Juan Pablo Galavis

‘The Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Dishes On Juan Pablo’s Behavior

Now that The Bachelor is officially finished this season, host Chris Harrison has decided to share his thoughts and feelings about Juan Pablo Galavis in a recent blog post.

To describe the season finale of the dating competition as awkward and uncomfortable is a serious understatement. After one last date with Clare Crawley, the most hated bachelor in the history of the program decided to hand over the rose of Nikki Ferrell. However, he refused to say if he loved the girl during The Bachelor post-finale special.

Host Chris Harrison said in the recent blog post at Entertainment Weekly that he’s not angry about how the season wrapped up. Chris also dispelled rumors that he doesn’t like Juan Pablo because of his behavior on The Bachelor.

“I truly believe Juan Pablo came into this season with those true intentions. I also know that when we chose him we truly believed he had the qualities that would make him a great Bachelor,” Harrison explained.

He added, “But from the beginning something just didn’t seem right and something didn’t fit. We can debate over what that is, but the truth is that is irrelevant. You just never know what this situation will bring out in any of us and you just have to deal with it the best you can. This has easily been the most polarizing season we’ve ever had.”

The Bachelor special definitely contained its fair share of awkward moments. Although Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell cuddled together on the couch, Harrison sensed that something wasn’t right. When he asked if Galavis loved the woman seated next to him, he blatantly avoided the question despite prodding from the host.

“I’m not going to answer that question to you. We’re very happy, we’re starting our relationship right now… but we’re done with this show, we are so done. And very happy that we had the opportunity to be a part of it and we met each other,” Juan explained.

Harrison explained that the Galavis and Ferrell walked away from The Bachelor post-finale special in complete silence. Instead of booing or cheering at the end of filming, the audience didn’t make a sound.

“I knew our audience wasn’t going to take his behavior well, but I thought if we could at least show that in the end he’s happy and in love and I could get him to show some real emotion or feelings, it might help,” the Bachelor host explained.

What did you think about this season of The Bachelor? Do you agree that Juan Pablo is the worst bachelor in the history of the show?

[Image via The Hollywood Reporter]