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Jeremy Lin And The Decline Of Linsanity

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Jeremy Lin, the 25-year-old point guard for the Houston Rockets who made headlines in 2012 when he led a winning streak for the New York Knicks, seems to be slowing down.

Since January, the star player has been averaging just 9.8 points in each game, and in February his shooting percentage was just at 40 percent, way below his 45 percent season average, and in March it was only at 22 percent. Lin has also been spending less time on the floor, from an average of 32.9 minutes per game in January, to 27.1 in February, and finally clocking in at an average of only 20.2 minutes in March.

Lin’s performance seems to be countering that of his team’s. The Rockets have been playing extremely well, garnering the league’s best record since the start of the year. Some have speculated that Lin’s slump is due to various injury problems, the same ones that kept him from participating in last year’s playoffs.

Lin was able to redeem himself on Sunday, adding 26 points to the Rockets’ score to win over the Portland Trail Blazers. His Sunday run may indicate better health, and showing opponents that he’s not just an average shooter after all.

It appears that the 6’3″ player still needs to prove his worth, especially with the upcoming playoffs. Rockets coach Kevin McHale would have to rethink his rotations, and give the floor to the players who can bring the team to victory. If Lin wants to be part of that, he needs to get back to his former self, the one that generated a global following that became known as Linsanity.

Prior to achieving the unexpected, the point guard was a reserve player for the Golden State Warriors and the Rockets. He was also assigned to the NBA D-League thrice before being signed with the Knicks in the 2011-2012 season. In a February 2012 game against the Nets, Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni called on Lin to play in the starting lineup, and Lin racked up 25 points and seven assists to the surprise of the whole league. The Knicks won 99-92. Lin also led his team to victory in the two games that followed, in which he scored 28 and 23 points. Linsanity was born.

Fans are hoping he picks himself up from his current slump, or he may have to return to the bench, called to play only when it’s clear the team’s already on the path to victory.

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15 Responses to “Jeremy Lin And The Decline Of Linsanity”

  1. Tim Yeung

    Yes he was in a slump, but I think Lin played well last night against the Bulls:

    Lin: 21 pts in only 24 minutes played, 0 TOs

    Harden and Howard combined: 20 pts, 12 TOs

    During Linsanity, Lin was the first option scorer and allowed to be the main PG.
    Its crazy to expect Linsanity production from Lin when he is now the fourth option scorer, playing limited minutes off the bench, and on a short leash from McHale as well. That's why many of Lin's fans hope he finally ends up in a team that will utilize his talents correctly.

  2. Doris Chan

    He was not in a slump,considering he got 8 points in 21 minutes in the past game w/ sore back, as compare to Parson 2 points in 30 minutes And how about Harden 8 points in 30 minutes.

  3. True Blue

    agreed. im sick of these haters always trashing JLin. he is forced to play a completely different style with houston. jeremy even had to change Linsanity when he was with the knicks. carmelo got rid of d'antoni and the new coach favored of melo.

  4. Kit Wong

    Doris Chan
    Yes, I agree that Jeremy Lin was not as bad. But we expect Jeremy Lin can have a better performance.
    Another factor is the coach team, I do not think Jeremy Lin has a fair treatment in Rockets. Jeremy Lin is a slow heat player, he needs some more minutes to warm up his hands. He needs more minutes on the floor. We cannot expect miracle from him every game.

  5. Warren Lee

    Yup. At the beginning, the Rockets weren't doing so hot. Then J Lin pulled them back up. McHale took him out again and the Rockets just suffered. Something was wrong with the coach's decision….

  6. Anonymous

    still needs to prove his worth: N times had he done that. N+1 time he is being tested again. Story of Jeremy Lin and true insanity.

  7. Anonymous

    I like how he failed to mention last month's triple double from the bench

  8. Andres Fausto Rosero Lescano

    Point guards won't play well unless they get their "ball handling" minutes. McFail has reduced Lin's minutes drastically. He should have let Lin lead the team when they were behind by only 1 point. But McFail had to put in his "star players". Then we all know what happened next.

  9. Kevin Feng

    No slump. Just let Lin play the floor general and you will see a different Lin. Until then, please no stupid comments about how bad he plays, etc. It's just silly. Linsanity happened when Lin was the floor general. This is NOT an apple to apple comparison.

  10. 朱萬麾

    Do you even fucking know anything about basketball? Do you even fucking read? What a fucking fruitcake…. Lmfao!

  11. Mei Young

    Jeremy has been oppressed by Rox. I made a prayer last night before Bull's game. Dear God, please play Harden as McHale plays Jeremy. Harden got 8 pts.

  12. Frankie Cheung

    Warren Lee,
    I think Mchale knows well what he himself is doing. He just doesn't want Lin to have a chance to be a hero to save Rox, even at the expense of losing games. No rational coach would have suppressed his rising players like he did against Lin when trailing behind the Bulls, even Lin was the only key Rocket player with a positive +/-, while all starters were at a huge deficit. Lin's explosion in New York did make McHale lose face deeply. So he hates Linsanity. He tells people he is not biased, but he keeps undermining Lin's confidence from time to time. Instead of encouraging such a talented player, intentionally or otherwise, he gives Lin fragmented play minutes to freeze him, in addition to benching Lin often unreasonably. The only thing I don't understand now is why the Rocket's boss is also turning a blind eye to the situation. May be the whole management board including the boss unanimously decided to lay off Lin before Linsanity. That's why they are in the same steps with each other now, as they all were embarrassed by Linsanity deeply. Rich people enjoy using money under contracts to suppress people who they don't like, as long as they could afford it.

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