Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar Joins DWTS For Maybe Its Last Season?

Danica McKellar is being paired up with professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy for season 18 of Dancing With The Stars due to air on March 17 on ABC.

The 39-year-old actress is probably best known for playing Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years. Actually, Danica was so excited to have been chosen to join the DTWS cast that she rushed to Tweet:

Outside of her acting career, Danica McKellar is known as something of a maths genius, Indeed, she has written four books on the usually un-glamorous subject, with spicy titles such as Math doesn’t suck, Kiss my Math, Hot X: Algebra Exposed and Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape.

McKellar’s target audience is high school students, especially girls, who she feels need to have a confidence boost to get into the subject and study it.

Whether seeing Danica swirling round the dance floor in a sexy sequined gown will provide the necessary encouragement is a moot point.

McKellar is joining a line-up which includes a host of well known names. Among them: Price is Right host Drew Carey; Real Housewives of Atlanta star, NeNe Leakes; and Candace Cameron Bure from Full House.

The announcement of these names was made by the longtime host of DWTS, Tom Bergeron, and his new co-presenter Erin Andrews.

Last month The Inquisitr revealed the news of the ignominious firing of Bergeron’s former co-presenter, Brooke Burke Charvet, and the sudden dismissal of the 28-piece band.

In what is obviously a cost cutting exercise, the music will now be provided by a smaller band and pre-recordings.

Many questions are being asked about whether this somewhat aging reality show, now entering its 18th season, is actually approaching the end of its useful life.

Back in the U.K. where the show originated – there it’s called Strictly Come Dancing – the BBC announced last week that they would be terminating the show at the end of the current season due to falling viewer figures.

When the dance program was created, the original emphasis was much more on the technical aspect of the dancing itself.

Now the focus is almost entirely on the celebrity status of the contestants with sparse attention to ability. Sadly, Dancing With The Stars has become a contest of popularity and talent has taken a backseat.

So Danica McKellar may yet have the distinction of appearing in the very last series.

Image: www.go4celebrity.com