthropologist"
    Click on "compare" to take you to this scientist's information:
    Click "scientists are calling for a boycott" to go to an article written by Sydney Singer himself, which has links to his information and studies.
    I didn't link to the book itself that the scientists wrote, but a simple search of Amazon will take you there.
    Here is another website resource:
    There is information out there. Zero studies that disprove the correlation between bras and breast cancer. There is too much of a connection to ignore. More research SHOULD be done. Hopefully it will be.

  10. Natasha Webb

    There is only one funny thing about this, I was just told the opposite at the Kirkland Clinic in Birmingham just last week. I had fond several lumps and have been experiencing pretty bad breast pain. the pain is always burning/aching type. After my mammogram and ultrasound, I feel so blessed and thankful that I don't have cancer. Mine were just fat tissue that they said appears with losing weight??? I had never heard that one before. The associated my pain with not wearing a tighter fitting bra and suggested I get a professional fitting and wear a bra more at home. I was so relieved I was cancer free, I bought what they said hook, line, and My lumps have grown in size and several news ones have appeared and pain has increased all over the last few months. Wondering if I should seek a second opinion, or has anyone else familiar with this diagnosis?????? Any help/comments are much appreciated. Thanks again for this article Terri LaPoint, you do such a great job. Another thing I'd love to see you report on this subject is the controversy over if yearly mammograms maybe causing breast cancer. There is a lot of research on the subject, but no one reports on it in mainstream news.
    the say the amount of direct radiation, although low, still maybe effecting cancer in breasts. I asked abut that at the clinic and they say it's just too risk to NOT get ne. The lady, who was a nurse practitioner had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer herself and it was so far/deep in the tissue that only a mammogram could have found it. They have saved many, many lives, but there is no talk about Thermo Scans and whether or not they are safer and as effective, as to stay away from unneeded radiation. Just a thought, but it is very interesting stuff.

  11. Ashley Marie

    It's your health- if you feel like your symptoms are getting worse- ALWAYS seek a second, or third, or fourth opinion! even experts disagree with each other, and you know your body better than they do

  12. Dion Rich

    Wearing your nursing bra for is OK, Young women rarely get Breast cancer, Breastfeeding or not. But if you continue to wear bras 24/7 into your late 40's – 50's, that's when Most women who are going to, get it. A year or 2 won't hurt, the dripping will stop at some point & you can take it off at night – your baby will also sleep thru the night someday. You can also massage your breasts during showers, baths to get the lymph nodes working again after being compressed.

  13. Dion Rich

    I do too because I am large in the bust. The article suggests if one has to wear a bra for 12 hrs, to massage the breasts to get the lymph glands working well again after compression. There are Lymph Glands all through the chest and underarm, sides of breasts areas.

  14. Dion Rich

    You can Google 'Lymph system' to get a picture of exactly where they are.

  15. Dion Rich

    The Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease I have also read that 'Anti-Perspirant' type deodorants can block the sweat glands to the point toxins can build up and cause Breast Cancer. Have you heard of that?

  16. Dion Rich

    There are other things I don't like about the Komen group – all the candy that is used to promote donations, as if nobody knows that sugar, artificial sweetener & flavoring aren't toxic waste for the body and could very well contribute to Breast Cancer!
    The whole 'Breast Cancer industry' would collapse if women used natural remedies, such as taking off their bras, eating an organic Vegan diet, doing regular cleanses, getting Lymphatic massages, using 'Deodorant (without Aluminum)' instead of 'Anti-perspirants', Breastfed their babies. Think about it. This is why Komen type groups & doctors do not give this info & dispute studies such as this one. They would all end up unemployed!

  17. Jennifer Smarowsky Q

    I have fibro cystic breast disease and the skinnier you become the easier it is to detect. I've had it since my early 20's. My breasts form lumps and caffeine, etc, makes the cysts worse and sore. Also as you get closer to your cycle they form more. The problem with this condition is that it makes mammograms harder to read and you get more false alarms otherwise it is basically harmless other than the discomfort. Your diagnosis may very well correct but I'd get another opinion to put your mind at ease. Breast discomfort is horrible.

  18. James L. Cambias

    Dora: should have just linked the SciAm article directly, rather than the crackpot web site.

  19. Mark Evers

    82% of money raised by Koman goes towards research, only 6.5% goes towards administrative expenses. In 2012 they raised over $340 million. How much should the CEO make? $400k a year is peanuts for an executive of a company that large. If bras really cause cancer, then why do men develop breast cancer?

  20. Jesse C McLaughlin

    Ashley Marie "you know your body better than they do" I would have to disagree

  21. Jesse C McLaughlin

    You are ignoring the fact that only 1% of breast cancer cases are in men and that they aren't claiming that bras are the only cause of cancer. That basically dismantles your last remark.

  22. Jessica Smith

    Yes. And 100% of people who breathe air die. Must be the air! Boycott air!
    Repeat after me: Correlation does not equal causation.

  23. Emmette Kelly

    The Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease

    Anything newer? That research is more than 20 years old.

  24. Cricket Cole

    Terri LaPoint That was exactly what I was wondering – I've never worn a "tight" bra – why would I? It would be uncomfortable… and I would think there would be *more* "flow" in a properly fitted bra, given that there isn't the sag below the attachment points of the breast, which would seem to slightly impinge on lymphatic movement, not improve it.

  25. Roxanne M. LaMarca

    Wow. Did you hear this on Fox news from Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

  26. Paul Abram

    Terri LaPoint you state that there are no negative studies. Actually, the Harvard study you cite:, IS a negative study with regards to the association between breast cancer and bra-wearing. If you read the abstract, the association between breast cancer and bra-wearing has a p-value of 0.09, which is non-significant (meaning there is actually no difference), even though the authors skirt around this by describing the effect size (two times). Even if you consider that a strong "trend" though, the authors of the study themselves don't attribute this to bra-wearing. They say the trend is "probably because they are thinner and likely to have smaller breasts". In my opinion, you should update your article to fairly reflect the fact that there is at least one negative study out there.

  27. Andee Gail

    So basically, you could just periodically massage your breasts while you wear a bra and that will end a large percentage of breast cancers? If the link is truly caused by lack of circulation, then you could continue to wear bras as much as you want and just make sure to encourage circulation through massage.

  28. Robin Groves

    I hear abortions also cause hurricanes and gay marriage.

  29. Soraya Horeman

    Same goes for marijuana/hemp legislation, gun control, the whole correlation between fastfood (chains), '(miracle) diets', make-up, gyms, diet pills/plasters, etc. One evil just fuels the other…

  30. Soraya Horeman

    Dion Rich With a little bit of common sense, there is no 'to the point'. Sweat glands are there to (among other things) excrete toxins and as soon as they can't, the toxins present start to build up immediately. It's like not peeing for too long, where is all the bad stuff going to go? Back in, up and around (which is a great way to catch a variety of kidney/bladder diseases/conditions). I'm interested in the facts and any studies behind the deodorant issue though. Can't seem to find any :-/

  31. Dave Martina

    Nah, abortions only cause dead babies. That's all. Nothing to be concerned about.

  32. Michaela Baswell

    While bras may be one factor, another huge factor that's swept under the rug is birth control pills.

  33. Jude Canton Brownstein

    Elizabeth Jane Thompson…you're an idiot. If you were attempting to be funny your joke laid a huge egg. You're a silly, small minded teenager and your remarks are made at the expense of women world wide who have suffered from Breast and other cancers. Moron.

  34. Michael Hill

    Elizabeth Jane Thompson Your are the poster child for abortion

  35. Natasha Webb

    Jennifer, it seems I have the symptoms of Fibrocystic breast disease, but they said it wasn't it. I don't know but I'm 43 and you'd think if it was fat cysts and pain from not wearing a tight bra all day, I'd had pain and noticed the fat before now, since I've pretty much been the same most of m life, thanks to all for the advise though

  36. Cheri Tharp Smirnov

    I haven't had time to read any of these links and try to make a somewhat intelligent decision. But, you know what I would like? I would like it if men kept their comments off here – unless you are a scientist that conducted one of these studies, your viewpoint is really not needed. Yes, support your women, but you don't have a dog in this fight, as they say. If there is a study on jock straps, I promise to do the same!

  37. Jennifer Smarowsky Q

    Natasha Webb I'd definitely go get a second opinion. Listen to your instincts!

  38. Ashley Marie

    @Jesse, I understand your point. Doctors are experts on the human body, that's true. They are clinical experts and most of the time they get it right. But they are also just people who sometimes get it wrong. I stand by my statement that you know your own specific body better than a doctor does. If you think something is wrong because your pain is increasing I think you should get a second opinion. Like I said, sometimes you will go to 3 different doctors who will give you 3 different diagnoses.

  39. Robin Groves

    Dave Martina It's a medical procedure that is legal and needed by many women. If you don't want one, don't have one.

  40. Dave Martina

    I never said anything about legality, your definition of need is probably different from mine. If it isn't rape or a case of the mother's endangerment, it's just killing inconvenient babies. Let your "morality" guide your actions. If you feel killing an inconvenient fetus is morally correct, you have my sympathy. Not that you care about my or anyone else's opinion, unless it agrees with yours. Question: Is it a medical procedure when they inject a prisoner who is being capitally punished? Is it immoral? Have a day.

  41. Robin Groves

    Dave Martina Dude, I'm sick of arguing with you people. I've never had an abortion and I probably never would. But you've no right to judge anyone or tell anyone what they can or cannot do, or try to guilt or shame women. To simplify it as "convenience" is asinine and anyone with a brain knows that. It's not your concern.

  42. Dave Martina

    Dude? Nice.

    When your abortion comes out of my pocket it IS my concern. Thank your president and his "Shared Responsibility Tax" for that. When defenseless babies are murdered because it was too difficult to use birth control BEFORE conception, that's also my concern. You might note (although I doubt you actually comprehend in your righteous anger) that my problem is with convenience abortions and I'm not arguing whether they are legal or not. Killing condemned prisoners is legal, do you support the death penalty? Cases of rape or endangerment of the mother are a different issue, than ending a life because it might interfere with "girls night out."

    FWIW: I'm not sick of arguing with YOU people. I think human life is worth an argument, don't you?

  43. Jen Henkel

    Susan G. Komen does not support abortion. They support breast health screening, diagnostics, treatment and research.

  44. Dion Rich

    Soraya Horeman I can't remember what I read and where, that was a long time ago, but I stopped using anti-perspirants – only deodorant w/o aluminum because my mom had Breast Cancer.

  45. Dion Rich

    Just an FYI, men can get Breast Cancer. It's rare, but it does happen. I knew a man diagnosed with it after taking a testosterone Rx in his late 60's.

  46. Lea Hartline

    Robin Groves So, if someone murders a child Dave should not judge them? I am betting tons of us judge people by their actions.

  47. Lisa Marie Symons

    You must be affiliated with KOMEN!! Use common sense, good god! Do you really need a study to figure out the correlation?! They are trying to open your eyes to a few things here, not just about the breast cancer risk. wow, hard to believe you being a female would dismiss this info that quick. I guess you don't believe that SUSAN G. KOMEN isn't making any money of anyone huh?! She damn sure made money off me in the beginning of there manipulation and thievery, with my support due to my mother having breast cancer! No one disputes these kind of findings that fast, unless you are one of THEM!!! And save yourself some time and drama, and don't respond, because it will be a waste of precious time.

  48. Paul Abram

    It is also important, when you present research that could really scare people, to put the research in its proper context in terms of quality. All the primary research cited by these articles (not that there's very much of it) showing a positive association are either in extremely obscure journals (not likely to be reviewed by top scientists in the field), in self-published books (not peer-reviewed), or on websites (not peer-reviewed). While that certainly doesn't make it instantly invalid, it's a huge red flag, since it means the data was not properly vetted by experts in the field. If a scientist were to obtain properly controlled, rigorous data on an association with this kind of public health consequences, they would have no problem publishing in a top journal, which would bring all kinds of career benefits. So why publish it in a book where it won't see the light of proper scientific criticism?

  49. Lisa Marie Symons

    Paul Abram , yea you just jump all in here, because you KNOW what's up with a woman's body huh…..Just go with your gut ladies, and disregard this know it all Paul Abram,

  50. Leah Ashton

    if your bra is too tight, it usually means you are wearing the wrong size. that is a hint to go get measured. and so sorry but i know women who are very large breasted, how can someone who is a f or g or i cup sleep comfortably with out a bra, i would like to know this. I always thought that some kind of cancers ran in families, breast cancer being one of them.

  51. Hannah Hartman

    Jesse C McLaughlin Tell that to the thousands of woman who have for instance Thyroid disorders, get all of the symptoms ignored, and labelled as Depressed or Bi-Polar, etc instead of Doctors doing a simple blood test and listening to the patient.

    If I had of listened to my Endocrinologist, he would have killed me. I knew what I was feeling was not because of a common virus, that it was because of the disease.
    He took me off all medication and sent me home! If I hadn't of done my own research, and pleaded my GP to put me back on the meds, I would have become incredibly ill or died!

    Doctors don't now how we feel. There is no machine that registers pain, or certain feelings.
    So therefore, we DO know our own bodies better than they do!!

  52. Casandra Bowers

    I have heard about it too and only use mens deodorant because they have more to chose from that do not have the aluminum. I figure, why not.

  53. Jamillah Shannon Gonzalez

    i wear a cup size higher than an I and i can not stand sleeping in my bra. it is very uncomfortable. coming home and taking off my bra at night is one of those things that feels very relaxing to me.

  54. Leah Ashton

    Jamillah Shannon Gonzalez , i take mine off too, but i sleep in a lesiure bra, i shouldn't even call it a bra its more like a cropped t shirt, and im an f cup, i started doing this after my baby was born.

  55. Paul Abram

    The Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease For your quote from the Harvard study, what comes after the elipses (…) in the abstract of the study? What is the p-value associated with that trend? In honest scientific research, is that level of statistical confidence enough to imply a very strong correlation, especially when there are confounding co-variates (breast size, weight)? In summary, should you really be citing this study in support of your conclusion? To help you out, here is the link to the study's abstract:

  56. Jamillah Shannon Gonzalez

    Leah Ashton – no annoyance. =) its just not comfortable to me. now my mother says i should get a sleep bra. she says they are comfortable, and it does look it.

  57. Leah Ashton

    Jamillah Shannon Gonzalez just watch which one you get, lol. this thing i got is like i'm not wearing anything, should have just left it in the magazine

  58. Crystal Rose Bling Threesixtyfive

    You are right Elizabeth, let the others do their own research if they dare.

  59. Natasha Webb

    Same thing happened to me when I was younger before finding out I had Hypothyroidism and when I was diagnosed with diabetes back in the day, of course I was told before that I had metabolism syndrome, but when diagnosed the doc id , well you really had diabetes the last 15 yrs and your organs/kidney already damaged. Not to mention the problems I knew about before the docs during each of my 4 pregnancies, that is why I decided to go to nursing school an became an RN. It was from a lifetime of learning to be my own advocate!!! If you care about your health, you have to. So, I get you both Hannah and Jennifer.

  60. Jasmin Kaur

    Terri LaPoint The first source that you've provided is written by the researchers themselves and, therefore, not objective or free of bias. The second is a link to a website, not a scientifically approved study, despite the so-called credentials provided by the privately owned website.

  61. Megan Holly

    Emmette Kelly i think that was one of their points. that the information has been around for a long time but nothing has been done with it and no money is going into further research. (which they COULD do if they wanted to). i do agree that there should be more recent research though, just stating what i think they are getting at with what they have cited.

  62. Katherine Warnock George Foster

    Dave Martina so if your blood, kidney, bone marrow or part of your liver would mean someone would live it would be okay for you to be required to give it up for them? Or are you saying that only woman don't have the right to decide what happens to their body? Dead people have more rights over their bodies then does woman if they can't decide if they will carry a pregnancy or not.

  63. Nechamah Anne Goldfarb

    A connection is not cause and effect. It could be that women with large breasts and dense tissue are wearing bras more often than those with smaller breasts, who can go braless with fewer challenges, and that women with the dense tissue are having cancers missed due to the density, or even other reasons than the bra itself; it could be that the ability to go without a bra is reflective of a condition or situation that is less likely to develop breast cancer.

  64. Dave Martina

    Hyperbole, false analogy and grammar issues aside . . . you seem angry about something, presumably something I said, or more accurately something you projected me saying. I've made my point. If you feel the need to squeal self-righteously, far be it from me to stop you. The law says you can abort a pregnancy to protect the mother or in cases of rape or forced incest and it says you can murder an unwanted baby simply because you choose not to be inconvenienced after choosing to have pleasure without responsibility. I continue to question the morality of the latter. It's legal, but just because you can doesn't mean you should — and if you do, how in the hell should it be my responsibility to pay for it?

    My apologies to SGK for the derailing of the thread on an issue that is not part of their function.

  65. Kristine Serena-Anne Petrie

    Ok I'm sorry but after reading this it was just too comical not to contribute to this post. Paul Abram takes the time to clearly articulate a valid point using logical thinking while displaying no bias to the situation, then proceeds to state the blatant facts that support his point. Which someone then attempts to refute with the suggestion to "just go with your gut" when it comes to a major and potentially deadly disease. Yes ladies, disregard common sense and scientific fact. I mean really, why take the time to question such significantly flawed research and bold statements about our health when this Lisa person "knows what's up" with our bodies. Dear god..

  66. Kristine Serena-Anne Petrie

    I don't think that's even a relevant statement. I understand as a woman wanting to be defensive of this topic, as we primarily view it as something that only affects us. But I see men on here contributing to the discussion of the credibility of research behind a major medical issue, as opposed to claiming to have more knowledge on a woman's body than we do. Although honestly I don't think there is a right to claim we know more about this subject than men simply because we have the affected body part. Our breasts do not automatically provide us with any sort of knowledge on the diseases that affect them. Men have the same access to the same information that we do. And if they want to inform themselves and take up a concern with the subject, I welcome that idea.

  67. Sarah Castle

    Pregnancy is not an "inconvenience". It forever changes your body, and can cause severe health problems and even death. Pregnancy isn't this thing that mildly changes your life–it changes everything. That being said, you missed Katherine's point. If you are against abortion (wherein a fetus' "rights" take over the woman's right to autonomy and her own body) then you also should be for mandatory organ donation. Because that's what it is. If someone needs your kidney to live, then you have to give it up (I mean you only REALLY need one, right?). Otherwise you are condemning them to death. How about skin grafts for a burn victim? Your skin will grow back–sure, it'll change your body, and it'll hurt, but they really need it. There are so many ways you could donate as a living person.

    And once you die, you should be forced to give up any and all of your organs. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you don't believe that's right. No one should be forced to use their body for someone else, right?

    So tell me how it's different. How is taking control of another's body for the benefit of a 3rd party different when it comes to abortion?

  68. Sarah Castle

    Pregnancy is not an "inconvenience". It forever changes your body, and can cause severe health problems and even death. Pregnancy isn't this thing that mildly changes your life–it changes everything. That being said, you missed Katherine's point. If you are against abortion (wherein a fetus' "rights" take over the woman's right to autonomy and her own body) then you also should be for mandatory organ donation. Because that's what it is. If someone needs your kidney to live, then you have to give it up (I mean you only REALLY need one, right?). Otherwise you are condemning them to death. How about skin grafts for a burn victim? Your skin will grow back–sure, it'll change your body, and it'll hurt, but they really need it. There are so many ways you could donate as a living person.

    And once you die, you should be forced to give up any and all of your organs. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you don't believe that's right. No one should be forced to use their body for someone else, right?

    So tell me how it's different. How is taking control of another's body for the benefit of a 3rd party different when it comes to abortion?

  69. Chad Geisler

    Dave Martina This quote "choosing to have pleasure without responsibility" is not blatant, but speaks at your motivations. I'll leave that alone though, and assume you're also in favor of comprehensive sex ed.

    You seemed to have missed Katherine's point. The issue is a matter of consent, that must be freely given at all times when another being (or fetus) is using our body. If that consent for use of an internal organ is no longer freely given to a fetus, then a woman must have a right to an abortion.

    Otherwise you are arguing to give the state (i.e. the government) the ability to overwrite your personal bodily autonomy for the sake of another being. This would be akin to allowing the government the power to, for example, remove your kidney against your will so that another may live.

    This is not about "pleasure" or "responsibility" or your obtuse understanding of how health insurance works. This is about protecting a human being's right to bodily autonomy.

  70. Casey Imperiale-Stone

    Dave Martina The fact is that as a man you will never be pregnant, never be required to have an abortion for any reason. You do not have a uterus, thus it is not a decision you will ever need to make. You're free to hate abortions all you want, but it is never something you will personally face, making your proclamations kind of hypocritical.

  71. Jane Horton

    I think this whole article is ridiculous ! It hasn't been too long ago that an article was posted stating that women should even wear their bras to bed. The article stated too that it helped lessen sagging breasts especially for mothers who have breast fed their children. They don't know really. It's just another one of their ploys to see how many women will follow what they say. Besides that ….going bra-less for large breasted women is very unattractive !

  72. Celeste Hartery

    Did it ever occur to the study the actual size of breast tissue??? Bc that isn't mentioned. I'm sorry but I have several girlfriends with very large breasts that can't go without wearing some type of support. Notice it never mentions anything in there about how many of those 125% at greater risk had fibrous breasts, how old they were, whether or not they had regular mammo's or how large their breasts were. What a crock. I swear…. What some people believe & I didn't see any sites or references or titles of any studies. Just that one "Harvard study in 1991".

  73. Celeste Hartery

    I COMPLETELY AGREE with your questions & comments Weylin & Paul. When doing a research article or a study report, in order for it to be something more than just a statement of opinion there has to be some type of cites reference to validate your point. This ridiculous article doesn't state how large the studies were, how long they did them for, the avg breast size of the woman, whether or not they got regular mammo's, whether or not they had fibrous breasts or had a familial hx of breast cancer, how old the avg woman was, or any other contributing factors such as weight, diet, smoking, previous cancer hx. Nothing. It only states that if u wear a bra 24/7 that you're 168% more likely to get breast cancer. So why would Komen & the ACS disregard such a staggering risk percentage? They back up the fact that smoking increases risks, estrogen replacement can increase risk, familial hx increases risk, not getting regular mammo's increases risk- there are more but those are the first off the top of my head. They support all those but deny That 24/7 bra wearing increases your risk of breast cancer by 168%. If that were true, every woman in the world with huge breasts would end up having breast cancer. Seriously?!

  74. Celeste Hartery

    & breast feeding for at least 6mths decreases your chances of breast cancer by 25%. That is proven. But now bc u wear a bra to bed (I did the same with both of my children) your now doomed to have breast cancer. Excuse my language but this article is a crock of shit.

  75. Caitlin Millie Allen

    No, I have big boobs and I never sleep in a bra. (I can't stand it.) but my friend, who has average size boobs wears her bra almost 24/7. All my friends are like that, the ones that a bigger chested hate wearing bras but the ones that are small will wear like 2 bras at a time. (Because their tank tops and other shirts have bras built into them.

  76. Joyce Babineau

    Terri LaPoint You should also know that correlation does not imply causality. That is a known premise of good research. For all we know, the same women could have also been drinking milk, or jogging, or any of many other possible correlating factors.

  77. Aliesha Stone

    This comment doesn't wen make sense, nor would anyone of any intellect post this. Above is a study which has valid points and is something my mother taught me at a young age. Any constricting clothing will cause damage to tissue wake up. Air breathing well hey people do die from the poison in the air and we do boycott the posioning of the air. But i promise you air saves more lives then it takes. I don't think you will die without a bra.

  78. Joyce Babineau

    Terri LaPoint Once again, correlation does not equal causation…did those 3 out of 4 women have other commonalities? Did they all eat identical diets? Sleep identical hours? Live in identical climes? Perhaps they wore shoes 12 hours a day. Do shoes cause breast cancer, too? As someone upthread said, 100% of people who breathe air will die. OMG, this too, is information people need to be aware of.

  79. Nicole Rivera

    The same thing happened to me, very scary but relieved.

  80. Jessica Smith

    Dear Aliesha Stone, It is apparent to me that someone of your "intellect" cannot comprehend sarcasm. Please allow me to explain in terms that you can understand. I am not actually proposing a boycott on air. I was drawing a comparison. Just because someone breathes air and dies does not mean that the air caused their death. In the same way, just because a woman wears a bra and develops cancer does not indicate that the bra is the causing factor. Hence the last line of my above comment, "Correlation does not equal causation". If you do not know what that means, look it up. So, you see, my comment does, in fact, "wen make sense". P.S. Please check your spelling before you question my intellect.

  81. Dave Martina

    I've never seen so much misinterpretation, self-importance and absolutist thinking in my life, other than when trying to talk sense to pro-abortion people. Fortunately, I don't have to live with supporting the murder of millions of innocent children over a bit of political fluff and self-righteous and selfish hedonism. You people are all about protecting personal freedom, until it becomes inconvenient and then personal freedom only extends as far as the abortionist's table. The law is the law. Enjoy yourselves and don't worry about responsibility — someone else will pay for it. Remember that none of you were aborted — in some cases, that's a shame. @Casey: Don't give me that I don't have a uterus crap. I have a wallet, and your uterus shouldn't be financed by my wallet.

  82. Jennifer Smarowsky Q

    Natasha Webb that is so strange. I was gaining weight and having issues and my general practice doctor told me I felt bad because I was getting fat and to go on a diet. I felt depressed and horrible because I was eating less than my then 4 year old. One night I thought for sure I was having a blood sugar issues, feeling weak and dizzy, heart palpitations so I went to the ER. The Dr. there took one look at me and said I know what you have and did blood work-hypothyroid. I'm also on meds..lost weight needless to say my doctor was a bit embarrassed and tight lipped about it. My lesson was learned and I was very lucky b/c I almost didn't go from thinking I was a hypochondriac. Good luck and I hope you get the answers and relief you deserve soon!

  83. Casey Imperiale-Stone

    Oh so that's the most important thing. Not the "murder of babies" (who by the way will also be supported by your taxes), but your idea that you're paying for it. What a sad little man you are.

  84. Dave Martina

    I'm only a sad little man in the eyes of a degenerate and immoral creature like you. You can try and twist it any way you choose, but the fact remains you want it both ways and it frustrates you that you can't reconcile the immorality of your hedonistic impulses in the small world created by the people who tell you how to think. Like I said, I made my point. Whether reality enters into your small and sheltered existence is not my problem. I wonder how anxious to have abortions people like you would be if the odds of surviving the abortion were the same for the incubator and the innocent life the incubator chooses to end — seems like it's only fair, eh?

  85. Dana Seilhan

    The only reason I could think of that an abortion might lead to breast cancer is if an interruption in the pregnancy process messes up breasts somehow. But if that is the case, why aren't "pro-lifers" warning about the breast cancer risk of miscarriages? Because that has the same effect on women's bodies.

    For that matter, why aren't you warning women who do carry to term that avoiding breastfeeding increases their cancer risk?

  86. Dana Seilhan

    Jessica Smith I think she understood you were being sarcastic. I also think you're right about correlation not being causation, but you're wrong that that means we should dismiss these studies entirely. Their results are striking enough that more research would be appropriate. Attitudes like yours don't encourage that further research.

  87. Dana Seilhan

    Um, vegans get cancer. So do ovo-lactos. Some of you even drop dead of heart attacks.

    Telling women to be vegan and then breastfeed is an especially brilliant idea. Way to call for child abuse there. Many women's breastmilk is already lacking in nutrients because they eat all wrong; your advice would make the situation worse.

    Women get more breast cancer from PLANT foods. Namely sugar, grain, soy… cut THOSE out of your diet, you don't actually need them.

  88. Dana Seilhan

    I wear sports bras and they aren't tight so I just don't worry about it. I've worn tighter-band bras in the past that had almost no stretch to them in comparison so yes, I do know the difference.

    Komen and ACS are pieces of work anyway even if they did educate people about this study. And the thing is, we already have treatments for breast cancer, and often they will cure women too. What we need is to focus on prevention but also make sure all women have access to treatment AND we need to pay more attention to other diseases which actually kill more women per number who have contracted them. Heart disease, lung cancer, ovarian cancer… these need more attention. The whole cult of breast cancer survival bothers me because it's like they're saying we're worthless without boobs. I don't need my breasts unless I have a newborn to feed. I DO need my heart, lungs, and ovaries.

  89. Kathy Wagman Dillard

    Natasha, I have been up and down in weight by 30 lbs. For the last 25 years and I have those fatty lumps. Some are on my forearms and are quite prominent. They've never changed or gone away but I'm supposed to keep an eye on them in case they do.

  90. Tammy Foster

    Ditch the underwire too. Also, I wish they would have included the fact that there have been 2-3 times MORE studies that link increased breast cancer risk and abortion. Komen and all the other cancer places also leave this information out. Komen also supports places like Planned Parenthood so no wonder there. It's called "job security". The real money is in treating the disease not curing it or preventing it.

  91. Tammy Foster

    Miscarriages and premature births have been known for over a century to increase the risk of breast cancer. Abortion just does these things on purpose. So yes, abortion DOES increase the risk of breast cancer. While African American women only make up 12% of the female population they make up 35% or more of abortions. They also constitute 35% or more of breast cancer cases. Yet another "coincidence" I suppose.

  92. Gabrielle Marshall

    is there a difference noted in the study between wired bras & wirefree bras? Went wirefree many years ago, sooooooooo much more comfortable, and yes they work for larger boobs, I'm 36D, like all bras you have to try many to find a fit. Bali is pretty good.

  93. Dion Rich

    Dana Seilhan I never said 'Breastfeed while on a Vegan diet'. I was listing all the things Women could to to protect themselves from a build-up of toxins in their bodies and for overall breast health. Breastfeeding is one of them. I'm sure Vegans & lacto-ovos can get BC, I'm also sure it is rare compared the mainstream who eat crap. If someone has a congenital heart disease, yes they could die of a heart attack, no matter their diet.
    I am a Midwife and I do a thorough nutrition analysis with my clients so they can make the best choices for their lifestyle. I know many Vegans & vegetarians who have given birth to very healthy babies and have very healthy children. I'm sad for you that you don't know any of these families.
    And I agree with cutting out the sugar, grain & soy, especially anything with GMO ingredients.

  94. Dion Rich

    Casandra Bowers , if you can stand the scent in mens deodorants! I can't. I find several aluminum free brands in health food stores, and most are unscented.

  95. Ed Andrea

    Terri LaPoint i went to your links. none of those are links to scientific journals,papers or any actual studies. Weylin is correct, none of these claims do anything but suggest that the two things occur at the same time. There is no study I can find that actually tests the hypothesis. Would love to see a link to an actual study or report in a recognized scientific journal or from a university research facility with documented results.

  96. Ben F. Badger Jr.

    So has anyone bothered to research the fact that findings by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer are generally dismissed by the scientific community? Their research methods are spotty at best and dont account for a wide variety of issues. In other words…quack science.

    You cant just count people who wear bras and count who has cancer. Its flawed science.

    And that Harvard study, neither the author of this article or those "scientists" correctly shared the information from that study. And let us just ignore the fact that the study is more than 20 years old to boot.

    The author is this article should be ashamed for perpetuating quack science.

  97. Ben F. Badger Jr.

    Dana Seilhan The "Scientists" caling for this boycott have been doing so for nearly 20 years. THe call for a boycott is to boost sales of their crappy book which has already been dismissed by the scientific community.

  98. Judy Wood Cunningham Cox

    I will not be donating anything to Komen until they start teaching prevention, and mammograms are NOT prevention. We want to know: What are we exposing ourselves to that causes breast cancer (Roundup)? What should we be eating and not eating? When they start talking prevention instead of recruiting new treatment victims, I'll start listening.

  99. Ashleigh Burns

    This comment is just so stupid and uninformed. However the comments attacking her aren't nice either. Guys just educate her with facts, you don't need to insult her.
    That being said there's A LOT of things that raise the risk of breast cancer. But there are so many myths people have about breast cancer they could be squawking about such as:

    Antiperspirants? I don't see any ringtwinger news anchors sporting sweaty armpits.
    Breast implants? YOU KNOW those reporters have them dude.
    Being overweight? what was that statistic of obesity in America? 1 in 3?
    Not breastfeeding.
    Working night shift.
    Chemicals found in plastic.

    How about things that might be linked?
    Smoking? Yes please continue to squawk about abortion when people are SMOKING. When you have an abortion you're only effecting yourself and the parasite you discarded. When you smoke you're screwing yourself and everyone around you over and you smell. (no offense smokers, but you probably already know that).
    Working night shift might be linked as well. Let's make it so NO ONE works at night. Night shift ER? Nope. Your emergencies will have to wait till morning.

    Here are legit ones though.
    Not having children or having them later in life: YES LET'S BOYCOTT WOMEN WHO DON'T GET KNOCKED UP. SHAME ON THEM.

    Certain kinds of birth control: boycotting this would work perfectly with the above fact. Ringwinger win/win scenario until they have to pay taxes.

    Using hormone therapy after menopause: Yes let's boycott that as well. We should let women suffer because they're now incapable of being babymakers and now are useless to society.
    Shame on them for aging.

    Not breastfeeding: boycott!!!! I mean you might have HIV and be transmitting it to the infant but who cares as long as you don't get breast cancer.

    Alcohol: The use of alcohol is clearly linked to an increased risk of getting breast cancer. Even as little as one drink a day can increase risk. Let's have no more alcohol. It's too destructive! Let's take the right to drink away from everyone.

    Being overweight or obese: You hear that? Gosh darnit it's so hard to control that though. Why don't we do what hitler did with Jewish people and put them in training camps.
    It's for their own good, wouldn't want them to have breast cancer.

    Do you see how ridiculous the abortion point is now? Shut up and mind your own business.
    I hate when people are extremists. They exploit serious issues for their own cause.
    It's sick.
    There's benefits to having an abortion. Like having money. Or idk another kid isn't subjected to a foster home system and the mother doesn't potentially ruin her life?
    Think before you speak and think outside your own bubble of ignorance.

  100. Ashleigh Burns

    Dave Martina "When defenseless babies are murdered because it was too difficult to use birth control BEFORE conception, that's also my concern"
    I have a couple points I hope you respect:
    Babies aren't babies during abortions. They are products of conception: Zygote; Blastocyst; Embryo; Fetus.
    All parasitic, I might add. That is the fetal development cycle. Science, my friend.

    That's my first point and my second point is NO contraceptives or methods are 100%
    Even with abstinence, you can get raped.
    You might say "well vasectomy".
    Nope. I'm a vasectomy baby. 1/100 chance. My dad's tubes grew back. He got one while my mother was pregnant with my sister. So it wasn't a matter of built up sperm.
    The woman could just get a tubal ligation, but even that isn't 100%. It is probably the most effect way, though. But you know how hard it is to convince your doctor to get one? They pretty much ignore you unless you've already popped out a child.
    I would get one in a heartbeat.

  101. Rin Arichikashi

    Bras also help support the coopers ligaments in the breasts

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