John Legend Oscars

John Legend Gets Mistaken For Pharrell At The Oscars

During last night’s Academy Awards ceremony there were a ton of stars out walking the red carpet. For John Legend, a successful R&B singer, there was a little confusion when he stepped out on the red carpet with his wife Chriss Teigen. According to Teigen, he was confused with “Happy” singer Pharrell Williams. For many, Pharrell was the highlight of the night as he was able to get a few of the big nominees dancing with him, but before the ceremony started people were confused about who Legend was, despite the singer’s success.

Legend’s wife took to Twitter to live tweet about the Oscar experience, and one of her first tweets about the night was about the odd mix up. The Sports Illustrated cover girl and newlywed tweeted from the red carpet about the mix up. “Everyone thinks John is Pharrell.”

Despite the little mix up John Legend had a pretty good night last night. The “Ordinary People” singer has been involved in every major award show as of late, and so last night wasn’t an exception. Legend performed at the Governor’s Ball for a star-studded event as the celebrities from the ceremony filtered in for a night of food and dancing. In addition to performing at the Governor’s Ball Legend was also on hand to support 12 Years a Slave’s nomination as he curated the film’s soundtrack.

During the night’s ceremony John Legend seemed to have fun, tweeting a photo of himself and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as he jokingly referred to the two of them as “cousins.”

In general John Legend has been incredibly busy this year. The singer received rave reviews from his performance of “All of Me” at the Grammys. The song, which he said was “inspired by his wife” was an unlikely hit for Legend, because it’s a mellow jazz inspired ballad. Normally a song like Legend’s wouldn’t make it into the average household, but after his Grammy performance Legend saw a difference. The song has become so popular that it’s his first top 10 hit on the Billboard 100 chart after years of being in the industry.

During an interview with Billboard magazine Legend said:

“I told my label early on that this could be the biggest song of my career if we don’t mess it up.”

Since the Grammys Legend has performed the song on the Sports Illustrated: 50 Years of Beautiful special, on Good Morning America for Valentine’s Day and even did a special duet with R&B singer Alicia Keys during CBS’ Beatles Tribute for the song “The Night That Changed America.”

Now that John Legend is done with the award shows for the year, he’s kicking off his All of Me Tour on March 20.

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