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Are All Pit Bull Dogs Dangerous? Maryland Proposes A Change To Its Breed Specific Laws

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The pit bull breed has a bad reputation. Some say this is deserved, that pits are an inherently dangerous animal, bred to kill, as evidenced by the many attacks that we see on the news on a seemingly regular basis. Others believe pit bull dogs are cuddly sweethearts that treat people as they are treated. Still more remain on the fence, in neutral territory, and are of the opinion that each dog, no matter the breed, has a unique personality and will, according to temperament and experience, be docile, aggressive, or somewhere in the middle.

The Maryland House and Senate have recently passed bills, HB 73 and SB 247 respectively, which overturns their former law claiming that all pit bulls are inherently dangerous. The 2012 ruling of Tracey v. Solesky maintained that all pit bulls and pit bull mixes were dangerous. The law not only held the owner responsible for an attack, but also the owners’ landlords. The Huffington Post reports that Tracey v. Solesky caused many owners to surrender their pit bulls to shelters for fear of losing their homes. A pet parent should not have to make that kind of heartrending decision simply based on their animal’s breed.

Pit Bull owners in Maryland are surely rejoicing this new turn of events. The HB 73 bill still holds dog owners responsible for any injury caused by their pet, but it includes any type of dog, and is not specific to pit bulls. Landlords will be liable only if they knew, or should have known, that the particular animal in question was dangerous.

Eric Vocke, a pit bull advocate, says, “It’s liberation for dog owners. It gives us an equal footing with the rest of the breeds and we’re not locked down for owning these dogs.”

Washington Humane Society president, Lisa LaFontaine, has this to say: “Breed Specific Legislation has consistently failed in communities around the world. It has no quantifiable impact on a decrease in dog bites or an increase in public safety. At the Washington Humane Society we have successfully changed the perspective of pit bull type dogs in our communities and our policies, and we are pleased to see Maryland follow suit.”

Other states have also been overturning their laws restricting ownership of pit bull and pit bull mixes. This is possibly due to the outspokenness of the Center of Disease Control, President Obama, and the American Veterinary Medicine Association against pit bull specific legislation.

Do you love your pit bull? On May 3 of this year a One Million Pibble March On Washington DC will take place to support the pit bull breed. You can visit this website for details.

So, are these dogs “inherently dangerous”, sweet teddy bears, or do you hold out that each pit bull is unique? We want to hear your thoughts.

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19 Responses to “Are All Pit Bull Dogs Dangerous? Maryland Proposes A Change To Its Breed Specific Laws”

  1. Kris King

    BS. Pit bulls have killed more people than all other breeds COMBINED. They are also responsible for 99% of the fatal attacks on other animals. When a breed is created for the sole purpose of fighting to the death, breed does matter. I rescued 751 dogs, and can say without hesitation that Pits are different.

  2. Monique Piket

    Only because there are more people owning pit bulls, so of course there are going to be more attacks since a lot of them are owned by idiots…Also a powerful, high drive dog like a pit bull shouldnt be owned by just anyone…just like a border collie shouldnt be owned by just anyone. Pretty sure sight hounds, terriers, pig dogs, hunting dogs in general have killed a lot more animals than pit bulls. And animal aggression does not equal human aggression, otherwise all the old dog men would have been mauled by their pit bulls, when infact they were able to lift the dogs up mid fight in the heat of battle without being bitten

  3. Protect Children From Pit Bulls And Other Dangerous Dogs

    13 dead by dog attack so far in 2014. 8 killed by ** Pit Bull type dogs / Pit Bull mixes, 3 killed by * Bull Mastiffs / Mastiff Mix, 1 killed by Shepard Mix and Lab Mix and 1 killed by Rottweiler.

    Child fatalities by dogs (8):
    Kara Hartrich – 4 – Bloomington IL [Jan 17 – **Pit Bull]
    Je’vaeh Mayes – 2 – Temple TX [Feb 17 – **Pit Bull]
    Braelynn Coulter – 3 – High Point NC [Feb 25 – **Pit Bull]
    Summer Sears – 4 – Tallassee AL [Feb 26 – Shepherd Mix & Lab Mix]
    Kenneth Santillan – 13 – Patterson NJ [28 Feb – * Bull Mastiff]
    Raymane Robinson Jr. – 2 – Killeen TX [1 March – * Bull Mastiff]
    Mia DeRouen – 4 – Houma, La – [March 25 – **Pit Bull]
    Christopher Malone – 3 – Thornton, MS [Mar 31 – **Pit Bull]

    Adult fatalities by dogs (5):
    Christina Bell-Burleson – 43 – Houston TX [Jan 5 – **Pit Bull]
    Annabell Martin – 80 – Corona CA [Jan 26 – 3 Rottweilers]
    Klonda Richey – 57 – Dayton OH [Feb 7 – * Mastiff mixes]
    Nancy Newberry – 77 – Phoenix AZ [Mar 15 – **Pit Bull]
    Dorothy Hamilton – 85 -Kaufman, TX [Mar 31 – **Pit Bull]

  4. Amber Brown

    a dog is what you make it, people forget there are over 40 fighting breeds, they always seem to peg 'fighting' on pitbulls…well open your history books people, the Shar Pei is a fight dog, as are many many other breeds. stop picking ONE breed to demonize. Good Work Maryland!!!

  5. Kris King

    Monique Piket
    7 of the best-known fighting dogs in America were known MANEATERS. In fact, Joseph Colby, the kingpin of American dogfighting, lost his 2 year old nephew to his prize fighting/breeding dog. Many people have been mauled trying to stop a pit from killing another dog outside of the pit. Just this week, a woman was severely mauled when she tried to stop her pits from fighting.

  6. Kris King

    When other fighting dogs start killing and mauling like Pit bulls, then they will also be demonized. It is INSANE to continue allowing these dogs in homes. It is hard enough to find responsible owners for poodles, and incredibly difficult to find responsible homes for Pits. A sanctuary that I knew rescued giant breeds. She tried rescuing pits but had to stop after having pits break through, under, and over fencing to reach other dogs to kill them. The drive in pits to attack is very strong. Some start at 5 or 6 weeks killing their siblings. Others wait until they are 12 years old. No one can tell by looking at them which ones will "go pit". Many former Pit owners used to defend them, but are now dead from their beloved wiggle-butt. Others are missing limbs or facing years of reconstructive surgery. This breed was never meant to be in homes.

  7. Monique Piket

    I know chinaman was a man biter,so yes not all were reliable. But then again, not all border collies will herd, there will be duds…and if your dud can still make you $$ then most people will still use and breed it. Theres heaps of pictures about ch and gr ch dogs with kids and children. These dogs won many fights and were deadly to other dogs…however with children they were as sweet as can be… Heres one with a baby And heres a poem written by Floyd Boudreaux, one of the great dogmen. I think he would have had a fair understanding of the breeds nature… In the poem he quotes "But at home he will sleep with the smallest child" These are game dogs hes talking about, dogs bred and raised to destroy other dogs, yet in his experience they are gentle with children. There is a right way and a wrong way to break up a dog fight, she must have done the wrong way…

  8. Wayne Reynolds

    "Some Say"??? Every statistic published on the pit bull indicates a high incident rate! You have the right to own a rattlesnake, a scorpion or a pit bull but don't try to tell us they are not dangerous!

  9. Wayne Reynolds

    Amber, when a dog breed floats right to the top of the incident rates, it has the public's attention! Pit bulls have been VERY busy earning their reputation of killer dogs and that's exactly what a pit bull owner wants… to skeeeeeer folks! Intimidation is how cowards work! WORD!

  10. Amber Brown

    Kris King and Wayne: Dogs do what owners allow to happen, Pitbulls have been busy doing nothing other than what their humans have allowed, the sole reason other fight breeds have not topped any charts is simple math, which you both seem to have a hard time doing, Pitbulls have become a very POPULAR breed, any breed in large numbers that is being irresponsibly owned by HUMANS will top charts, fact is the small percent of problem humans will NEVER stop being the sadistic criminals that they are. Less than 3% of the overall pitbull population ever cause any harm. Common sense and proven by many many many FAILED BSL laws is that when you ban a breed because of human irresponsibility the only thing that happens is the psychos pick another breed to ruin. If you are soooo sure that when dogs float to the top of charts you should ban them, why are you not banning Labs??? In Omaha Labs are the lead attack dogs and bites…now why do you think that is? I will give you just a minute to think, the reason they top the charts in attacks is because they are a very popular dog and their owners are allowing bad behavior NOT because they are inherently bad dogs. There are many many many power breeds out there that are capable of causing death and great damage, you ban pitbulls and humans will grab another breed…then what, you smart people who figure banning is the solution choose to kill the next breed, then the next one. Bloodhounds used to be the devil dog, then Dobermans, German Shepards….when are people like you going to put two and two together and realize who the problem really is??? The human needs to keep their pet of ANY type, snake, dog, bull …whatever, under control and safe PERIOD. You as the human who owns this animal is responsible for keeping it under control at all times.

  11. Wayne Reynolds

    People like me are not willing to gamble on an animal's propensity! You are free to do so! You clearly see the dog as the victim as where others concern themselves with those who have been injured by such an animal! I have not advocated banning anything. I am expressing why I feel that a pit bull is a poor choice! Most certainly we agree to disagree!

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