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Is Avril Lavigne Pregnant: She says she is a fat ass


So is Avril Lavigne Pregnant? The picture above says its definitely a possibility, although she could just be mooching to the grocery store like the rest of the population does, in sweats, having a rough day. asked her to respond to the pregnancy rumors, to which she laughed and replied, “Yeah, I am such a fat ass.” Before climbing into her car and driving off.

Not exactly a denial. But certainly not a confirmation. Bump watch begins.

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3 Responses to “Is Avril Lavigne Pregnant: She says she is a fat ass”

  1. Livvy Babehh 09

    She looks so pregnant, and the way she laughs and doesn't confirm or deny the pregnancy could be a way of covering it, or attempting to keep the pregnancy a secret. But looking at this photo, it seems she isn't trying to cover up that she is pregnant.

  2. Miss Me

    Guys,its not avril..dont you she the shape of her nose??im am sure it is not avril

  3. alice1928

    this is another picture of her coming from that shop i cant tell if shes pregnant or not in this one.

    im not sure


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