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Pure Flix Releases First Box Office Movie, ‘God’s Not Dead’ Today! [VIDEO]

Pure Flix, the company responsible for such great Christian films like The Encounter and Jerusalem Countdown, is releasing their first box office movie today! God’s Not Dead will release in select theaters for today, and today only, at either.

For most people, Christian movies are very rare in mainstream media. They appear once every so-and-so years at the box office. Just over the past three years, the big Christian movies were Monumental, Unstoppable, Son of God, and possibly Noah. All in all, it is rare to see a well-produced Christian movie with an intriguing story. Monumental,Unstoppable and Son of God have received mixed reviews, mostly due to either delivery or misrepresentation. Noah received high-praise and great rating but maybe because it is a big-budget film with a lot of star power behind it. Also, it may not exactly be considered Christian despite it being based off the story from Genesis.

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