Zac Efron might be in Star Wars

Zac Efron Won’t Say If He’s Darth Caedus In New ‘Star Wars’ Movie

Zac Efron won’t say for sure if he has landed a role in the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7. The actor is likely relieved that he’s actually being asked questions about what parts he might play again after seeing quite a lot of noise stirred up over his Oscars appearance.

On Sunday night, he showed up at the awards ceremony likely just looking to take in the atmosphere, but soon there were all kinds of rumors about who he was there with. This wasn’t about who he was dating, it was about whether or not he had brought his sober coach to the show.

It was during an interview during the awards ceremony that Zac stirred up another hornet’s nest by not saying whether or not he has a part in the new Star Wars movie. Efron has admitted he met with the producers about the movie but now he won’t divulge any more.

Yahoo! News reports that Ryan Seacrest asked Zac Efron flat out whether or not he had scored a part. “Is it true?” Efron answered when asked about the flick. “I don’t even know yet.” Had Zac left it at that, the rumors likely wouldn’t have heated up. When Efron threw in the comment, “I guess the force is with me tonight,” people began to wonder if he was hinting at something.

The Latin Post has posited Zac might be cast as a character known as Darth Caedus. The character would be one of the more central villains in the film and would certainly be an interesting twist for Efron.

Zac has long made a career out of playing good guys and that is likely one reason why he would like to play someone with more of a dark side. Efron isn’t the only young star who has been rumored to be playing a villain in Star Wars Episode VII.

Girls lead actor Adam Driver is said to have been confirmed for a “villainous” role in the film. Unlike Efron, Driver doesn’t have the same kind of good guy reputation among fans. Driver has been a much sought after actor over the last few months, apparently turning down a supporting role in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film in order to work on the newest space opera.

It should be said almost everyone in Hollywood has been tied to the flick and Zac is just the latest fresh meat. Despite that, Zac Efron is one of the only actors who admitted he talked to JJ Abrams and the rest of the crew in charge of casting, that could mean he’s got the inside track on a role.