Nicki Minaj Booty

Nicki Minaj Brings Her Famous Backside To Instagram Once Again [Photos]

Nicki Minaj apparently doesn’t have a problem showing off her anatomy on Instagram.

This certainly isn’t the first time The Inquisitr has tackled the rapper’s famous body. Minaj recently shared a few bikini pics on the social media site during a recent trip to Mexico. Those images also focused on Nicki’s curves, something a lot of her fans seemingly enjoy.

According to E! Online, Nicki Minaj decided to share a few snapshots of her backside on Instagram to show that she’s busy trying to lose some weight. The rapper claims she still have about five pounds left to go. Considering how tiny her waist is in those photos, she probably doesn’t need shed much more.

Check out the pics of Minaj and her booty below.

Here’s a close-up for those who need such things.

Although Nicki Minaj is working on a new album — The Pink Print should arrive in stores before the end of the year — she seems more interested in sharing risqué photos on Instagram these days. Of course, this is probably just her way of generating a substantial amount of buzz ahead of the record’s release. After all, social media in the US is only good for two things these days: picking random fights and promoting yourself.

For those of you who are currently kicking your own shapely behinds for missing out on her previously-released bikini photos, here’s the images that you somehow managed to miss. Keep in mind that all of these goodies and more are presently housed at her official Instagram page.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Nicki Minaj recently participated in a shoot for the “Senile” music video. The track is from the Young Money compilation Rise of an Empire, an album that features everyone from Drake to Lil Wayne. The record is in stores now.

Are you a fan of Nicki Minaj? What do you think about the rapper sharing photos of her booty on Instagram?

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