South Park: ‘The Stick Of Truth’ Video Game Censored For Swastikas, Abortion & Anal Probe Scenes

South Park has always been a show that’s gravitated toward controversy, not shied away. So why would their new video game, South Park: The Stick Of Truth be any different than your typical South Park episode? When the production of The Stick of Truth has been overseen by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the answer is simply that it isn’t.

And while many reviews either revere or detest the new South Park video game, with its gross-out antics such as an abortion scene, an anal-probe (a South Park staple among fans) and swastika branded Nazi zombies on the loose, the video game, like the show on many occasions has stirred up controversy and censorship – especially overseas. According to the game has “been censored in Europe. A total of seven scenes involving abortion and anal probing have been removed.”

And just what did those abortion and anal probing scenes involve in South Park: The Stick of Truth? A review of the gross-out antics in the video game on elaborates:

“There is a scene in South Park: Stick Of Truth where you have to convincingly perform an abortion on Randy Marsh’s asshole without sucking his testicles off. If you suck his testicles off you’ll be shot to death by C.I.A. agents who are in South Park, posing as security guards for the construction of a new Taco Bell.”

Meanwhile, South Park: The Stick of Truth also was delayed in countries like Germany and Austria because of the aforementioned Nazi zombies, whose bandages have been brandished with the infamous Nazi symbol, the swastika. According to the NY Times:

The Stick of Truth features Nazi zombies, and all of the swastikas were supposed to be taken out in accordance with laws in Germany and Austria that prohibit the use of symbols deemed unconstitutional.”

South Park: The Stick of Truth features a brand new script and storyline by the show’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The duo also lends their voices to the game, as with the South Park television show. And while it is an original script, fans of the show can see that the video game is loosely based on a recent Black Friday trilogy of South Park episodes that parodies Game Of Thrones and casts a dark light on the post-Thanksgiving shopping day frenzy. The object of the game, as a new kid to the neighborhood, is to help Cartman and company find the “The Stick of Truth” in an elaborate medieval dress-up game.

What do you think? Has South Park: The Stick of Truth gone too far with its gross-out scenes?