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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Co-Pilot Took Women Into Cockpit On 2011 Flight [Video]

The Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 co-pilot once invited two young women to hang out with him and the pilot in the cockpit of a flight three years ago, in what would be a blatant violation of normal security procedures. Investigators in the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines plane are now looking into the woman’s claims.

But the woman, Jonti Roos, a young South African living in Melbourne, Australia, told the Australian TV program A Current Affair that she has photographs of herself with Fariq Ab Hamid — co-pilot on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 — from that short, hour-long flight from Phuket, Thailand, to Kuala Lumpur in 2011.

Malaysia Airlines released a statement after Roos’s allegations went out over the air, saying it was “shocked” by the apparently careless behavior by Hamid, but cautioning, “We have not been able to confirm the validity of the pictures and videos of the alleged incident. As you are aware, we are in the midst of a crisis, and we do not want our attention to be diverted.”