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Neverwinter Announces Module 3 Update: Curse of Icewind Dale

MMO developer Cryptic has announced the third major update to its Dungeons & Dragons based property Neverwinter, Curse of Icewind Dale. Based on the location depicted in multiple R.A. Salvatore novels and other games based on Dungeons & Dragons, the update holds a fair amount of new content for both PvP and PvE players.

Developed by MMO studio Cryptic, Neverwinter is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game for PC gamers. Originally released in June of 2013 the game is based on the lore of Forgotten Realms, a setting for campaigns in the traditional Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. Originally envisiond by Ed Greewood in 1967, the realms did not become part of the game proper until 1985. The location also was historicaly important for video games as the city-state Neverwinter was the home location for the first graphical MMO, Neverwinter Nights released in 1991 and lasting until 1997. Single player games were created by Bioware under the same name.

The Curse of Icewind Dale is an update to the free to play MMO Neverwinter which is based 100 years after the Drizzt novels by acclaimed fantasy author, R.A. Salvatore. The module update allows player to explore the region which has been home to many and adventure in the series games, novels and other media. New zones, quests and resources will be introduced with the update.

Along with the actual city of Icewind Dale, locations such as Caer-Konig will be introduced as a small fishing village which servers as the main social hub for all Icewind Dale activities. Both PvP and PvE are expanded in two new areas: Icewind Pass and Dwarven Valley. One of the biggest PvP revisions is the addition of a campaign attached to the daily quests. Quests will focus on defeating other players or harvesting resources in combated areas.

One of the new resources is Black Ice. It will feature a prominent place in the lore of the new expansion, as well as a resource that players can harvest. It will also provide temporary stat increases for characters.

The level cap remains unchanged at 60 which is reachable in only a few days of dedicated play. However once you have reach the level 60 cap in Icewind Dale you will find yourself earning rewards with the surplus XP. Other updates include what you would expect for most MMO’s. New monsters, bosses and end game encounters fill out the majority of the updates that are coming with the module 3 update.

For a complete list of all the updates included, the official blog from publisher Perfect World has the details and updates.

Image Source: Perfect World