Jessica Biel appears without her husband on red carpet

Jessica Biel’s Solo Red Carpet Walk Has Tongues Wagging

Jessica Biel was, by accounts looking quite stunning at Sunday’s night Oscar’s awards ceremony. That isn’t what is grabbing headlines this morning however. The actress almost always looks quite attractive when she makes appearances at these kinds of events. What grabbed people’s attention last night is that she showed up alone.

There have been persistent rumors ever since Biel and her husband Justin Timberlake have been married that there might be trouble in paradise. It appears that making an appearance at the Oscar’s without her beau has only fueled those rumors.

While there were plenty of people who were quite shocked by Jessica going it alone, it doesn’t appear her going solo hinted at anything other than the fact that her new husband is awfully busy. E! Online reports the actress tried to make sure no rumors would start circulating about Justin’s absence telling Ryan Seacrest her husband was off on tour and simply couldn’t get back in time to escort her to the show.

It should be pointed out that even Timberlake’s own family has taken notice of just how often his wife goes it alone. The singer’s grandmother recently gave an interview where she attested to just how happy the pair were together.

The matriarch of the family added that she understands Jessica Biel isn’t exactly happy about being left alone as often as she apparently is. Entertainers understand that busy schedules keep them apart but the pair seem to be doing as well as possible considering the constant strain the relationship that comes with being as big of celebrities as they are.

There is even more pressure put on the couple when one appears without the other. The simple appearance of Biel without her beau was enough to get tongues wagging. The fact of the matter was that she wasn’t going to win any awards this year. She wasn’t nominated for any awards this year and sometimes work comes first.

The fact that people were left wondering if maybe there was tension between the couple because Justin wasn’t around shows how much the pair fall under teh microscope that is Hollywood.

The actress tried to explain as quickly as she could that Timberlake was simply out recording and touring but the damage had already been done and it was done thanks to nothing more than a photograph of Jessica Biel on the red carpet without her husband on her arm.