samsung chromebook 2 release date leather binding

Samsung Chromebook 2 Release Date In April With Leather Binding

The Chromebook 2 from Samsung is scheduled to have a release date in April, but whether or not it is a good buy remains to be seen. Samsung’s second offering of a notebook pre-loaded with Google’s Chrome operating system, comes prepared to compete with real laptops.

Since being released into the market through Acer and Samsung in 2011, the Chromebook has spread to Hewlett Packard, Dell, and just last month Toshiba. The Samsung Chromebook 2 is set to feature the best looking screen and highest powered notebook yet. A bigger and brighter screen is the first thing buyers will be drawn into. While Toshiba and HP 13 and 14 inch screens at a cheaper price, neither can claim the 1920 x 1080 HD resolution of the new 13.3 inch Samsung model.

Of course there will be an option for a smaller Chromebook 2 from Samsung. Unfortunately the 11.6 inch version has a smaller resolution with a 1366×768 display. That is still top notch for comparable notebooks in the class. At almost two and a half pounds and three pounds, they are super lightweight. Considering that the iPad Air weighs one pound, the difference will be almost non-existent.

The Chromebook has grown in popularity each year since its 2011 release. Many in the industry consider it a grown up “netbook”, which peaked and fell after the rise of the tablet market. Each year, Google and the computers its OS runs on have been learning about their client base. It is becoming clear that professional who want a lightweight laptop to use on the run are interested in the Chromebook.

Enter the Samsung Chromebook 2 leather binding style. It has the look and feel of an actual leather bound notebook one might carry around to meetings. The black, white, and grey colors are a dead giveaway that Samsung is not trying to create a cool or cute product. It is all business, right down to the stitching on the outside.

This version of the Chromebook is also more than a sleek design and a web surfer. It features a 2.1GHz, eight-core Exynos 5 Octa CPU and comes loaded with 4GB DDR3L low-voltage RAM. Though the eight and a half hours of battery life doesn’t quite live up to the ten hours experienced on some Chromebooks, it is still nothing to turn a nose up at. There is only 16 GB of storage space on the hard drive, but users are probably not looking for much in that department.

Both versions of the Samsung Chromebook 2 are scheduled for an April release date, though the exact day has not been announced. The 13.3 inch model will be priced at $399.99 and the 11.6 inch model will be $319.99.