Malaysia Airlines flight

Malaysia Airlines Flight: Did Someone Turn Off Communications Systems On Purpose?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, missing without a trace now for one day short of a week, appears to have had its two communications systems shut down one at a time, an indication that someone turned them off deliberately.

United States officials now say that the Malaysia Airlines flight lost its data reporting system at 1:07 am Saturday morning local time. But Flight 370 did not stop sending data from its transponder until 1:21 am. The 14 minute gap makes it less likely that the systems shut down due to a catastrophic failure on board, such as an explosion.

One well-known pilot who has experience in a crisis situation said that the data should not cause people to jump to conclusions.

Former U.S. Airways Pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger — who gained fame for his extraordinary emergency landing of an airliner on New York’s Hudson River in 2009 — told CBS News that even in the event of an on-board catastrophe, it is “conceivable” that the systems could shut down in sequence.

Sullenberger acknowledged, however, that a separate shutdown of the two systems was unlikely.